For many brands , artists, and  influencers, the best return on investment when it comes  to giving a key message to their  audience begins and ends with social media. But some worry the big platforms become too complacent. Has the time come for a major shakeup? The marketing moguls at HighKey Enterprises seemed to think so, saying BitClout is the future of decentralized social media.

Luke and Jordan Lintz are the Canadian-born brothers who founded HighKey Enterprises, a full-service social media and influencer management agency, specializing in expanding online presence and brand awareness.

Together the Lintz’, with a team of writers, videographers, and media managers, have built HighKey Enterprise as the go-to, result-driven social media brand.

The key to this phenomenal success is a perfect storm of factors that left the competition floundering to catch up, says the brothers. The first factor they say was  an adherence to a structured business plan, a legacy of their former business partner and mentor, Stefan Aarnio.

The next step was building an intuitive and comprehensive knowledge of social media and a knack for strategizing  the next big thing. And last but not least, and the factor that powers their momentum they say, is an irrepressible energy and enthusiasm that launches HighKey headfirst into every project.

“Social media may appear to be locked into a short-term mindset,” says Luke, “but our success in building presence and sustaining growth for our clients is based on long-term strategies. That and the fact that there isn’t a single service or strategy we offer to our clients that we don’t use on our own brands.”

Skin in the Game

HighKey’s strategy and  willingness to trial their strategies on their personal enterprises first, has given them a justifiable reputation for not being afraid of having “skin in the game,” they say. Their latest venture, investing in BitClout, solidifies the rock solid  reputation they’ve already built, proving they are first to  embrace new social media trends.

“The second we heard about BitClout, we were in love with the platform. We’ve had multiple ideas and dreams about a stock exchange for trading clout and investing in personal brands. Yet, the way BitClout was created was beyond our wildest dreams,” says Luke.

BitClout’s ground-breaking platform allows users to invest and profit on the popularity, or “clout,” of their own profiles or by investing in  top public figures’ profiles. Likened to Bitcoin’s decentralization of traditional financial institutes, Luke believes this type of disruption to social media has been in the cards for some time.

“We are currently living in a world of massive centralization, and this includes social media,” he adds. “You pour 6, 7, or 8 figures into a platform like Instagram, but you don’t own any part of that following base that you’ve grown.”

“At any time, Instagram has the authority to censor, shadow ban, or disable accounts ,” explains Luke.

He says this is where the decentralized component of BitClout comes into play. Every creator on the platform retains ownership of their own ‘creator coin,’ and any money invested in themselves is retained. Plus, it also helps build their brand and attract other investors, he says.

With Twitter’s 15,000 top influencers already pre-loaded onto the site for their launch earlier this year, the platform is looking to attract A-List celebrities.

The platform has already attracted ten top venture capital players. The Lintz believe this is only the beginning, saying it wasn’t long ago that the first crypto platform received the same type of scepticism.

Lessons Learned

Those who took a risk when BitCoin originally entered the market in 2010 are seeing how risk can pay off. A BitCoin  investment in 2010 of $1,000would today see a return of over $45M.

BitClout may have launched into choppy waters, but since its roll-out, advances are thick and fast, say the Lintz. The latest milestone came on May 18th, when 100% of BitClout’s code became accessible to the general public.

Currently, all  major social media platforms don’t offer this transparency, appearing  to stifle innovation and instead focus on profiting.

“A handful of companies control social discourse,” says Luke, “and the decision on what we see and don’t get to see is driven predominantly by maximizing advertisement revenue.”

The paranoia and secrecy associated with conventional social media juggernauts  is suddenly looking outdated and elitist in the face of open access blockchain accountability.

“We still have our speculations and doubts with BitClout, as any person would getting into a platform this early,” admits Luke. “The concept, though, is perfectly aligned with our goals. We just had to jump on the opportunity and go all in.”

Not ones to shy away from putting their money where their corporate mouth is, the HighKey brothers cemented their belief in the platform by buying $250K of BitClout creator coins.  The spread included investing in the company’s clients and doing some good old-fashioned strategizing  on who will become a platform hit.

As an initial social media beta and the first digital currency to enter the social media realm, the Lintz brothers believe the potential of BitClout is endless.

“We are 100% certain that the concept of BitClout is the future,” asserts Luke, who predicts that in one year, BitClout cryptocurrency will appear on major crypto exchanges.

Method in the Madness

In the next year, the Lintz say they also foresee the majority of A-list celebrities and top creators claiming their BitClout profile and consistently posting content, similarly as they’d doing now on Twitter and Instagram.

When it comes to determining which creators to invest in, they say there is a method to their madness.

“There are a lot of things we look for when investing in creator coins. At this current moment, we are mainly investing in creators that we are onboarding and know will come onto the platform in the near future,” explains Luke.

As enthusiastic as HighKey is about BitClout, they believe that with its  success will also bring speed bumps. “Managing scale will be critical when major creators and A-listers start promoting it,” says Luke. “There is potential to see hundreds of thousands of people opening accounts in a matter of hours. It will be interesting to see how the developers handle this.”

While the future may not be cast in stone, there is one thing you can guarantee; life is never dull at HighKey.

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