The Man Building a Community for NFT Resellers

The buzzword for business in 2022 is community. If you are in the non-fungible token or NFT market, that is. Creators of million-dollar selling collections are looking beyond initial sales and are looking to build interactive communities with their customers. So it should not surprise us that even those who resell NFTs are making them too. The man at the forefront of this is British reselling expert Pritesh Patel.

An NFT is a particular type of digital asset for those not in the know. Most virtual or digital items say photos, are files that can be downloaded and copied for an unlimited time by anyone who can find them (if in public online). With a non-fungible token, the digital asset is hosted on a decentralized blockchain, meaning there’s only one copy.

This is where Pritesh Patel comes in. He began his entrepreneurial career in 2016 by buying and reselling limited edition sneakers. Soon he turned his profits into a Forex trading venture while also teaching himself web development via Web3. Next, Pritesh combined these careers and his new coding skills and unleashed them on the NFT market as it genuinely began to heat up.

Within six months of launching his NFT reselling career – taking freshly minted NFT assets such as art pieces and reselling them at a profit – his revenue grew to £300,000. This drew the attention of My Pet Hooligan (MPH), who offered him the position of Lead Alpha Caller, where he excelled in advising clients on which NFTs to buy and profit from.

Created by AMGI Studios, My Pet Hooligan is an exciting new player within the emerging NFT gaming niche. Many collections are turning their NFT characters into avatars for the Metaverse. Still, with MPH, they’ve created a PvP video game using Unreal Engine 5.0, which is hosted in the company’s Metaverse called The Rabbit Hole. Here MPH NFT holders can play an interactive play-to-earn match with other members of the 8,888 bunny crew.

Now we come to where Pritesh is pushing NFT reselling into the 2022 way of doing things – the way of community. If NFT holders have their burgeoning communities for each NFT, why not resellers? A place where they can come together under Pritesh’s mentorship and profit together on investments within the market.

This year he created Paragn NFT. In a short space of time, over 150 paying members have come together to find and exploit opportunities together. Pritesh provides mentorship, guidance, and written and video guides suitable for beginners and the experienced alike. As with other NFT creations, it’s all about the utility, so he offers an in-house NFT tool, whitelists, minting opportunities, new drops and project notifications, and even one-to-one advice.

An example of how he’s helped the reselling community is the Azuki project. Paragn bought 30 minutes from this collection at £84,000 (36.57 ETH) and amassed a profit of £152,000. They also turned an £840 investment into 2 Mekaverse NFTs into a £37,957 profit.

We are excited to see where this young entrepreneur will take NFT reselling next? Will he launch his NFT? Take reselling into the metaverse? We know that he’s still in the sneaker market and has created an online community within Paragn, using bots to exploit opportunities and needs.

LA Weekly