The Malibu Native Who’s Fighting to Save the Oceans and Creating Sustainable Tech

The city of Los Angeles isn’t stranger to the most fascinating of stories, it’s the city of angels, and where dreams are made into reality. 

Terry McGinnis is probably a name that may ring a bell for those in the movie and music industry, even the print media industry – he is the personification of what could only be described as a movie script written by Hollywood’s elite, condensed into an action packed blockbuster that you don’t want to see end, eagerly awaiting a sequel to be announced as soon as the end credits ensue. 

Terry who has spent his younger years in Malibu, which prompted him to take a keen interest in surfing and marine life, is now one of Sea Legacy’s and Only One’s global ambassadors, taking on the challenge to bring awareness to several problematic causes which are threatening not only sea life but our very own existence. A significant amount of world’s biological carbon is captured by sea life, which resides in and around the waters which surround us, however, this blue carbon and the ecosystems which it is associated with are usually neglected from climate policies. 

The charity, and the movement are aiming to create a world where oceans are full of life, Terry is one of the ambassadors trying to bring just cause and to spread awareness to drive such action as necessary to protect ocean life. Having friends and rubbing shoulders with some of Hollywood’s top elite, from actors to musical artists, Terry has helped produce and has worked on some of today’s leading entertainment from action blockbusters to some of the most viewed music videos in the last decade, he’s now using these intricate connections to help protect ocean life and to bring even more awareness to key issues presented by human activity.

Terry states; “Growing up by the sea, you become attached to it. Whether you’re in Malibu, or the beaches of Thailand – doesn’t matter where, we all have a connection. Most say that the oceans are our most important asset, I wouldn’t classify them as such, they are our most important resource. It’s our duty as intellectual as we are, and like to see ourselves as more advanced than other animals, to protect all life. 

Most people tend to omit sea life, to quote Kurt from ‘Something in the Way’, “It’s okay to eat fish ’cause they don’t have any feelings” and that is the belief most of us in society have, which lead us to completely neglect any sense of morality and decency when it comes to pollution, overfishing and so many more toxic behaviors we exhibit as a species, what I only describe as atrocities which affect even our very own daily lives.” 

Terry is also founder and chief executive officer of a British e-commerce company, ‘Online Shop’ which is aiming to bring sustainability and awareness to such social justice causes, from only working with green enabled technology partners to vetting all C-Level corporations on the platform to ensure they meet the rigorous standards presented by Terry and his company before they are even allowed to list their products. The company has attracted adoptability from some of the world’s biggest brands in fashion, electronics and more.

“Being green isn’t just about ticking boxes, it’s about taking action. We have rigorous checks in place to vet and assess any large scale corporations which want to enter our platform to sell to our users, this can be anything from their recycling policy, green energy rating all the way to their equality policies. We’re forward thinking, we think about the future, we learn from the past and we use the present to drive such change that will benefit all of us, from us as humans, to marine life and beyond.” 

The early years spent growing up in Malibu presented Terry with the marine culture he’s now aiming to protect today, through various partnerships and even celebrity endorsements. But his altruism doesn’t end there, Terry is also hoping to share his vast knowledge in the fields of marketing and technology to empower others through his YouTube channel where he aims to produce educational and entertaining videos for a vast audience, eager to learn. 

“Having worked with some of the largest corporations in the world, from tech to entertainment, you tend to pick up a few skills, and you tend to befriend some of most talented people you may ever come across, I count myself very blessed and lucky for such opportunities to learn from the best, but I also know a lot of people don’t get the same opportunities. 

I decided I wanted to share some of my knowledge – not through some paid courses, but for free. I want to empower others, to succeed, to be the best they can be. It brings me a lot of joy, because seeing them succeed makes me feel accomplished, just as removing metric tons of plastic waste from the oceans. I have no care for money, I care about people, our oceans – life. It’s short, I’m not going to waste it chasing belief of value and success through arbitrary numbers in databases or printed cotton paper, for me value and success is happiness, health and growth. As long as I can provide for myself, my family and those around me – I’ll always be happy, I’ll always be successful.”

Terry, a Malibu native, is keeping the Californian spirit of sustainability, kindness and progress alive in Britain, being one of small group of entrepreneurs who are giving their all to drive change for a better environment, working conditions and quality of life, not only for humans but the life that surrounds us too. 

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