The Male Encounter Revue- Enabling Women to express their desires in a safe environment

Since the start of civilization, social norms have changed proportionally to the progress of society. However, some grey areas still need much work and time to become socially renowned and accepted. A great example is expressing some human feelings such as lust and desire openly for all womenkind.

Women have always been expected to stay reserved and bottle up many of their frustrations. Even in the current liberal times, women are still seen as figures who should behave according to their carnal instincts. This can become a major mental health issue and cause social, behavioural misconduct. Understanding this basic need, some businesses took a stand and provided a safe haven for women to express all their desires and just feel liberated. One such business that has provided a secure environment for women is The Male Encounter Revue.

This present world is supposed to be the best time to be alive and free. People are able to express themselves for who they are and not be judged because of it. However, this freedom is not all mainstream as it is showcased to be. Women have been the target of oppression from the earliest of times. Now what is thought to be an impossibility was the fact and reality of the past. Women were treated similarly to objects that were to be owned and thought to be only of use to serve men. Women had no authority in any manner and were not even allowed to cast the vote that decided who their president would be.

Society has come a long way from the backwards mindset of the past. However, even with the rapid progress of society, some things remain the same and take longer to change. Women have more independence and power over their future now, but things are still considered a silent taboo of sorts. It can be seen usually that a man catcalling or coming on to a woman is considered normal and is even shrugged with a popular response “boys being boys.” However, it is thought to be inappropriate for a woman to come onto a man or catcall someone. Women seen doing such acts will be deemed skimpy and unworthy of respect. This has become common knowledge of which women are aware, and this is what obstructs their expressions of perfectly normal feelings.

Adult entertainment has been around for a long time, and even though debated on different accounts, it has become a norm in society. Male Adult entertainment businesses allow men to enjoy themselves and have their fantasies come true legally and respectfully. Considering this as an example, a few wanted to provide a similarly safe and respectable environment that catered to the intimate needs and wants of all women. The Male Encounter Revue was amongst the pioneers of the Female Adult Entertainment industry.

Established in 1985 and based in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts, the Male Encounter Male Revue operates along the east coast of the United States. They started their entertainment operations in Boston but have since franchised to different locations. From Boston to Washington D.C. and Tampa, Florida, the Male Encounter Revue entertains countless women every year.

Being unable to let off steam and indulge in what one’s heart desires can dampen one’s psyche. Women have to face countless challenges and perform tedious duties to fulfil the various roles of being a wife, a daughter, an employee and much more. They need an outlet where they can express themselves and let loose without any constrictions. The Male Encounter Revue provides a safe and private environment for women to enjoy themselves safe from prying and judging gazes.

Male exotic dancers also help increase a women’s self-esteem and experience the importance and worth they deserve. The Male Encounter only employs the best and accommodating performers and staff. They boast of making women feels like the royalty they are. The performers of the Male Encounter all greet and interact with their audience in the most respectful and cordial manner. They make the women feel comfortable and help them realize their entertainment requirements and wishes. Everyone needs a self-esteem boost one time or another, and the performers at Male Encounter help deliver that boost in the most entertaining and alluring way possible. All women are appreciated and accepted here and waited upon like the queens they are.

The Male Encounter empowers women to get comfortable, let loose, and express their emotions, which helps elevate their stress and enables them to live a more content life.

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