The holiday gauntlet is here. The song calls it the most wonderful time of the year, but of course, we all know the November-December stretch as the most stressful time of the year. Between commitments, travel, gift giving, and a host of late breaking responsibilities, the holidays are an obstacle course to navigate — and an unquestionable stress point for nearly everyone.

Rather than suffering through it all with clenched teeth, tensed muscles, and a hair-trigger mood, the Lyric Rhythm Therapy massager can be a simple holiday gift to yourself, the best handheld massager that goes above and beyond.

If you’ve used a typical massage gun, then you’re probably familiar with the unrelenting pummeling those guns deliver, a harsh flatline percussive pounding that seeks to break up muscle tightness and improve blood flow to promote body healing. The Lyric doesn’t work your muscles like a jackhammer. Instead, it relies on Rhythm Therapy, serving up a wavelike pattern that ebbs and flows, mimicking natural rhythms.

The device guides users to the right multi-frequency mode for them based on vibroacoustic science. With a pattern attuned to relief, relaxation, energy boost and beyond, the vibrations not only alleviate music pain and soreness, but it also works to lower stress, calm the mind, and positively affect emotions.

Therapies can guide the user to its parasympathetic mode, which urges the body to slow down and rest. Or, therapies can activate a sympathetic mode, causing more alertness and an all-around energized feeling.

The Lyric’s easy-to-use touch screen makes the WiFi connection seamless, so users don’t feel like they have to juggle the massager and the phone at once and focus completely on the pursuit of wellness. And the Lyric provides customization options for an individually crafted program of vibrations designed to help relaxation or address physical ailments.

The Lyric is raising the game on self-care, a tactic which has elicited passionate responses from many users like Jan, who said, “This product is very user friendly. I also love the way the Lyric updates automatically using WiFi. I bought another therapeutic massager by another brand and I will be donating it to someone, because the Lyric is truly a better product!”

On sale for just $199.95, which includes an optional extension handle to access hard-to-reach spots, buyers can for a limited time also receive free shipping as well as a free 1-year warranty to make sure the Lyric is always on point for years to come. Take your wellness journey to the next level with Lyric’s Rhythm Therapy!

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