The Lazy Things NFT Collection Is the First Project to Introduce Realistic 3D Art

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In recent years, the booming NFT industry has attracted a slew of new participants to the space. These newcomers are largely content creators looking for a quick way to make money and create something they don’t have to do any real work on. As a result, many projects have rushed into the market with lackluster quality and no regard for long-term viability. A standout in this space, the Lazy Things NFT collection offers an alternative by introducing realistic 3D art that’s both skillful and aesthetically pleasing. This project wants to make sure people do not just enjoy their experience today but also consider what the NFT space will look like in the coming years.

The Lazy Things NFT project is a collection of 10,000 NFTs made up of 20 meticulously designed 3D animals living on the blockchain. Ownership of this NFT doubles up as the holder’s exclusive invitation into the Lazy Club and animation studio, where the magic happens. Each Lazy Things NFT can be befriended as an NFT and collected, hibernated, traded, and sold. Lazy Things NFTs will only be available during the minting phase and will be strictly limited. But, how exactly are Lazy Things NFTs different from the myriad of other projects?

Originality is the first distinguishing feature of Lazy Things NFT. This project’s artworks are some of the most technically advanced and visually stimulating ever released in the NFT space. Most importantly, these pieces are unique and unlike anything made in the NFT space before. Instead of using the popular pixelated artworks that have gained popularity in recent months, The Lazy Things NFT project developers are giving you an NFT you can finally cuddle!

Utility is another thing the Lazy Things NFT project offers its holders. The Lazy Things NFT project has a utility-forward hibernation zone where holders can add value to their NFTs. “If you’re feeling particularly lazy, you can send your Lazies into hibernation,” reads the project’s roadmap. Hibernation locks up the Lazy Things NFT within the holder’s wallet, where they will immediately start accumulating future benefits and rewards. “The longer you let your Lazies be lazy, the more benefits and rewards you will receive.”

On top of that, ownership of a Lazy Things NFT gives the holder access to the Lazy Club, where members can interact with like-minded investors and creators. The developers have even created a purpose-built animation studio to support the ongoing development of the Lazy Things Collection. The goal is to create rewards and unparalleled money-can’t-buy experiences for NFT holders. Items within the Lazy Things Collection can be bought, sold, and collected via the Lazy Things Marketplace.

Access to the community is the other benefit holders will gain from owning a Lazy Thing NFT. The developers plan to bring the Web2, Web3, and in-real-life world together by hosting a regular segment featuring one of their artist friends from the physical and digital worlds. They will then raffle off one of their artworks to a lucky Lazy Thing NFT holder. Additionally, Lazy Things NFT project holders will gain access to a thriving community of 40M+ members and counting across different social platforms run by the collection’s founder, Gloss Media, which is one of the largest arts/media companies in the world. The developers hope to grow this project further, establish it in the metaverse and become a leading “blue-chip” NFT in the space.

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