The Konwey Kartel Is Hunting the Good Stuff

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Konwey Kartel LLC is a digital marketing agency owned by Frank J Konwey. He helps subject matter experts (SMEs) and large corporations become recognized authorities in their respective niches by placing them in front of the right audience.

Marketing a small business today can be difficult due to modern day online shopping..  The target market is now on social media Having success on a digital platform without the proper tools and extensive knowledge of digital marketing is difficult.

Konwey Kartel LLC offers website development, designing, and SEO services. Konwey Kartel LLC also provides search advertising services, social media growth for leading social media channels like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, and lead nurture marketing and email marketing.

They work with a team of SEO writers and social media managers who help clients perfectly tell their brand stories and market their products/services. Konwey Kartel LLC also partnered with local and international business publication sites where they get their clients featured.

Their unique approach to digital marketing, specifically SEO and social media marketing, allows them to stand out in the highly-competitive industry. Konwey Kartel LLC believes that in digital marketing, no size fits all. They take a personalized approach to developing their marketing strategies guided by the client’s goals, what they have to offer, their target audience, and the industry.

According to Frank J Konwey, this information helps them create strategies/campaigns that save the business money. A solid marketing campaign will help you reach the right audience and get the most out of your marketing budget, Frank explains. Unfortunately, most small businesses don’t focus on all the campaign goals and target markets when developing their strategies. They cover only the major goals and forget the minor ones, so very few people see and interact with your campaign. Having walked this path, Frank is now helping other SMEs avoid this.

Frank’s diverse business experience and connections give the agency the upper hand. He is an ex-military turned entrepreneur and worked in different fields that guided him back to marketing.

Frank started his brand as a hobby. He was so lost, confused, and frustrated as nothing went according to plan. He was also in huge debt and could not talk to his family about his mistakes, so he chose to take a break. Rather than start a business, he pursued his longtime hobby. Frank wanted to help others tell their stories, and as a lover of art, photography was the best option. He had also just started volunteer work, combining the two by doing pro bono freelance photography.

He created a brand behind that and invested in better equipment. Through volunteering, people started recognizing Frank’s camera skills, business skills, and professionalism, leading him to get invited to bigger events. He attended 3 sold-out fashion events, 6 small business grand openings, 3 major business parties, and 4 political events. He is leveraging these connections and online marketing experience to help others grow their online following and increase sales.

Frank is currently pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering to widen his skillset and is planning on “developing ways to help more people inside and outside of the digital space.”

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