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Vibrant Colors Heighten Design Aesthetic of Already-Popular Vape Pens

Today, just in time for the holidays and busy travel season, The Kind Pen, an industry-leading personal vape pen company based in New Jersey, announced the launch of new, limited Pantones for its Breezy, Deezy, and EZ pipe products. Inspired by the scenic views and vivid colors of some classic cross country road trips, the expanded color palettes diversify the already-stylish and reliable product line and promise to elevate any vape pen collection.

With the announcement of the new colorways, consumers’ Kind Pen collections can be expanded and enhanced – showcasing one’s personal style and even creating the flexibility to coordinate pens with a specific time and place.

Now, travel is even more of a breeze with the Breezy. Pen collections can be revived with one of the Breezy’s new nature-inspired color selections which include iridescent, orange, gold and green. This revolutionary product contains the world’s first dual-action vaporizer with preheating-chamber technology. Once heated, the Breezy delivers even and smooth hits. Its full metal construction, magnetic connection for easy attachment, adjustable variable voltage, and long battery life, coupled with a self-heating feature, make the Breezy an ideal holiday gift for travelers hitting the outdoors this year.

With new color selections including red, blue and green, the Deezy offers a 30-second heat time vibration feature to let consumers know when it’s ready to use. Super small and convenient with a .3 gram chamber and a magnetic cap to prevent accidental opening, the Deezy’s 1100mAh battery offers extended use and peace of mind. This, coupled with the vast array of colors, make it an ideal road trip companion.

Another product suited for a holiday gift or stylish travel accessory is the EZ pipe. Featuring a simple set-up, a no-charge function, wind resistant chamber, a virtually smokeless distribution apparatus, and increased herb longevity by 20 percent, the EZ pipe is perfect for on-the-go usage.

With the addition of new colors to these trusted product lines, the overall design and functionality of The Kind Pen brand once again provides consumers with an unparalleled offering that enhances personal style, travel aesthetic and ease of use.

Staying true to its reputation as an innovator and industry leader, The Kind Pen provides an array of alternative smoking options that are all backed by a lifetime warranty.

From gift giving to traveling, The Kind Pen and its new colorways will keep consumers breathing easy this holiday season. To learn more or to place an order, please visit

About The Kind Pen

Founded by Anthony Gagliardi in 2013, The Kind Pen is a New Jersey-based vape pen company dedicated to providing quality products backed by a lifetime warranty. The Kind Pen vaporizers are innovative and offer a practical, cutting-edge delivery system with the perfect balance of potency and discreet portability, making “it” one of the best vape pens for weed, hemp, hash and CBD, and other vapeable products. With five clicks and a deep breath, The Kind Pen helps people taste the world in a wonderful, new way. It is one of the world’s most trusted brands and was awarded “Best Vaporizer of 2017” by High Times. Among its many endeavors, The Kind Pen team is dedicated to supporting charitable giving and offers a roundup option at checkout in support of its nonprofit partners.. Visit for more information.

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