The Investor’s Realtor: Meet Greg Moser, the Realtor Behind Real Estate’s Biggest Players

When a real estate agent and investor decides to carve his own path, the result is nothing short of incredible growth, including endless possibilities. In an ever-booming real estate market, one company dared to curate its model for investors, and that decision has made all the difference.

Greg Moser took decades of experience from his family’s real estate firms and brought them to his company, The Moser Group, which is currently expanding to hire agents all over the U.S. and, as Moser explains, his level of success is half-passion and half-knowledge.

“If you’re doing something with investments in real estate, we’re the guys that really and truly know what we’re doing,” said Moser. “We are exactly where we were meant to be.”

The Moser Group is helping investors find their way in a market which doesn’t always cater to their needs. Utilizing partnerships, Moser and his team allow investors to acquire properties at a wholesale level and add them to their respective portfolios.

There’s a reason Moser is known as the “Investor’s Realtor,” and that is because of his over two decades of experience in the real estate market, in conjunction with his understanding of market trends as well. Moser not only knows how to position the top investors in their target markets but also understands where they need to be before they even realize it themselves. With a firm understanding of data and analytics, Moser remains focused on the future, ensuring every investor is given not only great service but great insights.

“To play big, you must earn the badge,” Moser muses. “We not only know the detailed intricacies of the real estate market, we understand what high-level investors need and how they profit—the rest is exactly what’s made our company so profitable.”

Focused wholly on elevating the portfolio of his investors, Moser is amplifying real estate to investment firms and rapidly increasing his staff, bottom-line, and relationships.

“For our firm, it’s about the marriage of data and relationships,” said Moser. “When we combine decades of knowledge in knowing where to look, what to offer, and what the market is quietly telling us, we can help investors see beyond typical property investments.”

The Moser Group plans to hire heavily in the next year to meet the growing demand for the company’s keen eyes and smart strategies. With accounts in most major cities, Moser’s team has boots (and heels) on the ground to scope properties even before they become available.

“The key is to not just understand real estate and investment strategies,” said Moser. “It’s to take our knowledge of each market and join it with what we can forecast is our investor’s needs.”

The payoff is triple-digit growth in markets that are highly competitive and known for being difficult to be a part of. Taking it all in stride, Moser is laser-focused on the future stating, “We’re where we need to be now and positioned well for 2022 and beyond.”

Moser is known for his knowledge and expertise on market trends, and he is getting started.

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About Greg Moser

President Greg Moser of The Moser Group has over two decades of real estate investment and management experience and is the driving force behind many of the nation’s property acquisitions today. Focusing on elevating portfolios and scaling businesses, The Moser Group combines data, relationships, and real estate to create the perfect recipe for success. To learn more, visit


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