The Importance of Third-Party Lab Testing

Throughout the years, the United States has struggled to properly regulate cannabis products. Because of this, fraudulent, low-quality cannabis has slipped through the cracks, and customers didn’t know the difference until they actually tried it. Thankfully, times are changing; now more than ever, the cannabis industry has placed extreme importance on proper regulations and strict testing. 

Today, you can double-check a brand’s product quality through the results of their third-party lab tests. These lab tests, also known as Certificates of Analysis (COA) are crucial in determining a cannabis brand’s quality and trustworthiness. 

What Are Third-Party Lab-Test Results? 

Third-party lab-test results, or COAs, are tests done on cannabis products by an outside company. So, here at CannaAid, we don’t want to test our own products, as this shows bias and invites room for error. Instead, we choose to turn to third parties to do these tests for us. 

These third parties take samples of our products and test them for cannabinoid percentages and levels. On a COA, you will be able to see exactly how  many cannabinoids — and what types — are within these products. Along with that, these test results analyze products for impurities. 

On a comprehensive, high-quality COA, the brand will have their products tested for things like heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents, and other impurities you don’t want in a product. As long as these substances aren’t present, they pass the test and these products are ready for consumption. 

When shopping for cannabis products, you should be able to find a brands’ third-party lab-test results easily. Plus, they should be updated. If they aren’t, this is a big sign to try a different brand altogether. 

The Importance of COAs

So, why is it so important for brands like CannaAid to have their COAs readily available? This is crucial for various reasons; however, primarily, CannaAid wants to show our customers that we have nothing to hide. 

By having our test results available 24/7 with just a click of a button, you know that what you’re purchasing is always going to be both high-quality and safe for consumption. CannaAid strongly believes in transparency, and we don’t want our customers ever wondering about what’s inside their products. So, you can always take the time to see for yourself just how pure our products truly are. 

COAs, in general, are crucial for a brand to have. Not only is it important for a brand to have their products undergo these tests, but it is important to have the results available for curious customers. In a market like cannabis, regulation and quality are essential; COAs make that happen. 

Proving CannaAid’s Purity and Quality Through Third-Party Testing

If you’re ever curious about CannaAid’s product quality, you can take a look at our own third-party lab-test results right on our website. We ensure our test results are always updated, no matter what new products we roll out. Take the time to see firsthand how high-quality our cannabinoid products are — and purchase them with ease and confidence.

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