Every remarkable journey begins with a single step of hope, grit, and determination. This is the case of Gabriel, the owner of TacosWay, who managed to continue pursuing his dream to establish his own restaurant chain.

The food industry is highly competitive and excuses were not something that Gabriel was interested in. He was committed and strong-willed in achieving his goal. He is a good example that success is not guaranteed by one’s background and financial situation. Gabriel’s zeal and perseverance are what made him rise from his humble beginnings to establish a restaurant chain with five branches in California.

The History Behind TacosWay

When Gabriel was younger, his family was not financially privileged. Growing up, they struggled financially, but that did not stop Gabriel from looking for opportunities to make his and his family’s life better.

Living life in Jalisco, Mexico

Gabriel and his family moved to Jalisco, Mexico, where he spent most of his childhood. While he was there, he quickly adapted to their neighborhood that was not quite ideal. Although the floors were stained and the windows were plastic-covered, the people they were surrounded with had a deep sense of community, which was good for them.

Gabriel was a hardworking kid, and he always looked forward to helping his father sell tortillas. While focusing on assisting his dad, Gabriel realized at a young age how crucial it was to work hard and support his family. Their family was never really financially secure while they were in Mexico, so they decided to go back to America.

Going back to San Fernando

At 15, Gabriel decided to take on a job to help provide for his family. He was hired at a local market where he was tasked to bag groceries. He also would sell anything that he could to his peers in school to earn extra money. Although Gabriel did not graduate high school, he became skilled and proficient in knowing how to earn a living.

The beginning of the dream

Gabriel married his wife, Erica, and had a daughter early in life. This time of their lives was difficult due to financial problems. But just like his father’s mindset, Gabriel pushed through with positive thinking.

Due to more financial setbacks, Gabriel started selling hotdogs and saved enough to start his first restaurant. This was when he started selling tortillas just like his father used to.

Gabriel understood the need to rebrand his restaurant and market it effectively to a wide audience. He renamed the restaurant to TacosWay and composed a song for the restaurant that went viral on social media. With the big hit on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, TacosWay started attracting a lot of food lovers with its authentic Mexican food. Gabriel continuously created a buzz on social media platforms, which helped in the growth of TacosWay as more and more customers started to visit the restaurant for Mexican dishes.

His creative marketing strategies are among the main reasons for the success of TacosWay. However, without hard work, persistence, single-mindedness, and gratitude, these dreams would not have become a reality. Gabriel’s efforts finally bore fruit and he is now managing five branches of TacosWay and serving hundreds of customers every single day.

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