A cannabis plant has around 140 cannabinoids in total. However, professionals have only researched a little over ten cannabinoids, and users are familiar with less than half of that. One of the most prevalent cannabinoids in the hemp industry these days is Delta 8 THC, cousin of the most famous Delta 9 THC.

If you’re wondering whether Delta 8 THC is the same as CBD (cannabidiol), let us help you figure that out.

What is CBD?

CBD, like Delta 9 THC (alias THC), is extracted from a cannabis plant. However, unlike the commonly known THC, CBD has no psychoactive ingredients, and it is widely used for medicinal purposes.

It is used by individuals who become uneasy and anxious when using regular THC and experience discomfort. Just like THC, CBDis another primary active ingredient found in cannabis in large quantities. According to research, CBD has been used chiefly by patients with chronic pains, insomnia, eating disorders, or depression.

While CBD does not get you high, so to speak, it does offer quite a number of health benefits. CBD has been widely used by cancer patients who suffer from side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea, vomiting, and or pain.

What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is the cousin of more common Delta 9 THC. It is found in lower concentrations than both CBD and regular THC. Chemically, Delta 8 THC has a different structure than Delta 9. While Delta 9 has a double bond located at the 9th carbon change, Delta 8 has a double bond on the 8th carbon change.

Many researchers have quoted that Delta 8 is more stable and potent than regular THC. While the effects of the two are not that different, the high that you get from Delta 8 is relatively subdued. Unlike Delta 9 THC, it will not give you a strong high.

People who want the health benefits of regular THC but don’t want to get too high prefer using products containing Delta 8.

Delta 8 THC vs. CBD

Delta 8 THC has been around for decades, but it was only recently that it started gaining popularity- thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. So, many users find themselves confused when it comes to differentiating between Delta 8 THC and other common cannabinoids.

Let’s take a look at the differences and similarities between Delta 8 THC and CBD:


Both Delta 8 and CBD are cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. They both have some health benefits that can treat insomnia, eating disorders, or chronic pain. However, Delta 8 is closer to Delta 9 in terms of similarities than CBD.

Both Delta 8 and CBD are consumed through several different means, including edibles and vapes.


Delta 8 and CBD are a lot different when it comes to their chemical compounds and their effects on our bodies.

Delta 8 THC carries psychoactive ingredients that are also found in Delta 9. Which means it will give you a subtle high when used. Comparatively, CBD contains no psychoactive elements, and it will definitely not get you high.

In addition to this, both these cannabinoids are found naturally in the hemp plant. However, because Delta 8 is not one of the two primary compounds, it is mostly synthesized in a lab. Delta 8 can be extracted from either Delta 9 THC or CBD through a process called isolation. On the other hand, CBD is found and extracted through a more natural approach.

Can You Use CBD with THC?

Yes, when you combine CBD with THC, it gives you a less psychoactive effect. Although the high you get from Delta 8 is less intense compared to Delta 9, adding CBD will make it even more so.

Combining the two ingredients is reportedly safe and can be done if you want the benefits of both in one product.

Should You Use CBD or Delta 8 THC?

Depending on your tolerance levels and experience, you can use either of the two compounds. Many users have recorded that Delta 8 THC gave them an energetic high and made them productive throughout the day.

In addition to this, with a less intense psychoactive effect, users reported not feeling the need to doze off after taking Delta 8. If that is something you’re looking for, try our products containing Delta 8 THC.

If you want a longer lasting high, try our Delta 8 Edible Apple Rings. For a short-lived high, you can try our Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen.

However, if you don’t want any psychoactive ingredient in your products and wish to stick to the health benefits, try products containing only CBD.

Is Delta 8 THC Legal?

The answer to this question is quite complex. The 2018 Farm Bill claims that anything containing less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC is legal. However, nothing has been stated regarding the Delta 8 THC.

Some states have already issued new regulations regarding the Delta 8 THC. Because of these regulations, Delta 8 might be considered illegal in a few states, including Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Washington.

Where to Buy

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Which compound suits you the best, Delta 8 THC or CBD? Let us know!

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