WIth all of the changes going on in the world right now — not just in cannabis — it’s a wonder anyone can keep up. Businesses are closing everywhere, people are moving back to their hometowns, and no one can travel. It’s bizarre. Luckily, some businesses are considered “essential” and are not only working to keep the public safe but are thriving. The Higher Path collective in Sherman Oaks is one of those that have adapted their staff to this new world order with impressive agility.

This charming and award-winning cannabis dispensary is located on bustling Ventura Boulevard in the greater Los Angeles area. While the COVID-19 situation may (temporarily) prevent you from enjoying their lovely, sun-lit budrooms, you still have access to their wide variety of high-quality flower, edibles, concentrates, accessories, and knowledgeable staff via their website: TheHigherPath.com. The shop is renowned for its high quality products, compliance, and educational standards that are leaps and bounds above the competition. If you have a question about cannabis and you ask someone in Los Angeles for advice, more than likely they will direct you to The Higher Path’s meticulously trained staff of budtenders and consultants.

Community has always been the heartbeat of The Higher Path, and they keep their fingers on the pulse of what the people need. When the Stay at Home order was initiated, The Higher Path sprung into action by purchasing masks and gloves for all staff, pivoting their business to accommodate online pickup orders (both in the lobby and curbside), and wrote out strict standard operating procedures for the new roles the staff needed to fill to keep customers — and themselves! — safe and healthy. The shop is sanitized every half hour, and social distancing is observed in addition to consistent face mask coverage. The art on the walls from local artists and the plants that populate every spare inch of the shop add to the collective joy that a staple in the community brings to its inhabitants. It’s simply beautiful.
Education is more important than ever in these times. People are feeling anxious and confused, isolated and removed from the community; cannabis is a great equalizer for many of these feelings. Non-smokables are having their heyday as people are gravitating towards alternative consumption methods. Flower sales are still booming, but the tinctures, topicals, capsules, and edibles are more popular than ever. There are bound to be questions about these products, and the staff is trained on the new style of consulting: digitally. You can always call the shop and speak to someone (818) 385-1224, but you can also respond to the texts from your online order or hop on to their website to start a Live Chat with a qualified budtender who can answer your questions.
Adaptive. That’s the best word to describe the folks at The Higher Path.
The year’s most anticipated event will be quite unorthodox this year…there is no gathering allowed for 4/20. In an unprecedented move, The Higher Path worked with local dispensaries to spread out 4/20 deals from 4/17-4/20 so there would be no large crowds but so everyone could take advantage of the highly honored holiday and its killer sales. Brands have stepped up their game by offering deep discounts on 4/20 weekend, working with shops to create the best deals for their very loyal customers. The Higher Path’s online deals can be found on their 420 Deals page, with promo codes to utilize the specific discounts from brands each day. There are BOGO for $1 deals, $1 joints, and more all weekend long.
Creativity in a time of strife knows no bounds. Seeing a gap in the social connection with a remote 4/20 event, The Higher Path is throwing a “Quaranstreaam” event — live steramaing with Zoom to showcase a variety of educational and entertainment acts. A cannabis Q & A, comedy, music and more await the lucky people who tune into the Zoom links listed in the Facebook event page for this exciting new venture. Tune in to get educated on new products, old products, hear some great music (most of which is by the staff themselves!), and hear comedy (a few of the comedians are employees, too!) from some local Los Angelenos.The displacement that’s been a pervasive feeling amongst performers will be quelled for a few hours this weekend with the chance to showcase their skills in the most futuristic event ever put on by  a dispensary.
Join in on the 4/20 fun this weekend at The Higher Path, whether you cruise by for your pickup order or tune in to the live streams. Place an order online, and they’ll bring it out to your car– you can even pay with a card without ever leaving your driver seat!
Call The Higher Path at (818)385-1224, chat on their website TheHigherPath.com, and see why the city of Los Angeles calls this shop one of the best. They are absolutely essential.

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