The Hemp Live Resin Revolution — What’s The Big Deal With CBD Live Resin?

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As the legal hemp market expands, more manufacturers are developing ways to extract the max cannabinoids and terpenes from this fascinating plant. CBD-rich concentrates like shatter, diamonds, and budder have become top sellers in many dispensaries. However, only live resin has earned high praise as the “champagne” of hemp concentrates.

Unlike many other hemp concentrates, live resin isn’t best known for its high cannabinoid concentrations. While the CBD levels in live resin are high, they aren’t the reason this extract has gained such significant attention. Anyone interested in the latest innovations in the CBD concentrate space must learn what CBD live resin is all about.

What Makes CBD Live Resin So Special?

Live resin is a relatively new hemp extract best known for its exceptionally high concentrations of aromatic terpenes. The reason live resin has such a strong flavor profile is due to a special “flash-freezing” technique. First developed in Colorado, this extraction process involves quickly freezing fresh hemp flowers before putting them through a butane extraction chamber.

Hemp terpenes are at their peak concentrations immediately after harvest. Since these compounds are so volatile, many will inevitably wear off during drying, curing, and manufacturing. The only way to keep these terpenes intact throughout the extraction process is to freeze fresh flowers and use specific temperature-controlled extraction procedures.

All of this hard work results in the most flavorful CBD extract in the industry. Live resin usually has a “saucy” consistency that makes it highly versatile in vaporizers, dabbing rigs, and as a flavorful addition to hemp joints. While live resin sacrifices some of CBD’s potency to preserve terpenes, it should contain a higher amount of this cannabinoid versus hemp prerolls and flowers.

Who’s The Best Customer For CBD Live Resin?

Like other CBD concentrates, live resin is better suited for customers with prior experience using standard CBD extracts like CBD oils, edibles, and topicals. CBD concentrates always have higher-than-average CBD percentages, which can be disorienting for first-time users. While CBD won’t make you feel “high,” the high potency of live resin can result in undesirable side effects if your body isn’t used to CBD.

Please also remember that CBD live resin tends to be the priciest extract in the hemp industry. Since it takes so much equipment and expertise to make CBD live resin, you’ll probably pay extra for this product. However, if you’re most interested in terpenes and flavor-forward experiences, it’s challenging to find a CBD item superior to live resin.

Due to live resin’s flavor-forward profile and higher price tag, it’s typically reserved for special occasions. While you could use live resin “on the fly,” most customers savor this product in a comfortable setting as they would a fine wine or high-end cigar.

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Since concentrates like live resin go through advanced solvent extraction procedures, customers must review the lab results for these CBD items. If extractors aren’t careful, some of this solvent residue could end up in their final product. Not only will this make your CBD concentrate taste bad, it could trigger significant side effects.

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