The Great Resignation: One Unicorn “MySquard,” Predicts A Major Resurgence within Service Providers Worldwide

A year of early surprises has begun in 2022. A report in Fortune said 4.5 million people left their jobs last November. The grass may be greener on the other side, but why? Are remote workers experiencing more freedom since they have been disconnected from the matrix? Typically, the entrepreneurial spirit grows stronger when an employee is liberated from an office cubicle and realizes that productivity can be achieved from the comfort of his/her home office.

A vast number of people have developed side hustles and realized that there is no better time than the present to own a company where it all comes down to them. This disruptive trend does not seem to be losing any steam as we reach the midpoint of the 1st quarter of 2022. Many analysts believe frictional unemployment is at play, which is considered a healthy part of the economy where workers leave their jobs for better paying ones. Food Services is on top of the list, but no sector has been immune from the impact, including “white collar” market segments like financial services, information technology, education and healthcare. Since the advent of NFT/cryptocurrency, many members of the “Gen Z,” generation have been able to engage in the juggernaut of technology that is reshaping global economics. Among the new service providers in this global trend, young entrepreneurs account for the majority.

Matutu Nyabange, the founder of MySquard, sees the paradigm shifting and predicted a change as an early adopter to the notion that new service providers have taken the “red pill,” confident that their skill sets are sufficient to pursue a dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The on-demand platform creates a bridge within the metaverse between end-clients and service providers who can interact in a single application to service the globe. A wide range of services is covered by this application, from beauticians to IT service providers to anyone offering services within the cosmic spectrum. The application is not only for start-up service providers, but for any company that can see a major value-add in investing in a network predicted to hit 100,000 service providers and clients by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2022. With MySquard, new service providers will have the convenience of positioning themselves next to clients’ location, service expertise, and rating to act as the MySquard eco-system will act as champions for their new ventures. Independent contractors can locate their clients’ homes and arrive at the end-clients destination without difficulty by using the system’s tracking system, which automatically updates in real-time using the latest GPS technology.

Due to both labor shortages and downsizing, workers worldwide have been laid off and faced severe cutbacks, causing great despair among the global workforce. This theory holds that people are now trusting themselves to launch new ventures to support their families while nurturing the dreams that lie dormant in their minds, but have now reawakened.

Although the debate over the “Great Resignation” will continue through 2022, the fact remains that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, and there are early adopters like Matutu Nyabange who are nurturing these trends, which they feel will continue for years to come.

LA Weekly