The Gen-Z CEO, Stormi Banks is Leading A New Generation of Bosses

Stormi Banks, founder of Pink Print, takes the term “Boss” to an entirely new level. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit and having lived her early mistakes out loud, the Business funding specialist  has dedicated herself to a life spent lifting others up.

“When we elevate Gen-Z and Millennial entrepreneurs and teach them the ways they can be most successful, we create a future of opportunity for all,” said Banks. “Especially now, in a nation that needs innovation and inspiration more than anything at the moment.”

To create a brighter future for entrepreneurs, Banks is committed to empowering those starting a business on how to understand the importance of scaling their companies while being financially sustainable. Helping others to navigate the often complex hurdles of starting their own business, securing capital, and working through business credit and grants, she’s elevating others to be their best and carving out a niche for herself along the way.

“My favorite moments are spent with women who have big, audacious ideas,” Banks exclaimed. “When I think of all the incredible innovations, connections, and solutions that have been made in the past decade, I wonder how much more we have to uncover—there is so much possibility!”

Rising from poverty with a strong mother—focused on creating positives out of negatives, Banks grew up in a home where anything was possible. Her mother’s inspiration to work is felt by each individual and business she works with. Driven to educate the next generation of business owners, Banks is mindful of the clichés which are hard to eradicate to keep leaders focused on mindful, financially-responsible business decisions.

As the CEO of Pink Print, a business coaching firm for everyone, but with an emphasis on young entrepreneurial Gen-Z and Millennial women, Banks believes that, “With education, patience, and a bomb team, anything is possible.” In fact, she’s built an empire on e-books, courses, partnerships, and one-on-one sessions that inspire entrepreneurs to think differently.

“My course teaches business owners how to build business credit and leverage it for what they need,” Banks explained. Through educational modules, Banks teaches the building blocks of credit and financial literacy when it counts the most.

Less “boss babe” and more of a mentor, Banks’ courses address the fact that 82% of businesses fail, due to a lack of funding, inspiring business owners to seek credit and use it responsibly. Her “Build Business Credit like a Boss” course tackles the unforeseen hurdles and silent financial struggles first-time business owners face, often alone or without help.

With Community at the core of Pink Print, her course and its offerings attract what Banks calls, “Pink Print Pose”. She believes she has so much more of her mother’s wisdom and drive to share. Bringing entrepreneurs to her table, one-by-one, there’s always a seat open bringing more to the table, always leaving a seat for young women entrepreneurs.

“I believe deeply that it’s our job to create pathways for those who once were in the place we were,” Banks illustrates. “While my mistakes early on certainly set me back, what’s happened has propelled me forward: I’ve created a community of makers, doers, and dreamers that’s more powerful than I could have ever imagined.”

What’s next, Banks explained, is nothing short of remarkable, “Those I’ve coached are connecting and inspiring others they network with through the advice they’ve been given.”

Like a bee pollinates a flower, Banks’ wisdom and business prowess are creating a generation of better-equipped CEOs and founders. A field of color is ahead of her, but Banks prefers pink.

“I love reaching inward and showcasing the femininity of business and the absolute power of female leaders,” Banks stated. “Fierce but gentle, the women I’ve had the honor to work with are creating a better tomorrow.”

About Stormi Banks

Stormi Banks is the CEO of Pink Print, an agency that’s inspiring entrepreneurs all over the globe. As the founder of the “Build Credit Like a Boss” Course, Banks developed a one-of-its-kind program that inspires financial literacy through engaging education to young entrepreneurs. Learn more at



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