The future of Web 3.0 looks promising – Maya Bernaia

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Looking at its vast potential, she has delved deep into this space to roll out interesting projects which will take over in the future.

Metaverse has not been utilized to its fullest at present as many are still skeptical of its potential, and have managed to maintain a distance. But, for some like Maya Bernaia it comes across as an interesting subject, the reason she has stepped into this zone, knowing its extreme potential. She says that so far the Metaverse has remained an untouched zone, but many are still oblivious of the fact that it carries umpteen opportunities which need to be explored rightly, to see massive results. Those who believe in its potential, like her, are already into this space, looking at avenues which would boost their future prospects around this sphere.

Maya is a cryptocurrency expert, investor and digipreneur who is out to prove her point about the Metaverse being one of the most powerful mediums of the future. She is leading the mantle for women in the industry who prefer to stay away, not knowing what huge potential it carries. “I have always observed these growing industries from close quarters, especially the DeFi space, which will take over the workings of global businesses in coming years. Web 3.0 has always fascinated me, and I always had a keen eye on its developments right from the beginning. I have always been looking at futuristic technologies and have tried to learn as much as I could about them to my best capacity.”

This Ukraine born creative mind has always followed the unconventional path as the day she graduated from high school she started looking out for opportunities outside her place of origin as it had limited resources for the growth and development she was looking for. A graduate from the Harvard School of Design, Bernaia had an incredible creative streak in her, which helped her possess a tremendous approach right from the beginning of her career. Steadily planning her strategic moves, she developed numerous innovative tech solutions around the investing, gaming and social media space which were widely appreciated. ‘IamFuture’ is one of her creations which develops digital strategies around the Web 3.0 sphere. It’s interesting to know that Bernaia is amongst the few women who have taken up the challenge to delve into this futuristic space, and tried to search for avenues which would make an impact.

When asked Bernaia what made her choose this emerging field which is still not on the radar of many, she answers, “I have always believed in experimenting with new ideas and work on its development, even if others don’t agree to my viewpoints or plan of action. That’s the reason I took up cryptocurrencies and NFTs, when many were still maintaining a safe distance from them. Maybe, I have the knack of sensing things which would work and which would not.” When she jumped into the DeFi space, many around her thought of her making the wrong move, but as always, she proved them wrong, as the progression she made along her journey has been worth the efforts put in. Her ‘IamFuture’ connects a host of opportunities for development of projects around the Metaverse, offering some incredible strategic solutions, marketing consultancy, and decentralization by connecting the right dots. Join Discord Server.

Her next project which would definitely revolutionize the industry is a Metaverse-based community for roller skating enthusiasts called Metarollers. This club would present a distinct set of 6,000 roller-skating-themed NFTs, created by Bernaia herself under the name Miss Volatility, which are the precursor to a Metarollers “Perform-2-Earn” game. Speaking about this project, she says, “In Metarollers, players can skate around digitized areas of real-world locations, performing tricks and collecting artifacts that can be used to purchase and trade NFTs, all of which will be governed via the IamFuture ecosystem.” Bernaia is confident that her new Perform-2-Earn gaming platform will give an opportunity to players to discover a host of new things around the Metaverse and even get a chance to meet some of their favorite celebrities.

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