Skincare is hard. A booming industry, the options are endless. Everyone’s skin is unique, there’s no one-size-fits-all, so wading through the endless ocean of lotions, creams, serums and toners to find a formula that’s just right for you can seem impossible. 

This is the dilemma that two smart women faced when setting out to find the right help with their skin. Instead of settling for less than perfect skincare, or continuing with the trial-and-error on their faces, they decided to revolutionize the industry, creating PROVEN. 

PROVEN’s philosophy is simple – everyone deserves skin care as unique as they are. The key differentiating factor of PROVEN is that it casts aside traditional, ill-conceived skin paradigms such as “Oily”, “Dry”, “Normal”, “acne prone” or “mature”. The truth is, not all oily skin is the same, not all acne can be treated with the same ingredients and not all mature skin is concerned with the same things. Plus, there may be several external factors that could be at the root of one’s skin concerns. It’s impossible for mass-produced, one-size-fits-all skincare products to account for all the necessary factors.

PROVEN is different. Its team of Stanford-trained scientists and dermatologists creates custom-made products based on every individual’s skin, skin goals, lifestyle, and environment – more than 47 factors in all. As you embark on your PROVEN skincare journey, they check in every few months and adapt to evolve with you – changing your unique skin care formulas based on the changing seasons, your skin’s tolerance to active ingredients as well as bigger life changes such as a move or pregnancy.

“PROVEN emerged from our own personal needs,” explains co-founder Ming Zhao. “As someone who really wanted to “invest” in my skin and wellbeing, I was constantly searching for better skin care. But finding the right products was time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive. And worst of all, nothing worked consistently.”

Then she met Dr. Amy Yuan, a computational physicist from Stanford University. To solve her own skin issues, Dr. Yuan had built an AI-powered database that gathered and analyzed thousands of scientific papers together with millions of consumer testimonials and reviews on beauty. And as Dr. Yuan applied insights from this beauty database to account for Zhao’s specific needs into custom-made skincare formulas for her, they saw real results. PROVEN was born. 

Winner of MIT’s 2018 Artificial Intelligence of the Year Award, PROVEN’s Skin Genome Project is the most comprehensive skincare database ever created. Which makes PROVEN the first skincare brand to use data or AI to create personalized skincare products. PROVEN has analyzed the known universe of beauty knowledge, millions upon millions of data points, in order to formulate the exact right products for their customers.

Their customized skincare formulas are also clean, non-toxic and made in the USA. In order to formulate their personalized skincare products, more than 47 factors about your skin, life and environment are first analyzed by their Skin Genome Quiz. Factors including your pollution level and type, stress level, the hardness of the water you shower with and drink, even the amount of blue light exposure from your digital devices are all taken into account via the 3-minute digital diagnostic quiz. What results is a skincare routine that is perfectly suited to you. 

The beauty of the Skin Genome Project is that it’s always growing and improving. The more users who access the quiz, the more the algorithm learns from their answers. And as additional PROVEN customers weigh in, more in-depth pictures of longitudinal efficacy profiles are added to the database. What results is a body of knowledge that is the de-facto source of truth for all of beauty. 

“We know how frustrating the skincare guesswork is, and that when it comes to things that go on our bodies and skin, one size doesn’t fit all,” explains Zhao. “We want to give people good skin for life, in a way that is accessible and affordable. Today that future is possible. It takes less than 3-minutes to answer questions about your skin and life in order for PROVEN to customize a skincare routine. Using your answers to our Skin Genome Quiz, our database instantly sifts through this incredible amount of information to select the best ingredients for your skin.”

This means you won’t waste time and money trying out products that may or may not work for you. PROVEN products are custom-made to give your skin just what it needs, using cutting-edge scientific expertise and the exact right powerhouse ingredients for you. And as your skin, stress level, or even location changes, your skincare can evolve right along with you. This is the first skincare that is capable of evolving and changing with its customers in order to serve them with good skin for life.

Maybe all of us have been underserved by the skincare industry up until now. Data, AI and an in-depth understanding of their customers are enabling PROVEN to create the future of beauty that actually works.

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