The Fresh by Slo-brew Botanical: It’s Not Cabinet Fresh, It’s Kitchen Table Fresh

Introducing the 72 hour slo-brew method with extraction, freshly fermented botanicals and minimal additives

Amidst the noise and haste of an ever-evolving cosmetics industry, one new brand is taking skincare back to its roots and innovating clean beauty for the better. 

While many a clean beauty company is focused on bespoke natural ingredients, Slo-brew Botanical is a brand that takes their methodology a step (or four) further with a process that is intensely focused on not only the ingredients, but their method of cultivation and extraction. This unconventional approach was developed by a team of dedicated scientists and the result is next level fresh formulas that deliver. 

So how does it work exactly? And what is the inspiration behind this up and coming brand? Let’s take a closer look.

The Slo-brew Advantage: Five Reasons Why Fresh is Best

Kitchen Table Quality 

Once upon a time, it might have been enough to create products using just natural or organic components. However, us fans of the farm-to-table food movement are loving the level of above and beyond freshness that Slo-brew Botanical aspires to for skincare. 

The full Slo-brew Botanical lineup is produced not unlike a food or beverage, according to the highest standards, with minimal preservatives, and no toxic additives. They even offer a subscription-based delivery program, so that consumers can experience products at their peak, and feel connected to every part of the process. 

A few of Slo-brew’s favorite nutrient-rich botanicals include sugarcane-derived squalane for supporting complexion protection, snow fungus for promoting moisture retention, antioxidant yuzu, organic soybeans for improving elasticity, probiotic nutritional yeast, and a host of other potent herbal extracts.

Serious Skin Food 

With a deep understanding of the nourishment skin needs, Slo-brew Botanical set out to include only ingredients that nurture skin health. In the brand’s own words: 

“Just like how the quality of nutrition and vitamins we ingest through our daily diet influences our body — the freshness and the activeness of the ingredients we nourish our skin with every day decide our skin’s true beauty and resilience.”

The ingredients are plant-based and completely vegan but they are also science-backed, chosen for their ability to actively transform the skin and vetted through trace-testing for efficacy. According to lab testing, the brand’s popular Fresh Boost Yuzu Clay Mask promotes nearly 300% levels of epidermal moisture and has the ability to last up to six hours.

Sourced With Intention 

From the sun in the sky, to the dew-kissed soil, every detail is important to Slo-brew Botanical’s formulations. For example, to create the Fresh Boost Yuzu Clay Mask, organic yuzu is sourced from a farm in Kochi, Japan (located 2,000 feet above sea level) and infused with Spring water from Nasu mountain. 

Harvesting the yuzu citrus fruit requires the skill and knowledge of an advanced curator, so to ensure the utmost quality, Slo-Brew Botanical collaborates exclusively with regional agriculturists. The farmers of Kochi, who have been cultivating their technique for generations, are adept at pruning, irrigating and thinning the Yuzu until only the most vivid and colorful fruits remain. The harvests are then air-shipped from Japan to New York, where they become a key ingredient in Slo-brew’s skin elixirs.

Processed to Preserve Purity

A critical component of the Slo-brew process is the process itself. Their secret to skincare alchemy is a special 72-hour method of infusion, pressurization, and fermentation that works to very effectively preserve plant-based ingredients and their dermatological properties.

Although fermentation has been a common culinary process for centuries – used to make sourdough bread, wine, kombucha and other staples – a more recent discovery is that fermentation is beneficial for cosmetic formulation as well. 

According to Slo-brew Botanical, this proprietary method helps to enhance the bio-active and probiotic properties of the organic materials, and this in turn translates into better beauty ingredients. Fermented ingredients have been proven very effective for addressing just about every skin type and condition by boosting the skin’s innate immunity and generating more antioxidant activity. They also act as natural preservatives, eliminating the need for the synthetic chemical additives used by other brands on the market.

Sustainable Synergy 

The last step of the Slo-brew journey is landing directly on the doorstep of the consumers. To ensure that formulas are at optimal efficacy when they arrive, products come packaged and sealed in a patented pouch that sustains their shelf life for up to four months. Once opened however, Slo-brew Botanical recommends use within 24 hours for the full effect. 

It is this attention to freshness and synergistic ingredients that sets the brand apart and produces incredible results. Dermatology lab tests demonstrate that the Fresh Boost Yuzu Clay Mask is safe for even the most sensitive skin, causing no irritation or reaction upon application.

In fact, thanks to the active organic ingredients and probiotics, Slo-brew Botanical’s formulas are able to holistically address a broad spectrum of skincare, from improving dryness to balancing oily skin, preventing acne breakouts, and targeting inflammation. 

Other important things to know

So does Slo-brew Botanical’s strategy actually work? The reviews say yes! Initial feedback for the brand is in, and consumers are loving it. Slo-brew fans are raving about the fact that the products are non-drying and provide the perfect amount of pampering for every complexion. The lineup has been called a “game-changer,” and users of the products are citing some pretty incredible results..

For transforming everyday skincare routines into a refreshing self care ritual, Slo-brew Botanical has developed a full range of daily products. In addition to their popular mask treatments, other brand bestsellers include their Herbalinfuse Toning and Reset serums, an exfoliating Bubbleberry Moist Claywash, a hydrating Dewforest Infuse Lotion, and their luxe Veiltouch range of skin moisturizers and creams.

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