The Fraternity Apes Party are the Wildest Kids on the Block(chain)

The Fraternity Apes Party is a collection of 3,333 apes brought together by one common goal – to party like hell.

Millennials to Gen Z now commonly spend thousands of dollars on individual NFTs as a part of their personal art collections, as investments, or even as holiday gifts. This has made NFTs a sort of modern evolution of more traditional art. Like tangible art pieces, NFTs can now fetch millions of dollars for some of the rarest. What is making each of the sets of art “rare” at this moment in time is speculative. These are purchased as an investment for a specific art form, as support for their artists, or simply to flex on having the original of some of the priciest pieces on the market.

At the same time, NFTs can come with many benefits that traditional art collection could never grant. Buying NFTs can show your support for a certain cause or make you a member of an exclusive group with one-of-a-kind benefits.

Such groups range from The Honey Bee Club, which aims to build a community to preserve and protect the world’s honey bee population, to the Bored Ape Yacht Club who offers exclusive events and merchandise to its buyers. The goals and benefits offered by these groups give an added value to NFTs, giving owners not only the actual token but also membership in a and unique exclusive group catered towards different interests

For the Fraternity Apes Party NFT Project – members are united by their common love of raging.

With a strong united community and an equally strong team of top-level personalities and entrepreneurs as its backers, the Fraternity Apes Party is an upcoming blue chip NFT project that promises to be the wildest kids in the NFT scene. For this exclusive group of 3,333 apes, 2022 is already planned out to be a year-long rager.

Considering the state of the NFT market today, it could not be a better time for the Fraternity Apes Party NFT Project.

The recent adoption rates of NFTs have gone to the moon, with sales on average ranging between USD 10 million to USD 20 million per week. Some weeks even went as high as USD 170 million. This shows increasing market confidence in NFTs as items similar to tangible high-value items like artwork and jewelry. With the role of NFTs as investments becoming increasingly established, access to exclusive groups with equally-exclusive benefits only serve as the cherry-on-top.

For the Fraternity Apes Party, these benefits are simple – to gain access to an NFT with huge future potential and the opportunity to go to the wildest parties and events that 2022 will have to offer. The Fraternity Apes Party recognizes that the party scene is a great way to build a stronger community and a network of solid NFT minters from all parts of the globe. Of course, attendance to these crazy parties will be exclusive to only those part of the Frat, celebrities and the hottest girls. Throwing parties definitely isn’t their first rodeo show as the founders have been throwing celebrity parties over @highkeyparty. Other benefits include private masterminds, a community wallet for various spending, donations to help the rainforest and much more.

The Fraternity Apes Party will soon be minting 3,333 pieces in the first drop. 1,000 spots are up for grabs during the presale, with each one allowed to mint up to 3 apes. Plus, the Frat will host a banger mansion party in Miami, a week and a half after the main sale. And if you’re an NFT holder, you’re definitely invited! The Frat will also cover travel expenses to Miami for 3 lucky minters from the presale.

But of course, this is just the first of many parties that will be held by the Frat throughout the year. So if you’re interested in investing in this NFT Project or in being part of the hottest parties of 2022, you can follow them on their Instagram or join their Discord community.

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