The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Prince: Everybody’s Good at Something, by Prince A. Sanders, on Following One’s Passions Despite the Odds

Although it may appear self-evident that we should allow children to pursue their passions, many people in their lives put pressure on them to pursue something apart from what they love. They have no idea what excites these young souls and doubt that they will be able to make anything of it.  But when a child discovers their true calling, it is a game-changer in their life.

In his book The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Prince: Everybody’s Good at Something, and based on his experience falling in love with dancing as a child, Prince Sanders encourages young readers and their parents to follow their dreams. The Prince’s story is here to question the status quo and show how pursuing one’s passions despite the odds and others’ views can lead to a happier, more fulfilled life.

The story’s main character not only has the same name as the author, but also shares many of the same personality traits. They are both curious and determined, and they find both the ordinary and extraordinary aspects of life worth celebrating. They also have strong bonds with their families and a deep affection for the city in which they live.

Prince, the main character of the story, returns after his first appearance in The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Prince: Which Fork, ready to continue his adventure while armed with the courage to do what he loves. When Prince’s parents brought him to see a live show, and he saw ballet dancers at the theater, something clicked with him, and he fell in love with dancing. The moment he saw them move so gracefully, he knew that dancing was all he wanted to do in life. Prince’s teacher recognized his natural affinity for ballet and encouraged him to practice every Saturday morning after class.

Prince learned to ignore the bullies and pursue his passion thanks to his mother, pet hamster Popcorn, and teachers. Miss Adriana, his ballet teacher, and Coach L, his gym teacher, were by his side throughout and provided the care and guidance he needed to master the craft. Later in the story, Prince’s breakout performance inspired and awed the entire school, especially those that bullied him.

Everybody’s Good at Something, based on the true events that led to Sanders’ passion for dancing, encourages young children to have confidence in themselves and pursue their passions despite the obstacles. 

“As a child I thought my life was pretty ordinary,” says Sanders. “Later in life, as I would share stories with friends and colleagues, many of them found my life to be pretty special. It was through their eyes that I discovered my ordinary life may have been extraordinary after all.”

Prince A Sanders is passionate about children’s social development and empowering them to deal with life’s more difficult lessons through storytelling. This is the ideal book for parents, grandparents, teachers, and anyone else concerned about today’s youth’s challenges. 

“I hope my story will help young children that live in the shadow of a sibling or help those who find passion in the arts or other activities that are not mainstream,” Sanders says. “Everyone has a talent inside—you just have to discover what it is.”

Prince A. Sanders is currently the Managing Director of the Park Lane New York hotel in New York City. Prince is well-known for being a charismatic and people-loving individual, which contributed to his success in the hospitality industry. Sanders was a talented ballet dancer who had to retire due to an unexpected injury. His charisma, on the other hand, isn’t restricted to the hospitality industry. When he’s not running Park Lane, Prince enjoys telling stories, as evidenced by The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Prince. Prince wanted to create something that would bring people joy and love, as well as leave a lasting legacy. 

The Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Prince was inspired by much of Prince A. Sanders’ childhood and family. Members of his family, such as his mother, have had a significant impact on him, and he wanted to honor them by including their likenesses in his story.

Visit Prince’s website for more information, and follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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