The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Jordan Bolch Takes Over Miami

The magic of movies has always captivated us and has assured us that whatever we dream of, can actually be seen on screen now. Along with the actors, the directors, CGI artists, editors make the bits and pieces of video and audio come together presenting us with a picture that is surreal and believable at the same time.

But anyone who knows how movies are made, especially the ones that require a high level of special effects, is aware that they are filmed in large studios, typically in front of a green screen. Yet, we seldom realize how important it is to have a studio that fits all the needs of film making.

Media Monsters Next Big Project:

Jordan Bolch. A singer, who himself has reached the heights of fame with his hit songs “Slide” and “Lit” among many others, realizes the need of a studio that facilitates all movie makers. Which is why his company Media Monsters has now launched a movie studio. This movie studio is in Miami’s design district and will have state of the art facilities. For starters, it will have Dolby Atmos surround sound mixing that will be in a different section, which Bolch has named Auricle Studios. Then it’s also outfitted with a large cyclorama wall with a green screen. All of these services are highly enticing for any movie producer as they will be able to execute shooting action sequences, stunts and special effects without having to travel to Hollywood.

Media Monsters Team:

Media Monsters truly stands for its name by packing a huge team of professionals who aim to excel in their respective creative fields. They truly believe in doing more and pushing the envelope of creativity to its maximum. Accompanying Bolch in his studio is Bryan Dillard who is the Executive Producer, Director and COO of the production house. Due to Dillard’s array of skills, he is able to offer input to his clients making sure that whatever visual creation the studio is being used for comes out to be breath-taking.

Being a musician himself, Bolch knows how crucial a good sound producer is which is why he has chosen Patrick Collier to manage his sound studio, Auricle Studios. Collier himself has a history of producing and writing songs along with being an exceptional sound engineer. His knowledge of all the technical equipment comes in handy when he is dealing with clients and assisting them in achieving the best result possible. The result of these efforts is clearly seen in Bolch’s partnership with powerhouses in the music industry such as Cory Enemy and Akuarium. To add to that impressive portfolio, dubstep pioneer, Virtual Riot has also collaborated with Jordan to bring new music to their audience.

Music Video Shoots:

When working on Media Monsters, Jordan Bolch has held nothing back and has aimed to provide all his clients with state-of-the-art services. Media Monsters is not just intended for movie makers, but in fact seeks to provide its services to larger-than-life music videos. The videos that really focus on telling a story and providing incredible visuals along with a melodic tune. Auricle Studios will also let artists create their song at the same place. Having a recording service as well as video shooting services all under one roof is rare but helps artists focus on bringing their audience the best quality of music and video.

An Opportunity for TV Shows:

On the other hand, television series have also not shied away from using large studios for their shooting purposes instead of pre-built sets. With the growing number of TV series using special effects in their scenes every now and then, a green-screen is now a necessity. Having the opportunity to work in a facility that provides top-notch services will help tv shows give their audience an incredible viewing experience and they won’t ever have to compromise on the visual quality.

Commercials and FX Animators:

Bolch plans out on making his studio available for commercials as well as corporate businesses. One thing that some studios lack due to scheduling conflicts is the fact that they are unable to provide their services to other forms of productions, but for Media Monsters, whether it is a lifestyle brand or a night club business, Bolch wants everyone to use his studio. He also encourages independent film makers and FX artists to use his studios to shoot their projects at Media Monsters. This will allow these upcoming artists a platform to work on their masterpieces much more easily. Furthermore, having a recording studio in the form of Auricle Studios will also help these new artists add more depth to their visuals with impeccable sound quality.

Thinking Ahead:

One of the key elements of Media Monsters is that it is a studio that is forward thinking and adaptive of the new ways of film making. One prime example of this is a robotic arm known as Bolt Jr. that is the invention of Mark Robert and is operated by their motion control that help cameramen make their work easier. This forward-thinking perspective has led Media Monsters to become a revolutionary studio, one that is always ahead of the game.

Miami and Bolch’s New Project:

Bolch truly believes in his city Miami and the potential it holds for business. Media Monsters is something that is going to bring in a lot of business to Miami while supporting the local talent there. But Bolch has his heart set on yet another business, his clothing manufacturing and fashion label, Six Feathers, which is based in Atlanta is a luxury streetwear and athleisure brand.  Six Feathers is a brand that caters to both men and women. Bolch has made sure that everyone gets something they like from Six Feathers which is why he offers a wide range of categories along with private label manufacturing, design consulting and embroidery. These businesses that Bolch is planning are truly a reflection of Bolch’s love for Miami and how he is promoting the local craftsmanship of the city.

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