Many consider the entrepreneurial life of exercising control and working on our own terms to be the stuff of dreams. However, most are unwilling to go the extra mile and see their vision unfold, for there is no elevator to the top of the corporate ladder, and climbing it has always been a tricky business. It requires taking risks, making sacrifices, steadfast determination, and, not to forget – standing out from a crowd of cut-throat competition, all to turn a distant dream into an objective reality.

Entrepreneurs who succeed know that hard work and dedication is required to create a thriving business, yet some are still on the lookout for their lucky break. But what many don’t realize is that it cannot just materialize out of thin air; they have to make some effort and work hard in order to taste success. Luck doesn’t happen by chance, it’s something that can be created and entrepreneur Mark Lachance happens to have a thorough grasp of this notion.

Mark “Lucky” Lachance is a seasoned entrepreneur, thought leader, and strategic investor with a knack for transforming digital landscapes through his mastery over creative business development, lead generation, and contemporary marketing strategies. He is the CEO and Lead Investor of Maxy Media Inc., Canada’s top TikTok advertiser in terms of monthly spending. The firm manages hundreds of digital talents and provides bespoke ad campaigns by incorporating GenZ ideologies into its AdTech platform. For the past 30 years, Mark has integrated his business expertise into owning and leading various business ventures, including investments in marketing, payments, fitness, and sports, helping them all stay a class apart from their contemporaries.

His peers view Mark as a blitzscaling genius who comprehensively understands a budding business’s objectives and formulates complex blueprints that fuel their growth at lightning speeds. However, life wasn’t always a bed of roses for this veteran entrepreneur, who has faced his fair share of rejection and betrayal and hit the brink of bankruptcy. Nonetheless, he displayed true entrepreneurial spirit by holding on to an unshakeable grit through the rain, taking it upon himself to turn his luck around and building his life again. Now with his newly-published book ‘Lucky Formula’, he shares his experiences on how he has attracted luck into his business and life.

Mark Lachance’s journey is an example for others who are looking to start their own business. He stresses the importance of putting in effort and creating a space that will attract success, but also encourages them to be brave enough to make mistakes without fear because they can always learn something new even when something goes wrong.

And if you’re interested to see the same success and attract more luck in your life, grab a copy of his upcoming book, The Lucky Formula, and learn how you can stack the odds in your favor and cash in on success. You can start with calculating  your Lucky Score. Simply go to to calculate your ability to attract Luck and Success.

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