U2 in Malibu

Regarding “The Edge of Destruction: U2 guitarist’s plan for his 1,000 acres in Malibu is infuriating some of his neighbors,” by Craig Stephens (March 20):

Thank you, Craig Stephens, for your excellent insight into the hidden perils of buying land in the Malibu area. Encouraging these covetous neighbors to expose themselves, and their avarice, by offering to publicize their “legitimate” concerns was a true stroke of genius! Sure, you could have asked any one of them how many years they had been members of the archery club, or why, since the land was for sale, they hadn’t bought it themselves. You might even have pointed out that Don Schmitz is a permit expediter, not a developer, but far better to allow them to vent without consideration of the accuracy or the moral implications of their ravings! They’re absolutely shameless, aren’t they?

If only you had exposed this poisonous mentality on a regular basis over the past few decades, many of us wouldn’t have found ourselves in the Malibu property quagmire; we would have bought land we were allowed to use!

Comment by Dan Norris, Topanga

This is a problem with a solution. If the Edge expects to have the respect of his neighbors, a neighborhood town meeting would seem to be in order, in which fears can be allayed, and the concerns of neighbors can be taken into consideration.

Comment by Tom, Santa Monica


If the land is on the market, and it is purchased, the purchaser has the right to develop it. No town meeting necessary. Seems to me, if the residents of the community were so concerned about the fate of that land, they should have purchased it before the Edge did.

Comment by Richard, Topanga


The Edge is exercising his rights to his property, the same way you exercise. He will be putting bread on people’s table at a time unemployment is high, and paying a hefty amount of property taxes to your community. Or is it just a case of since you can’t have it … no one else should?

Comment by Oscar, Woodland Hills


I did a Google Earth of Latigo Canyon and saw that quite a few other people have put up very lavish homes on that canyon, and I expect all of those homes were completed in compliance with all regulations, just as David Evans’ surely will be. So what is the problem?

Comment by TG


Is this what U2 wants kids to learn? Buy music, get rich, talk about how caring you are, then kill off the wildlife and display the size of your megalomania by building eyesores? Perhaps it is about time we just say no to the fakes and frauds and stop buying their products. They are the ones destroying the planet while smiling and telling you lies.

Comment by Sunny Mary, L.A.


Why would the Edge want, need or seek “the respect of his neighbors” — what have you done to save the world lately?

Comment by Ben, Thousand Oaks


I am sorely confused. Was land purchased by David Evans, or not? If he has the money to buy a swath, why shouldn’t he? He worked hard; he earned it. If he wants to build a house for every member of his family, why can’t he? Who the **** are all of you complainers? You all sound scary-jealous to me. If he was poor, and won the lottery, would you all be so quick to attribute his sense of family as a “cover” for being an anti-environmentalist? Yeah, you probably would. You all come off as holier than thou. If the “wrong” type of person is in trouble, you all would probably set ’em on fire (secretly, of course) … cause they “deserved” it. What a bunch of hypocrites you are. Don’t drop your latte. You’ll have to replace it yourself.

Comment by PG, L.A.


So Candace [Brown] is worried about “McMansions,” which is the term coined to describe houses that take up 80-90% of their lot’s square footage. Let’s see, Candace, five houses on a thousand acres equals 200 acres per house. I can certainly see where that might be a concern for you.

David Evans has the money to build something very beautiful on his property, and if it comes remotely near to the guitar work he gave us on U2’s Joshua Tree, then I, for one, am certainly thrilled at the prospect of a new, highly visible landmark on the Malibu skyline. Destruction? Puh-lease … nature adjusts, and waits patiently for the chance to reclaim, no matter what these eco-harpies screech to the contrary.

Need examples? Hearst Castle. Laguna Gloria. The Alhambra and Roman fortifications in Granada, Spain. European castles. Greek architecture, like Athens’ Parthenon. The Pyramids of Giza. Chichen Itza. The list goes on, and on.

These are human accomplishments that we all agree are treasures. We all agree they must be preserved. We all love them, even the selfish NIMBYs who have made sure we’ll never see another one built.

Comment by blissninny from Humanitat


Rape and the LAPD

Regarding “DNA Deep Freeze: Why Los Angeles crime-fighters fell years behind on rape testing, and may never catch up,” by Christine Pelisek (March 20):

The Los Angeles Police Foundation is working with the LAPD to eliminate the DNA rape-kit backlog. With local and federal funding, and private dollars raised by the Police Foundation, the backlog should be eliminated by the end of 2010.

Comment by Karen Wagener, President, Los Angeles Police Foundation

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