The Dueling Dynamics Of Small-Town Charm and Motorsports With Lawson Sudbeck

It’s no secret that risk-taking is a major factor in finding success. For Lawson Sudbeck, risk is no stranger to him. The energetic posts that flood his social media pages reflect his commitment to pushing the envelope and challenging expectations. Growing up in Madison, Mississippi, Sudbeck knew he was destined to create content that would ultimately lead to entrepreneurship, and his passion for adventure was the surest bet to achieve such a goal. His love for the outdoors and the thrill of extreme sports were major influences throughout his youth, and being from small town Mississippi, he learned to find adventure just beyond his backyard. It wasn’t until he started to take content creation seriously that he discovered he can turn his passions into a large-scale, digital persona.

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In high school, Sudbeck enjoyed playing both baseball and football, however, when the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020 he needed to find different ways to satiate his need for exercise. It was then that he began posting videos on social media accounts of his infamous dirt bike stunts. As he generated traction for his adrenaline fueled TikToks, Sudbeck discovered the sprawling opportunities that content creation can offer. He decided to study the ins-and-outs in order to leverage social media to create the life he’s always dreamed of. Leadership came naturally for Sudbeck, and when his view count dipped into the millions, he knew there was something more to the content creation game. Sudbeck started to add water stunts to the mix of his content along with his infamous dirt bike posts. Extreme water sports quickly became an ongoing theme of his digital presence, and the “lake life” vibe gave way to his first business venture, a clothing line named Lost Rabbit Gear. The brand was a local purveyor that carried apparel and accessories to support the outdoorsy nature of Sudbeck’s social media profiles. After generating over $40,000 in sales, he decided to invest in other brands within the extreme sports realm. Sudbeck turned to LiftFoils, a brand that creates electric surfboards they call eFoils. By renting out eFoils on the lake close to his home, Sudbeck found stability and community with his growing follower base. He caught the attention of other brands that fit his sporty lifestyle, too. Sudbeck became an affiliate and an important social media consultant for brands like Blocks Nutrition and Oro Reserve SuperCar Rental where he spearheaded social media sales strategies to cater to specific audiences.

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As a result of his rapid growth, Sudbeck wants to inspire other young teens to see the  value in social media. He hopes to create motivational content that promotes the positive assets social media possesses. Social media contains an infinite reach that Sudbeck hopes to reveal to his followers. Within the next five years Sudbeck sees himself growing even more as an entrepreneur and inspiration. He believes his career represents a “local goes worldwide” energy, from starting his small clothing line to working with brands that speak to a global audience. To complement this idea, Sudbeck will begin a YouTube channel in the near future that features travel vlog style content. He is also in the process of starting a podcast called “Dreams To Reality”, where he will feature a variety of guest speakers that talk about entrepreneurial advice and motivational content. Still working with several other brands as an affiliate in the social media realm such as Full Send Supplements and FlexPro Meals, Sudbeck is beginning to grow a never ending network of businesses, celebrities, and colleagues at his young age. He is an inspiration to the young generation of aspiring entrepreneurs that wish to become successful through the utilization of social media. Lawson Sudbeck’s growth is a stellar example of the power social media possesses in the contemporary business world. He is an entrepreneur, influencer, and inspiration that will inevitably continue to grow due to his expertise in the creative industry.

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