The Day Trader’s Lifestyle Explained by John R. (Ultra Calls)

Between the years 1990 and 2015, Pew Research reported that the average employment growth in the United States was 30%. Some industries expanded at a much more rapid pace — educational services grew by 106%, and health care and social assistance grew by 99%. Other industries shrank. Manufacturing lost 30% of its jobs over the twenty-five-year period. Meanwhile, financial activities grew, albeit at a rate that was less than average with 23%.

Since 2015, however, the shift in the employment market has continued to unfold. With the rise of the gig economy and the notion of people going into business for themselves, one profession that has gained much notoriety is the day trader. The profession, known for its requirements of speed and focus and the potential of an ample reward, has been on the lookout of many who are thinking of changing their boring nine-to-five work for something more exciting. John(Ultra Calls), a professional day trader, understands the appeal.

“It won’t take you a lot of time to see how a major part of the appeal of day trading is the excitement,” explains Ultra Calls. “When the adrenalin starts kicking in, it’s easy to lose oneself in the trades and the market. It’s much better to stay calm and collected, but we’re human — there’s no running from the fact that intense professions such as day trading have a special kind of appeal.”

That intensity goes with the territory. While some types of trading offer a more laid-back approach that might even allow them to keep a regular job, the resolute day trader doesn’t have time for that. The day trader will prepare thoroughly, keep track of an enormous number of stocks, and be ready to pounce at any opportunity to ensure that they close their day without any positions and with a profit.

“When I was starting my day trading career, I noticed you have to be completely vigilant in the stock market,” Ultra Calls explains. “With time, I found that you can be successful 90% of the time if your strategy is strict. That’s how I capitalize. I cut losses fast and let winners ride till they die.” This is one of the things Ultra Calls teaches to other traders who are interested in day trading and gravitate towards his Sapphire Trading group.

The vigilance and the speed are, occasionally, rewarded by fairly high profits. The lavish lifestyles successful day traders sometimes display on social media add quite a lot to the mystique of the profession, increasing its drawing power. “People can indeed make a lot of money day trading,” explains Ultra Calls. “They can also lose a lot of money fairly easily. The people who are attracted to the bling should understand that it doesn’t come from nowhere and that all it takes is one wrong decision to wipe your account. There’s reward, but also risk. The successful day traders are the ones who manage both.”

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