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Editor's Note: We finally spoke with Danzig, and he says that parts of this account are incorrect. Here is his account.

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Glenn Danzig brings his Danzig Legacy show to Gibson Amphitheatre on Halloween. On this short tour, for the first time he's performing his solo material and songs from Samhain and Misfits all in one night.

This got us really, really excited.

But it turns out we don't hold a candle to Danzig's most insane devotees.

“Danzig loves his fans,” says Russ MacKay, who is Danzig's bodyguard and also has a weekly show called “Poor Kids Radio” on “But in the past, [they've] gotten too obsessive.”

On Halloween night in 2005, a stalker made it onto the grounds of Danzig's house in Hollywood Hills. It was right before a scheduled show at the Gibson, then called the Universal.

“Glenn called me and told me there was some weirdo trying to smash into his gate,” MacKay recalls. He sped to the scene and spotted the man, looking psychotic, in a bush on the property.

“We were all freaked out,” MacKay says, adding that Danzig nowadays refuses to discuss this incident.

MacKay gave chase. The guy was able to outrun him, but not before MacKay ripped off his backpack. Inside, he and Danzig found pages from hard-core porn magazines. “A lot of the faces were cut out, and Danzig's face was replacing many of the heads,” MacKay says. “Both the males and females!”

The bag also contained dirty clothes and toiletries, as if the man was living out of it. But most disturbing was his diary. Much of the writing was sloppy, some was illegible, but the words “Kill Danzig” written next to the day's date — Oct. 31 — were quite clear.

Fortunately, the police were able to find and arrest the guy.

“Afterwards, we all took a moment to calm down, and then drove Glenn to the venue,” MacKay remembers, adding that Danzig has since moved. “He killed it at the show that night.”

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