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Steffi Cohen is quickly gaining steam as an industry leader in the fitness world, an industry that was previously dominated by men.

Cohen is shattering the inertia of the male-centric fitness world, personally and business-wise.

Although Cohen has attained tremendous success in the fitness world, she doesn’t allow herself to be pidgoen-holed.

She is also an author, physiotherapist, podcast coach, and business owner who is most popular for her bespoke training platform The Hybrid Performance Method.

The Hybrid Performance Method distinguishes itself from the market of online fitness programs through the level of support, planning, and performance tracking it provides.

Users are given the chance to work with a proven fitness expert- one that is not just well-versed in theory- but also proven in practice, oftentimes being a world champion athlete such as Stefi herself.

The Hybrid Performance Method creates personalized fitness programs and methods to help individuals attain their respective fitness milestones, supported in parallel by the nutritional expertise of Hayden Bowe, Cohen’s partner.

Bowe is integral in The Hybrid Performance Method, providing a vast array of nutritional resources to supplement a subscriber’s path to reaching their fitness goals. The nutritional resources can be found at www.hybridperformancemethod.com/nutrition.

To learn more, please visit www.hybridperformancemethod.com

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