The Bond Shared Between Two Sisters Sparked A Revolution For Women In Business

From inconceivable to limitless, Rebecca Perez is one woman transforming the business landscape for women. Founder of GOSS Magazine, Perez turned her pain into power with the help of her younger sister, Victoria. Now, she is leading women to take their life by the reins and guide it down the right path.

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It’s no secret that men dominate much of the business industry, but over the past few years, women have begun to take charge.

Women entrepreneurs are breaking into male-dominated spaces creating diverse workforces, positive work environments, and successful companies. 42% of all businesses in the US are owned by women and it is estimated that 849 new women-owned businesses open every day.

It’s a whole new world, and women are taking the lead, but there is still a need for support and a sense of community. All women are more than entitled to equal rights in every area of life, and with encouragement from other women, they are even more powerful and unstoppable.

“We are here to shine together, and we need each other to do so. Women need to join forces instead of creating barriers against each other,” says Rebecca Perez, a woman who saw the need for female empowerment and mentorship in society. The creator behind GOSS Magazine, strong, independent, and dedicated are only a few words that describe Perez, and after years of hard work and commitment, built a brand made by women forwomen.

“You are meant to create and be a creator! Don’t settle in life, in relationships, or in a career that does not light your soul on fire,” the female powerhouse encourages, as seen in New York Today, and has taken it upon herself to uplift and motivate as many women as possible.

Rebecca Perez is the founder of GOSS Club and GOSS Magazine, and the author of her soon-to-be-released book 101 Ways to #BeGOSSY and memoir, Be. As one of the few woman-owned and operated magazine publications, GOSS Magazine is trailblazing a path for women in business. The magazine is a platform and movement meant to inspire and empower women in business and features powerhouses from the medical, aviation, arts, music, coaching, legal, and business mentorship fields.

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From their print monthly issues, distributed all over North America to their digital E-Magazine distributed all over the world, Perez and GOSS Magazine’s aim is to educate, connect, and bring women together so they can find their passions to shine bright and impact other women around them.

But the success Perez achieved wasn’t an easy journey, and before she found herself and her purpose, she was thrown into an arduous situation.

At the young age of 19, Perez was left alone to raise her 13-year-old sister. “I became my sister’s guardian and had to learn how to parent at a young age,” she shares. “I wanted to do good for her,” Perez continues, and it opened her eyes to all the other young women out there who are without female mentors.

Taking on the role of a parent and all the responsibilities that come with it allowed her to develop grit and resilience but also illuminated in her the importance of having a mentor lead you in the right direction.

From a place of loss and sadness, Perez fought her way to the top, fuelled by the bond shared with her younger sister, and chose to lead her life by example.

“The moments of struggle shaped me as a woman and made me want to be a better person,” Perez explains, and out of the relationship gained between her and her sister, GOSS, embodying female mentorship and empowerment, was born.

“My why is so big and I never want to see any girl go through that struggle and I want women to feel safe and independent, especially when it comes to financial freedom,” says Perez, who wasn’t afforded the luxury of a well-off upbringing, especially during her parenting years.

Rather than succumbing to her circumstance and neglecting the role she undertook, Perez used the pain of rejection from her parents as motivation to create a better life and inspire other women to rise from the ashes. She knows what it’s like to feel stuck and even hopeless which is why she is so passionate about helping women follow in her steps.

“I’ve done a lot of healing and I felt like this healing that I’ve done needs to be shared so others can heal with me and find themselves,” Perez shares. Another door is always available and it’s up to you to reach out and make a change.

Referencing Matthew McConaughey’s 2014 Oscar speech – and no, not for his looks – Perez instills a message to the readers: “The person I look up to is me in 10 years and I’ll never catch up to that person, but it keeps me motivated to wake up each morning.”

Living by this motto, she constantly strives to overachieve and set unrealistic dreams because even if she doesn’t reach them all, she’ll accomplish at least one.

Inspiring and empowering women worldwide, Rebecca Perez invites you to join forces and become part of her inclusive club.

Awaken your female leader and empower other women to do the same by visiting GOSS Magazine’s website today to become a member.

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