There’s still a stigma that comes from using weed. It’s frustrating to deal with the scrutiny from establishments and individuals who continue to believe in reefer madness, especially when it comes to your work.

Receiving a positive drug test score could end up giving you negative marks on the job. When you consider that these tests sometimes happen by surprise, you won’t have time to go on a detox to get rid of all those cannabinoid traces in your body.

That’s why we provide a list of the best solutions to passing that drug test short of an honest-to-goodness detox: synthetic urine kits! Here, you’ll find products from top brands selling this invaluable liquid to people who need a little bit of help sticking it to the man!

First Look at the Best Synthetic Urine Kits

  1. Perfect fake pee kit for practice – Clear Choice Practice Kit
    2. Best synthetic urine kit overall – Clear Choice Incognito Belt
    3. Best synthetic pee formula – Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine
    4. Best delivery system for synthetic pee – Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine Belt
    5. Great synthetic urine secret storage – Stash Undies
    6. Great DIY synthetic urine option – Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit
    7. Complete synthetic urine kit – The Urinator Powdered Urine
    8. Easy concealment for fake pee – Stash Leg Strap
    9. Perfect spare pack for synthetic pee – Quick Fix 6.2 Urine
    10. Most advanced synthetic urine package – Quick Fix Plus Kit
    11. Most convenient synthetic urine kit – Quick Luck Premixed Synthetic Urine

11 Best Synthetic Urine Kits

Below you’ll find the top products for making sure that test comes back negative.

1. Clear Choice Practice Kit – Perfect Fake Pee Kit for Practice


  • Great option for practice
  • Comes with nice containers
  • Easy applicator spouts
  • Good choice for newbies


  • Synthetic pee formula sold separately
  • Somewhat expensive

The Clear Choice Practice Kit is the perfect companion for people who have just gotten acquainted with the idea of using fake pee to pass their drug test. Since the urine’s temperature is one of the most important things to consider when using synthetic pee, Clear Choice gives you a package that lets you practice how to get the right heat for your liquid.

That’s because no matter how believable the contents of your fake pee are or how musky it might be, one of the first things that lab techs notice when checking your pee is, of course, the temperature: it should be slightly higher or just the same as a human body’s.

This kit comes with handy bottles with applicator spouts, which you can definitely use when you’re ready for the real test, along with heating pads and heating powders to bring your fake pee to the right temperature. That way, you get the option of choosing which heating method you’re most comfortable with.

The only problem here is that the whole ordeal gets pricey when you find that the package does not contain any powdered fake pee or premixed formulas; those are sold separately. On the bright side, this practice kit isn’t exclusively compatible with Clear Choice products, so you can use other brands to practice with.

2. Clear Choice Incognito Belt – Best Synthetic Urine Kit Overall


  • Heat source included
  • Very convenient fake pee kit
  • Great consistency and correct pH levels
  • Has compounds you find in real pee
  • Fake urine is premixed


  • Relatively more expensive than others
  • Fake pee expires easily

If you love getting baked and don’t have the time to scour the marketplace for every little thing you’ll need to properly use a fake pee kit, then you should definitely go with Clear Choice and their Incognito Belt pack.

That’s because this is arguably the best synthetic pee kit right now, as it provides you with both the formula and the equipment with which to use it. The CCIB is also an impressive brand that makes fake pee at an almost 100 percent accuracy rate.

The product contains creatinine, uric acid, urea, and everything in between that you’d find in human urine; there’s great consistency, gravity, and a correct pH balance to CCIB’s synthetic urine; and it all comes premixed too.

If you’re worried about having to keep that fake liquid’s temp believable, set those feelings aside: the CCIB is made from a formula that contains self-regulating heat, which is activated when the liquid is released from its bag by way of removing a clip from its spout.

3. Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine – Best Synthetic Pee Formula


  • Amazing consistency
  • Premixed formula
  • Has organic urine chemicals
  • Heat source is included
  • Price is reasonable


  • Solution expires easily

Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine is another wonderful fake pee option. Even better, this is the kind of synthetic urine kit that’s made for both men and women, so anyone can pretty much use it for their drug test.

Some brands stick with a generic formula that might have the lab technicians catching on to you, but SSU’s formula makes sure that their fake pee is believable, regardless of what chromosomes you have.

The company did a fine job in coming up with fake urine without the use of any non-organic ingredients, too, since this is a 100 percent natural solution. This gives their product an all the more believable layer to it, since real pee is all-natural as well. And much like the real thing, chemical compounds like uric acid and urea can be found in it.

SSU’s fake pee kit also arrives with useful—not to mention user-friendly—equipment to help you make the most convincing cup of (fake) pee at the lab. It comes with a pouch that serves as its applicator, and the formula itself has self-regulating heat that activates once you release the liquid from its container.

However, there’s one thing that makes SSU’s lab-made pee short of perfect: it expires easily, much like all other premixed synthetic urine out there. As such, you can’t stock this in your medicine cabinet for long periods.

4. Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine Belt – Best Delivery System for Synthetic Pee


  • Heat source is included
  • Comes with a durable vinyl bag
  • Medical-grade syringe included in package
  • Belt strap is adjustable


  • No synthetic urine included

One of the most common ways to deliver your synthetic urine to that drug test cup is with the use of a urine belt, and Monkey Whizz provides you with one of the best options to use here.

Their synthetic pee belt comes with everything you need—sans the fake pee itself, which is sold separately—to squeeze out that golden juice during your test.

And the best part? You won’t have to spend more on this handy, concealable device than you would if you opted for something more “advanced” like a whizzinator. The Monkey Whizz Urine Belt shows us that, yeah, sometimes a little old-fashioned is all you need.

So, if you decide to get this fake pee tool, then you should know that you’re not just buying something disposable; this is more of an investment that you can stash away for use on other upcoming drug tests.

The belt itself can accommodate waist lines of up to 52 inches, so don’t be afraid to give into your munchies when you’re tripping balls. It’s also got a vinyl bag that’s durable enough to stand wear and tear for a long time and small enough to be concealable. The package comes with heating pads, too.

5. Stash Undies – Great Synthetic Urine Secret Storage


  • Comes in different sizes
  • Concealable stash pocket stitching
  • Design is comfortable overall


  • Doesn’t come with fake pee solution
  • Pocket space is limited
  • No fake pee applicator included

Stash Undies brings the concealment game to the world of fake pee by giving you a pair of undies that have the primary function of hiding your synthetic urine.

These unmentionables contain nicely stitched compartments that need no zipper or buttons to access: it’s all fabric and elastic bands, which makes it very easy to store and pull out your fake urine when it’s time to whizz into that cup.

Even better, you can go as far as using the Stash Undies’ secret pockets to hide your other valuables, from cash to passports, and even a blunt or two.

However, you should know that these undies don’t come with any other accessories or tools, much less the fake pee itself. Those are all sold separately, and you’re going to definitely need a fake pee bottle and applicator spout to properly use the Stash Undies.

6. Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit – Great DIY Synthetic Urine Option


  • Heating strip is included
  • pH levels are perfect
  • Contains natural urine compounds
  • Price is reasonable
  • Doesn’t expire easily


  • Not suitable for fake pee newbies
  • Needs prep before use

The Test Clear Powdered Urine Kit is a nice, affordable option if you need to get clear results in your drug test without having to break the bank.

This brand features everything that you’d expect from a good fake pee formula: it’s got pH levels that are the same as natural pee, the consistency and gravity of the liquid are spot-on, and it features natural pee compounds like urea and uric acid, among others. The package comes with its own heating strip too.

Sure, this kit isn’t premixed, which means it’s up to you to prepare the solution. However, the company provides you with a great instruction manual for your powdered urine pack to make sure you get the mix just right. All you have to do is follow each step to ensure you get the best results possible.

7. The Urinator Powdered Urine – A Complete Synthetic Urine Kit


  • Reusable applicator is convenient
  • Formula has self-regulating heating properties
  • Has extra temp sheets to check pee


  • A pricey synthetic urine kit
  • Fake pee comes in powder form
  • Not exactly made for newbies

The Urinator Powdered Urine kit is one of the handiest fake pee packs you can find in the market today. That’s thanks to the fact that this kit contains a reusable applicator, which means you just need one to use for all of your future drug test needs.

Additionally, this brand puts an emphasis on keeping your fake pee’s temperature at optimal believability—meaning it’s just slightly higher than the human body’s—using a self-regulating formula in their solution.

This is especially useful if you don’t want the trouble of having to use heat strips or heating pads in order to get the temp right, like you’re some kind of urinal chef. The synthetic pee itself does everything for you.

And just to be sure, the company is generous enough to add a couple of temp strips, anyway, so you can check your fake liquid’s heat—or lack thereof— before you’re handed that dreaded cup at the lab.

Now, the price might seem high at first glance, compared to other brands out there, but when you look at the whole picture: the fact that you’re getting a reusable applicator, an automatic heating system, and some temp strips, you’re going to realize it’s actually a bargain.

Yes, the fake urine doesn’t come premixed, which might turn off all of the newbies out there. But the Urinator has detailed instructions to guide you all the way and make sure you ace that drug test.

8. Stash Leg Strap – Convenient and Easy Concealment for Fake Pee


  • Design is easy to conceal
  • Sown with adjustable bands
  • Great for long-term use
  • Durable construction overall


  • Doesn’t include fake piss
  • Might slip from leg
  • No other equipment included

Feel like a sexy undercover agent, even if you’re just a pudgy stoner who’s about to pass your drug test with the help of the Stash Leg Strap. This is one of the most convenient ways to sneak fake pee into the lab, as it doesn’t require numerous nooks and crannies to wear.

It’s a leg strap that uses Velcro and is constructed with neoprene: a lightweight, durable, and stretchable material. As such, you can easily wear this leg strap for extended periods, not to mention it’s durable enough to use for a long time.

However, neoprene tends to slip when wet, so be wary of that when you use this to hide your fake urine. And the package doesn’t have any actual fake whizz in it, so you’re going to have to buy that on your own.

9. Quick Fix 6.2 Urine – Perfect Spare Pack for Synthetic Pee


  • Comes as premixed solution
  • Has natural urine compounds
  • Accurate consistency and gravity
  • Comes with an extra pack of fake pee


  • Applicator isn’t included
  • Fake pee expires easily
  • No heat source included

Quick Fix 6.2 Urine understands that emergencies might happen, so they included an extra pack of fake pee with every purchase of this kit. You’re pretty much getting two for the price of one. So, this is a deal you can get if you want to practice how to fake pee into a cup.

The synthetic urine itself is nicely made: it’s a solution with the right pH levels, consistency, and gravity. And the chemical compounds found in natural piss are all right there, like urea, creatinine, and uric acid. However, Quick Fix didn’t include any other tool aside from the bottle that your fake pee comes with.

As such, you need to buy your own applicator for it, as well as your own heating source, which might be a bit of a hassle if this is your first time using fake pee to pass a drug test. Additionally, Quick Fix 6.2 suffers from the same problem as all other premixed synthetic urines out there: it doesn’t have a long shelf life.

10. Quick Fix Plus Kit – Most Advanced Synthetic Urine Package


  • Comes with whizzinator tool
  • Heat source is in the package
  • A reusable fake pee tool
  • The whizzinator is nicely designed


  • Much pricier than other brands
  • Whizzinator not entirely anatomically correct

The Quick Fix Plus Kit is the perfect companion for people who need that extra bit of detail in order to pass their drug test in as convincing a manner as possible.

This fake pee kit contains one of the latest methods on how you can get that fake golden wee into your drug test cup. It comes in the form of a sculpted penis made from silicone, which serves as the applicator of your fake urine.

It’s also not just all for looks, as the whizzinator is able to closely emulate even the urine flow from an actual penis. Plus, it’s available in different skin tones to make it blend seamlessly with your own.

As far as the fake pee is concerned, it’s more than decent: right consistency, pH levels, and chemical compounds. The heating system comes in the form of hand warmers, and the kit comes with temp strips to check your synthetic urine’s heat.

Of course, Quick Fix doesn’t leave you hanging if you’re new to their products, especially the whizzinator. They’ve included detailed instructions on how to use, and prepare, your fake pee.

11. Quick Luck Premixed Synthetic Urine – Most Convenient Synthetic Urine Kit


  • Premixed upon purchase
  • Comes with heat source
  • Perfect consistency and pH balance
  • Has natural pee compounds


  • Short shelf life

Quick Luck is one of the best options if you need a trusty kit of synthetic pee that’s worth every penny. This particular brand offers what you’d expect from a proper fake pee kit, but at a far more affordable price than its competitors in the market.

And you’re not just getting a solution or powder here. You receive a whole package to get you ready for that drug test. Not only does it come with its own bottle, but Quick Luck is generous enough to include a long-lasting heating pad that can keep your fake urine at the right temperature for 12 hours.

The synthetic pee itself is very believable, as it contains the correct gravity, consistency, and pH balance of the real thing. It has the natural chemical compounds found in urine like creatinine, and urea.

However, the only flaw you’ll find on QL’s synthetic pee is, much like other premixed solutions out there, this one expires relatively quickly. So, you can’t really stockpile this for drug tests that might pop up months or years down the line.

Best Synthetic Urine Kits FAQs

Gain some peace of mind with a few remaining answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about synthetic pee.

What Is Fake Urine Made Of?

Fake urine, or synthetic urine, is a product that’s especially designed to resemble real pee. It’s made of components that are nearly the same as its natural counterpart, but without any additional contaminants (like cannabinoids or THC particles).

It’s made mostly from water, just like real pee, but with natural urine compounds added—such as urea and uric acid. Additionally, manufacturers of fake pee make sure that the consistency, gravity, pH levels, and aroma are the same as real urine.

How Do I Use Synthetic Urine?

There are numerous ways to transfer fake urine from its container and into the drug test cup at the lab. Perhaps the most common is with the use of a urine belt, which usually comes with a bag/pouch where the synthetic urine is stored, and a tube you use to “pee” into your cup.

Others do away with all the equipment and just secretly pour their fake urine from a concealed bottle, which is sometimes hidden inside a leg strap. Then, there are people who prefer to use more advanced tools like whizzinators to make sure that they look as believable as possible.

How Effective Is Fake Pee?

For the most part, fake urine is effective in helping you pass your drug test, since you’re pretty much pouring something into that cup containing nearly the same ingredients (minus the THC and weed compounds) as real pee.

However, keep in mind that synthetic urine loses its efficacy if it’s expired (when you’re using a premixed solution) or if you don’t follow the instructions on how to prepare it properly (if you’re using a fake pee powder).

Additionally, you also have to make sure that no one catches you using fake pee at your drug test. Otherwise, all that synthetic urine would have been for nothing!

How Do I Pass a Drug Test Using Synthetic Pee?

If you’re planning on using synthetic urine to pass your drug test, then you should know that the whole endeavor requires that you possess a certain degree of skill in espionage. You’re not exactly doing something “acceptable” here, so you need to keep things on the DL.

Remember these tips when you’re planning on using fake pee for your test:

  1. Make sure to have the right equipment

Having a bottle of fake pee is just the first step; you’re also going to need the right tools to help you deliver that golden liquid into that cup without getting caught by the lab technician or security guard! For this, you can choose a variety of products, such as urine belts, leg straps, whizzinators, and even underwear designed to hide fake urine.

  1. Prepare your (fake) pee

There are two primary kinds of synthetic urine in the market: premixed and powdered ones. If you’re going with a premixed fake pee solution, make sure that it’s not expired. If you’re going with a powdered option, then be certain that each and every preparation step is followed rigidly. The slightest deviation could render your synthetic liquid useless.

  1. Get the right temperature

A lot of fake urine kits out there include heating systems, which range from hand warmers to self-regulating heating elements in the fake urine itself. Regardless of whatever heating method you’re using, make sure that it’s the right temperature before you pour it into that cup (89 to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

Using fake pee to serve as your drug test sample requires a certain degree of skill and secrecy. After all, let’s just say that what you’re doing isn’t exactly “playing by the rules”. Keep these tips in mind when you’re about to use fake pee in your drug test.

Best Synthetic Urine Kits Conclusion

Now that we’ve given you the best options when it comes to synthetic urine kits, all that’s left is choosing which method is most suited for you. Perhaps you’re the kind who likes to keep things straight and simple, in which case we highly recommend a leg strap.

Or maybe you’re the type who likes to keep things traditional with the help of a trusty urine belt. Even still, maybe you want to go all out and try a whizzinator for your drug test.

In any case, these are some of the most readily available and effective ways to make sure that you don’t fail that drug test, without having to undergo a time-consuming detox.

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