Just in time for Green Wednesday and the gifting season, Lowell Herb Co. has announced their newest product, the best paperless pre-roll:  The Hash Wrap. This limited edition roll up is all natural and made exclusively with Lowell Farms’ premium flower.

This launch of the all new Hash Wrap further proves Lowell’s dominance within the cannabis industry. Potent, pure and principled, the highs provided by Lowell and their new best paperless pre-roll leave you feeling good inside and out. 

Lauded as a leader within the cannabis industry, Lowell’s commitment to earth-friendly cannabis is paramount. It comes as no surprise that what many are calling the best paperless pre-roll, The Hash Wrap, is made from 1 gram of smokeable fresh-pressed ice-water bubble hash that encapsulates .8 grams of premium, single-strain whole flower. The paperless pre-roll also includes an extra .2 grams of cannabis wrap, which sits on the smoke’s glass tip. The extra .2 grams of hash is at no additional cost and aligns with Lowell’s philosophy of sharing and generosity with customers.  You deserve more!

Available now for delivery via Lowell Direct, as well as fine Lowell retailers across California, the limited-edition Hash Wrap boasts an impressive 48.82%+ THC content (compared to the ~20% industry THC standard for pre-rolls), as well as an even burn throughout. 

Free of solvents and additives, the strain-specific Hash Wrap is complete with a unique, reusable glass tip that facilitates a smooth draw with every inhale. 

Lowell Herb Co. is one of the fastest-growing, most talked about cannabis brands in North America. From the pure, paperless pre-roll to the well-known Lowell Smokes, Lowell has elevated cannabis consumption for their consumers. With flower sourced from Lowell Farms, their California-based vertically-integrated company, the Lowell team grows artisan craft cannabis with a deep love and respect for the plant. Lowell Farms prides itself on using sustainable materials, from seed to sale.

If you love a sunny high and want to support responsible and sustainable focused cannabis farming at the same time, Lowell’s Hash Wraps are for you. As is with all good things, however, they won’t last forever. A limited release, stock up on these dynamite puffs while you can! 

Check out their video here! 


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