It can be rewarding to put time and effort into a blog. But when your hard work goes unnoticed and your readership is low, it can feel disheartening. 

Here’s the good news: 

There are plenty of ways to increase your blog readership. 

Using social media is one of the best tactics to promote your blog. Instagram can be useful for bloggers if you understand how to use it successfully

When you post on Instagram, don’t overlook the hashtag’s importance to draw in readers and connect with communities online. Use hashtags to help grow your Instagram audience, which can help your blog become more popular.

It’s worthwhile to spend time increasing your followers, whether organically or through services like, which lets you buy real Instagram followers. Hashtags help attract new followers and engage the followers you already have. 

If you learn the best Instagram hashtags to use, you can expand your blog’s following and your online presence. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How hashtags help your blog 
  • The hashtags every blogger should use
  • The best Instagram hashtags for specific bloggers 
  • How to use hashtags to grow your following
  • Why you should buy Instagram followers with

How Instagram Hashtags Help Your Blog

Hashtags are important for everyone on Instagram. But anyone who wants to draw attention to their product or their blog needs to be easy to find. 

If someone wants to find a makeup tutorial using drugstore products, they can connect with the exact content they want by searching those hashtags. Plus, those users are more likely to convert to subscribers or customers. 



Instagram is built perfectly for certain types of bloggers, like fashion, photography, or travel bloggers. Others might use it as a tool to get people to a written blog or to read their recipes. But any kind of blogger can use Instagram and hashtags to find new followers

Hashtags All Bloggers Need to Use

The best Instagram hashtag depends on your content. A food blogger won’t benefit if they tag #TravelDiaries, and a travel blogger won’t necessarily gain followers with #foodporn. But there are certain types of hashtags all bloggers should use in their posts. 

General Blogging Hashtags

Most people love to read blogs. While #blog or #blogger is a general hashtag to use, it can still attract readers looking for new content. You can also use other popular hashtags like:

  • #NewBlogPost
  • #MondayBlogs
  • #BloggerLife
  • #Blogging

Hashtags for Your Blog’s Niche

It can be easy to overlook, but remember to tag the type of blogger you are, like #mommyblogger or #fitnessblogger. Some hashtags shorten the phrase like #bbloggers for beauty and #lbloggers for lifestyle.  

Don’t forget to use related words to the topic you blog about, like #homedecor or #furniture for a design blog or #mascara or #makeupselfie for a beauty blog. 

Hashtags for Your Brand

It’s good practice to make sure your Instagram post can stand alone. 

If someone searches for #DIY and stumble upon your post, having branded hashtags can help them get to know you. It strengthens your branding and makes your post more memorable. 

Subject Matter Hashtags

Remember to tag your blog post’s subject matter, whether it’s a fashion brand, type of food, an exercise, or location. 

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Also, take the time to research the audience that will enjoy your blog and the hashtags they use. If you wrote a music review of Taylor Swift’s new album, you could get more readers if you use #Swifties to alert her fans to your post. 

Best Instagram Hashtags for Certain Bloggers

Each blogging community has its own group of hashtags that bloggers should know. While unique and creative hashtags can be fun to add to posts, make sure to use hashtags that already have a following to help you connect with people. 

Here are some of the popular hashtags for bloggers:  

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Fashion Blogger Hashtags 

  • #FashionInsta
  • #FashionGram
  • #StyleInspiration
  • #FashionDaily
  • #FashionAddict
  • #FashionInspo
  • #OutfitOfTheDay (#OOTD)
  • #GetTheLook
  • #StyleDiary

Beauty Blogger Hashtags 

  • #WakeupAndMakeup
  • #MakeupTutorial
  • #Skincare
  • #MakeupArtist
  • #MakeupAddict
  • #BeautyGuru
  • #MakeupByMe
  • #Instabeauty
  • #BeautyBasics
  • #PersonalCare

Fitness Blogger Hashtags 

  • #Fitspo
  • #HealthyLifestyles
  • #FitFam
  • #FitnessGoals
  • #TrainHard
  • #NoPainNoGain
  • #GetStrong
  • #FitnessFreaks
  • #Workout
  • #CardioDay

Food Blogger Hashtags

  • #Food
  • #Foodie
  • #FoodPorn 
  • #NomNom
  • #Foodgasm
  • #EatingForTheInsta
  • #Recipe
  • #EatWell
  • #Yum
  • #FoodLovers

Travel Blogger Hashtags

  • #TravelDiaries
  • #Adventure
  • #WellTraveled
  • #InstaTravelling
  • #TravelAndLife
  • #Wanderlust
  • #BestPlacesToGo
  • #NomadicLife
  • #RoamTheWorld
  • #TravellingTheWorld

Photo Blogger Hashtags

  • #PhotoOfTheDay (#POD)
  • #Photog
  • #Camera
  • #Portrait 
  • #ShootingDay
  • #JustGoShoot
  • #Photoshoot
  • #StreetPhotography
  • #Capture
  • #Snapshot

Writing Blogger Hashtags

  • #WritersOfInstagram
  • #Instapoetry
  • #WriterLife
  • #CreativeWriting
  • #WritersCommunity
  • #Prose
  • #ThousandWords
  • #Authors
  • #WordPorn
  • #WritersNetwork

Mommy Blogger Hashtags

  • #MomsOfInstagram
  • #Motherhood
  • #MommyLife
  • #Momtog
  • #KidsFashion
  • #LifeWithKids
  • #LetTheKids
  • #MommyGoals
  • #Mompreneur
  • #MomStyle

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Using Hashtags to Grow Your Blog Following

Hashtags can also be an active way for you to find readers. Instead of expecting people to use hashtags to find you, you can scout through hashtags and find potential followers who might be interested in your blog. 

You can also find other similar blogs or accounts that you can use to cultivate relationships and create partnerships. 

Strategically use hashtags to help grow your audience, which will then drive more traffic to your blog. But if you still struggle to build your Instagram presence, it can help to buy Instagram followers

Why Bloggers Should Buy Instagram Followers With

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Final Thoughts: The Best Instagram Hashtags for #Bloggers

Hashtags help users find you on Instagram. If you leave hashtags off a post, you could miss out on connections and conversions. 

Use the popular hashtags for your type of blogging. Don’t forget to tag the subjects you talk about, the niche your blog fits, your brand, and other general blogging hashtags so people can find you. 

By using the best Instagram hashtags for your blog, you can grow your audience. 

Are you ready to boost your Instagram following? Check out’s various packages now.

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