The Best Hemp Flower For Fatigue? — A Review Of The Lifter CBD Strain

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Most people in the cannabis market know that some strains have an “energizing” influence on users. Colloquially called “wake & bake” hybrids, these flowers typically have strong sativa genetics that give people a sense of euphoria. However, since marijuana strains have elevated traces of delta-9 THC, these sativas could also induce severe paranoia.

Thankfully, a few CBD-rich hemp flowers offer subtler sativa effects without the risk of a THC-induced reaction. Case and point: Lifter has become a celebrated CBD sativa in the current hemp market. People interested in smoking or vaping hemp strains that have “uplifting” properties should take a closer look at what Lifter has to offer.

What Are The Basics Of The Lifter Hemp Strain?

There’s a lot of speculation surrounding why cultivators chose the name “Lifter,” but few people doubt where this strain originated. According to reputable reports, the famed Oregon CBD farm developed Lifter by crossing the legendary Early Resin Berry with the sativa-forward Suver Haze. The combination of these genetics gives Lifter a sativa-edge and CBD concentrations in the 20 percent range.

As a hemp hybrid, Lifter should always have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. However, customers shouldn’t assume their Lifter nugs have the legal amount of THC without a proper third-party lab test.

What Does Lifter Smell & Taste Like?

Lifter’s scent is strongly associated with this citrus-forward terpene limonene. In addition to bright lemon, limonene often gives strains a gassy and industrial edge, similar to cultivars like Sour Diesel. Many people notice sweet, sharp, and sour notes when smelling and smoking Lifter hemp flowers.

However, Lifter isn’t all about limonene. Indeed, many people who enjoy the Lifter strain claim it has some skunky and cheesy aromas. These extra flavors may be due to the presence of one of the most common cannabis terpenes: myrcene.

As users gain more experience with Lifter, they may pick up grassy and earthy notes in the background. However, the most pronounced flavors of Lifter are pungent, so smokers should expect a powerful sour experience.

How Does The Lifter Strain Make Users Feel?

Yes, Lifter is a sativa-forward hybrid, but that doesn’t mean it will induce psychedelic effects or intense lightheadedness. Unlike THC-heavy sativa strains, Lifter should have ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC. The ~ 20 percent CBD content usually provides a clear-headed burst of energy that rarely induces jitters, tremors, or paranoia. The extra presence of limonene also promotes Lifter’s “pick-me-up” effects.

While Lifter won’t be the same as chugging a caffeine shot, it usually promotes a subtle increase in attention and focus during the day. It’s rare for people to take the Lifter strain before bed, but everyone reacts to hemp strains differently. If you’ve never tried Lifter before, it’s best to take it earlier in the day when you don’t have to work. This first session will help you determine how Lifter alters your mood.

Don’t Light Your Lifter Till You See Lab Reports!

Now that Lifter has become a highly desirable hemp strain, many farmers are putting out their rendition of this CBD hybrid. However, CBD customers must remember that hemp flowers can easily absorb heavy metals from the ground. If cultivators aren’t skilled at producing safe CBD-rich hemp, they probably won’t grow high-quality Lifter nugs.

Always request third-party lab results before ordering a popular hemp strain like Lifter. These findings will help you determine how potent your CBD brand’s flowers are and whether they’re free from pesticides and toxins.

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