The Best Growth Factor Serums to Achieve a Brighter, Rejuvenated Skin!

Skin care has become one of the most vital trends worldwide. Thanks to all the skin care or skin rejuvenation products on the market, people of all ages are now able to achieve proper skin repair processes and avoid wrinkles, dark spots, and other aesthetic details.

However, keep in mind that promoting healthy skin cells doesn’t only provide aesthetic results. Even if you have sensitive skin, promoting collagen production and growth factors can quickly help you get your skin to its best state yet!

One of the most excellent products to deal with damaged skin and promote collagen synthesis is growth factor serums. Overall, natural or synthetic growth factors have proven to promote the production of healthier human cells, which promote collagen production. This ensures more elasticity, brightness, and better skin texture.

If you’re entering the skin care world today, you may be wondering how growth factors work. The following article will cover how growth factor products can help your skin rejuvenation process. Moreover, we’ll give you a short list of the best growth factor serum products you can purchase today to achieve the skin of your dreams!

What Are Growth Factors?

First, let’s go over growth factors themselves. To put it simply, a “growth factor” is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies. It helps to promote wound healing, cell proliferation, and cellular differentiation.

Growth factors are also considered a subset of cytokines, which are a category of small proteins that control the activity of your immune system’s cells and blood cells. Overall, a growth factor can stimulate your cells through autocrine, endocrine, or paracrine processes.

Some of the cells that growth factors promote include collagen and elastin, which are structural proteins; these proteins are some of the ones responsible for making your skin barrier stronger and healthier.

In essence, growth factors can help stimulate cell regeneration processes that help with signs of aging, such as wrinkles. However, as people grow older, the body doesn’t secrete growth factors as before. In other words, the natural production of collagen decreases, causing sagging, thinness, fine lines, and more.

How can you stimulate the production of the growth factor? Thanks to Rita Levi-Montalcini, the growth factor was discovered. Although growth factors were a confusing topic back then, there’s now a lot of research on them, and therefore, several growth factor serums for you to enjoy.

Epidermal Growth Factor vs. Fibroblast Growth Factor and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor


It’s vital to note that not all growth factors are the same. the most commonly known growth factor is the epidermal growth factor (EGF). Epidermal growth factors enhance osteogenic differentiation, which can help to smooth out your skin. On the other hand, the fibroblast growth factor and the vascular endothelial growth factor work to stimulate blood vessel differentiation.

When you review growth factor serums, you’ll notice these ingredients more commonly. However, that doesn’t mean those are the only growth factors working on you. There are dozens of growth factors, including the polyamine growth factor, that happen naturally in your body. Thanks to the use of a topical growth factor, you may promote better stimulating of these proteins.

How Do Topical Growth Factors Work?

growth factor serums

Some time ago, people used retinol for their skin care routine. While retinol has proven to be a great option to rejuvenate your skin, it can also cause some problems with your skin barrier. Overall, we don’t recommend retinol for those who have sensitive skin since improper use of this ingredient can cause it to disrupt your skin barrier, leading to irritation.

Thankfully, growth factors are a much better skin care alternative that will help with your cell turnover by stimulating collagen production even in sensitive skin types, allowing you to achieve younger-looking skin.

The way the growth factor skin care products work is simple enough. Once you apply the anti-aging serum topically, the ingredients will prompt your body cells to produce the growth factors responsible for making your skin more elastic and firm. Those with mature skin can greatly benefit from these products since the older a person gets, the harder it becomes for the body to produce most growth factors naturally.

People with acne scars can also benefit from growth factor skin care products since they help fight inflammation, and by promoting cell turnover, they can make these scars less visible. According to Dr. Hadley King, a board-certified dermatologist, certain growth factors can help with skin thickness and texture. Those who have problems with their skin’s texture due to retinol usage may benefit from including a growth factor in their skincare routine.

What Growth Factor Types Are Available?

Interestingly enough, a growth factor product may have different sources. Some growth factors, for example, come from humans, animals, or plants. According to several medical experts, human growth factors have proven to be the most effective; these are made from human stem cells. However, some people don’t like the idea of applying human stem cells to their bodies. In those cases, they may opt for plant-based growth factors.

Overall, the same happens with products with animal cells. Not everyone wants to use growth factors with animal stem cells, so in those cases, pytho products are the way to go.

The problem with using a plant-based EGF serum is that, according to experts, it doesn’t stimulate the growth of in vivo cells in the same way as human growth factors do. However, these are still viable. In fact, one of the things that make plant-based products better than others is that, since they’re produced synthetically, it’s easier to predict the effect of these products on your skin.

In conclusion, those who ask “Are growth factors safe?” can rest assured that most of them are. However, if you want to be 100% sure that you’re using something safe for your skin, you must make sure you go online for the best growth factor serums on the market today.

Can You Use a Growth Factor Product Combined with Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatments?

Platelet-rich plasma has recently become a trend among those who want to include natural ingredients in their anti-aging regimen. Overall, it involves getting your own blood drawn out and then centrifuging it. This treatment has proven to be effective for smoothing your texture and dealing with acne scars. However, keep in mind that it can also leave your skin inflamed for a considerable time.

You can combine this treatment with a growth factor serum. Overall, you can apply it when you get home to maximize the effects of your treatment and reduce the healing time. Those with sensitive skin types may greatly benefit from this combination.

How Can You Incorporate Growth Factor Serums in Your Regime?

One of the best things about growth factors found on the market is that they’re fairly easy to incorporate into your skin care routine. Moreover, some of these products also come with extra features like hyaluronic acid, which helps promote cellular growth and skin brightness.

To apply a serum to your skin, you can simply get a few drops of the product and apply it to damp skin. Then, you must wait a few minutes to let the product get absorbed by your skin. If you want, you can apply a moisturizer right after you’re finished with the treatment.

Some people like to combine growth factor serums and retinol to promote better results. You can use that combination to penetrate your skin’s outer layers much more efficiently. In case you want to go for this process, you may wait from five to 10 minutes between each application so that you don’t irritate your skin.

You may also add a bit of Vitamin C to that combination to make things even better! As long as you review all your products and create a good regime, your skin will be looking as bright and healthy as ever.

Best Growth Factor Serums on the Market

There are hundreds of different serums you can choose from right now, so it can get a bit overwhelming to get to one that will cater to your needs. We want to help you get the smoothest and healthiest face skin possible, so we did the groundwork for you and came up with the best three serums you can currently purchase.

Make sure to review each product carefully to determine whether it’s a good fit for you or not.

Top Rated:  Delfogo Rx Youth Elixir HGF Serum

hgf youth

This serum has everything you need to achieve prompt and efficient skin rejuvenation. If you’re someone with sensitive skin, then this product is great news for you!

Overall, this serum combines human growth factors and thymulen 4, which help with epidermal regeneration and the promotion of better immune defenses for your skin. To top it all off, this serum was reinforced with green seaweed, red seaweed, and hyaluronic acid, which help promote better elastin levels; therefore, making your skin look more firm.

If you want to take things an extra step further, you can pair this treatment with a plasma pen or micro-needling derma roller. Overall, the Youth Elixir HGF serum has proven to be an excellent product for making your skin appear younger without irritating it in any way.

Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, you can greatly benefit from what this product has to offer since it applies to any skin type. You can read more about this product here.

SkinPro Medical Grade PRP Growth Factor

If you want to enjoy the benefits that PRP has to offer, this product may be the one for you. Overall, this product is aimed at those with damaged skin (scars, wounds, etc). According to several reviews online, this product does a great job at moisturizing your skin, promoting smoother and younger-looking skin overall.

One of the things we like about this manufacturer is that it offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so those who are unsure of whether the product will work on them or not can enjoy this feature.

It’s vital to note that, while this product has PRP in its name, it cannot be confused or replaced with PRP treatments. If you’re looking to use PRP for your skin, you could get medical treatment for it and then combine it at home with this serum.

Overall, SkinPro is known for being one of the best U.S. manufacturers of serums that revitalize your skin. If you’re interested in knowing more, you can read more about it here.

SkinPro Elite Serum 10

The final product on our list is also a SkinPro product. This one was launched to celebrate the Elite serum’s 10th anniversary. In essence, this is the most powerful “Elite Serum” from SkinPro to date. It includes growth factors like IGF-1, VFGF, aFGF, bFGF, and EGF. Moreover, it includes special ingredients that help fight wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and scars like:

  • Argireline®
  • SNAP-8™
  • SYN®-TC

elite serum 10 with dispenser

Due to the extensive ingredient line this product has, it’s easy to see why the company claims this is its ultimate anti-aging serum. You can learn more about it on SkinPro’s website here.

elite serum before and after

Bottom Line

The growth factor serum has proven to be an excellent alternative for those who want to keep looking healthy for many years to come. Considering it has mostly natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry about negative effects.

We hope this guide has helped you choose the best serums for your face, and get ready to enjoy life with bright and beautiful skin!

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