The Best Gifts for The Whole Family This Holiday Season

With the holiday season right around the corner, the time has come to start brainstorming ideas for the perfect holiday gift. There are many excellent products that are hitting the shelves, both in stores and virtually, that are sure to make your gift the favorite this holiday season.

For The Kids

Ookkie Skateboard: Skateboarding is as popular as ever, and kids are wanting to learn at increasingly younger ages. The Ookkie Skateboard is designed to help toddlers safely learn to skateboard while also developing balance, stability, and confidence. Proudly made in Australia, the Ookkie Skateboard and Safety Set are made from high-quality materials and are bound to make your little one feel like the next Tony Hawk.

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Eternal Tree Books: These uplifting books by visionary author Priya Kumari have been created to share stories suitable for all ages of an under-represented Indian culture. The stories are diverse and promote peace education, emotional wellness, and cultural competence. Stories like “My Holi” and “My Diwali” dive deep into the significance and lessons held within different Indian cultural celebrations and traditions. With messages of loving one another, taking care of nature, and standing up for what’s right, Kumari’s books are great for any child and can be fantastic for sparking an interest in the world around them.

Screen Shot 2022 09 27 at 8.17.39 AM Any kid can tell you that the quickest, and typically most fun, way to learn something new is through the internet. has emerged as an all-in-one safe space for kids to dive into learning new skills across STEM, the arts, gaming, coding, and more. It is also a platform that connects kids who have shared interests, creating a community for education, growth, and collaboration. Its co-founders were parents inspired by how their child adapted to online learning during the pandemic lockdowns. DIY has since evolved to give kids access to skill-building workshops they can use to broaden their knowledge and connect with other kids. A subscription to the app could be a great way to allow kids to explore internet learning and community safely. It’s also the perfect answer to “Mom, I’m bored!”

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For the Homebody

We all know that person who would much rather spend an evening curled up on their couch, streaming shows, and rocking their favorite PJs. There is an entire movement of people out there who sing the praises of making their homes as comfortable as possible, and these gifts will surely speak to the homebody in your life.

Pure Parima: Pure Parima offers the silkiest, softest Egyptian cotton sheets you may ever wrap yourself in on a cold night. Made from Egyptian cotton sourced from certified growers, Pure Parima can guarantee their sheets is the best on the market. They are CEA certified, meaning their cotton is DNA tested to ensure authenticity. Consumers don’t have to read the fine print with Pure Parima; transparency and truth are their foundation. They offer duvets, sheets, and pillow cases — everything one would need to turn their bedroom into a luxury oasis.

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Threadmill Home Linen: For the earth-conscious person on your list, Threadmill offers sustainable luxury linens. Knowing that the fabric industry could use a shift, they began manufacturing environmentally and socially responsible high-quality products. Threadmill uses sustainable packaging, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that is completely powered by wind and solar energy and follows green energy manufacturing practices. Sustainability was on the mind of many shoppers in 2021, and it looks to be the same situation going into the 2022 holiday season.

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For the Fantasy-Loving Bookworm

Teens can be notoriously picky with their reading materials, but fantasy and magical realism always seem to be a hit with young adult readers. Teens are also far more plugged in to societal and environmental ills and the need for change. This book, the first in a series, introduces a whole new realm to young readers who are interested in the world around them and how to enact necessary changes.

Age of Atheria”: Launching November 1, 2022, “Age of Atheria” by Jenny McClain Miller and Gregory John Miller is a young adult fantasy novel with a lofty goal: heal the heart of humanity. The story highlights the societal, political, and environmental impacts that we are currently facing and how pertinent it is to make changes. It is set amid the future destruction of our known world and features a story of governments/societies rebuilding after a Great War. The book’s concept is catered to helping people understand how magical realism can reshape young adults’ perceptions of the issues we face globally today regarding climate change, tyrannical governments, and the impacts our actions have on each other and the planet.

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For the Fashionista

Nearly everyone has at least one fashion-conscious person on their holiday gift list. They are typically always in search of the newest, most unique pieces to add to their wardrobes. A new line by well-known celebrity designers is offering up luxury clothing, shoes, and accessories that focus on the concept of beauty and authenticity.

DEIJI: DEIJI creates the most luxurious and elegant products, which are made with the finest Italian leather curated by premiere Italian artisans in Italy with love. Named after the Korean and Japanese word for Daisy, DEIJI is the brainchild of fashion designers Mark Schwartz and Riva Wilkins. Schwartz, a contemporary of Warhol and Vivier in the 80s and a designer that has created footwear for celebrities from Jackie Kennedy Onassis to Lady Gaga, is the Creative Director behind DEIJI. The line offers high-quality luxury accessories that look like pieces of art themselves. Inspired by Asian Pop Culture, Italian moxie, and American Ingenuity, DEIJI represents simplicity in the devotion to your ambitions, creative endeavors, and the steps it takes to reach your next goal. All DEIJI products are available at

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For the Adults

Adults like gifts under the tree as well, and there are plenty of great ideas out there just waiting to be elegantly wrapped and presented.

Braymar Wines: Braymar Wines is a winery owned by African American female entrepreneur Marlo Richardson, created at Top Drawer distillery, which Richardson also owns. Braymar wines is a compilation of California’s Napa appellation and some of the best varietals in Northern California. The brand currently offers a red blend or chardonnay, which can be purchased in some California restaurants and distributors and online. Richardson has developed customized blends based on the recommendations and tastes of customers based on her experience in hospitality and as a restaurant bar owner.

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Tina’s Planet Vodka: One of the newest vodka’s to hit the market, Tina’s Planet Vodka is a GMO-free, sustainably made, female-owned, American-made vodka with zero additives and a proprietary filtration system using coconut shells. The taste is smooth, contains a natural sweetness, and has a balanced mouth feel. The founder, Tina, started the brand in 2020 and has quickly found success. Tina’s has replaced Tito’s in several restaurants in Los Angeles and is being distributed nationally.

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Epilynx by Dr. Liia: Epilynx is skincare developed for people with sensitive, allergy-prone skin. The products in the line are free of all common allergens such as gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, and parabens. Founder Dr. Liia Ramachandra has personal and professional experience with sensitive skin issues, and developed the Epilynx line with extensive research and study. Epilynx is award-winning on Amazon and has a range of reasonably priced ethical and clean products for all skin types.

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