This is a gift guide for the health conscious in your life. The ones who are being driven quarantine-crazy, who need an outlet to workout, stay healthy, and keep their body’s the well-running machine they like them to be. 

For wellness that can be achieved at home, for affordable prices (hello Cyber Monday exclusive deals!), look no further. We’ve got you covered. 


TheraOne CBD is a new standard of USDA Certified Organic, scientifically formulated natural wellness solutions that harness the restorative benefits of CBD to help you feel better and bring your body back into balance.

Their innovative, patent-pending Biosorb™ Technology formulation process helps your body more easily absorb all of the natural benefits of CBD. That means more effective results for you. Product to try: Sleep CBD Tincture to promote restful sleep, support restorative relaxation and help prevent morning grogginess 

Committed to wellness, Therabody has also joined forces with (RED) to support the fight against two pandemics: AIDS and COVID-19.

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They make lab tests easy, with 30+ at home kits (food sensitivity, STD, testosterone, metabolism, fertility, etc.), simple collection, free shipping, and physician reviewed results and insights. 

Now more than ever, it’s important to take care of your health. Especially your sexual health. Take ownership of your sexual health with Everlywell’s at home lab tests. For less than the cost of most Netflix subscriptions, current members can stay on top of their sexual health by paying $14.99/month to get one STD test of their choice delivered to their door — and a telehealth doctor’s consultation is included in the cost for those who need it! Read more here

Tests include Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Hepatitis C, HIV and more. All packaging is unmarked, discreet, and you won’t be targeted with ads for STI tests online.

More than just a test, Jonathan Van Ness (JVN) of Queer Eye fame + a surprise guest will be answering your down-and-dirty sexual health questions as part of a special “Sex Ed for grown ups” session happening on Everlywell’s Instagram later this month.

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HUM Nutrition

Discover the best vitamins & supplements for your skin, hair, body & mood with HUM Nutrition. Formulated by experts with active ingredients that actually work,

HUM is the first company to successfully bridge beauty and wellness, inviting everyone from everywhere to start within. HUM Nutrition’s cutting-edge, science-backed supplements are all about making you look and feel your most beautiful. 

Take HUM’s 3-minute quiz and they’ll match your goals to their clinically proven nutrients and products to support a healthy immunity, skin, hair, body, mood and even a whole vegan collection! Product to try: Mighty Night vitamins to promote overnight cell renewal for skin and body.

Get in on the deal with their Cyber Week offer: Up to 50% off your first purchase when you buy 3 items on a 3-month refill plan with code SITEWIDE! Valid for orders between $29-$150 from 11/23 to 12/1.


Hydrow is a full-body workout and immersive experience that takes you on waterways around the world, all from your home. 

The Hydrow’s patented drag mechanism is electromagnetic and computer-controlled. It’s distinctive components make it the closest thing to being on the water. An industrial-grade webbed strap makes each stroke smooth and virtually silent.

Flying birds, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, jumping stingrays, massive boats passing by; the excitement of watching your instructors navigate real, live, on the water scenarios is unlike anything else. Hydrow brings the outside in. It’s truly a full-body workout (engaging 86% of your muscles, nearly double compared to cycling and running) and an immersive experience that takes you on waterways around the world, all from your home. 

Hydrow’s wheel system makes moving it around the house easy. And if you’re short on space, you can tilt Hydrow into the upright position for storage between use.

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InsideTracker is an ultra-personalized nutrition system that analyzes your blood, DNA and lifestyle to help you optimize your body and reach your goals.

The InsideTracker platform analyses and tracks key biochemical and physiological markers as they change over time. They then use sophisticated algorithms and large scientific databases to determine optimal zones for each user’s markers. The expert system then provides science-driven lifestyle and nutrition interventions that empower people to optimize their markers. When optimized, these marker levels have been scientifically proven to increase vitality, improve performance and extend life. 

Transform your body’s data into true knowledge, meaningful insights and a customized Action Plan of science-backed, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle recommendations.  

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