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Friday, November 28

Ariel Pink
Despite earning headlines for slamming Grimes and hailing Taylor Swift’s pop prowess, local psych-pop strangeman Ariel Pink wants to wipe his slate clean and drop his “most hated man in indie rock” title, along with the name of his former band, Haunted Graffiti. Pink’s newest release, pom pom, adds 17 songs to the decade of erratic experimentation he has under his belt, ranging from the ’70s-evoking “Put Your Number in My Phone” to the haunting “Picture Me Gone.” Pink kicks off his international tour at the newly opened Regent Theater, stacked with presenters Spaceland, KCRW and DoLA, for a night that just might include his new BFF, Angelyne. — Britt Witt


Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa
Former Ponytail/Ecstatic Sunshine guitar looper Dustin Wong pairs with Japanese pop singer Takako Minekawa on Savage Imagination (Thrill Jockey), a curiously great little slab of experimental “pop” music offering welcome rays of aural light. The duo’s intuitive interfacing of guitar, voice, keyboards, sampler and digital effects creates fertile ground for gloriously open-minded electro-sparklers, which extend beyond the merely mesmeric into the jarringly mind-mushrooming. Peppered with polybeats and strewn with buzzy electronic shards, video game chirps, radio broadcast roar and indigenous music from around the globe, these rather jolly melodic motifs are layered, octave-divided, blown to bits and reassembled with awe-inspiring precision and, better yet, a palpable sense of wonder. — John Payne

Saturday, November 29

The hair-flailing zeal of guitarist Dimitri Coats permeates and personifies Off!, the band he co-founded with former Black Flag/Circle Jerks frontmouth Keith Morris in 2009. With the exception of Morris (who for many fans is L.A. punk incarnate), Off!’s members arrived from a broad palette of styles: Coats formerly fronted hard-rock trio Burning Brides, bassist Steven Shane McDonald hails from alt-rock pioneers Redd Kross, and drummer Mario Rubalcaba does double duty with post-hardcorists Hot Snakes. The resulting elective enthusiasm and multigenre dexterity are all over Off!’s take on hardcore punk — which, though primal and breathlessly to-the-point (the 17 songs on third album Wasted Years clock in at a collective 23 minutes), is warmed with real musicality and tasty changes of pace beneath Morris’ perpetually indignant, revenge-of-the-nerds ranting. — Paul Rogers


Three-fifths of Hot Chip will be DJing at Avalon on Saturday.; Credit: Photo by Steve GullickHot Chip, The 2 Bears, The Juan MacLean
The hipster dream team of New York’s DFA Records and the U.K.’s Hot Chip come together to present a curated night of quality music. Three of the five members of Hot Chip — Felix Martin, Al Doyle and Joe Goddard — will flex their DJ skills with what promises to be a diverse and floor-friendly dance-pop mix. Goddard does double duty as The 2 Bears with Raf Rundell, championing deep house as experienced on the duo’s sophomore album, The Night Is Young. The Juan MacLean and his leading lady, Nancy Whang, also will be taking to the decks and, hopefully, playing cuts from their latest and possibly best album, the house/disco–inspired In a Dream. The omnipresent Magic Touch gets the party started with his informed selections. — Lily Moayeri

It's OK!, Non Credo
Non Credo might be just a duo but they can stir up a universe of adventurously strange sounds, from exotic art-pop chansons and febrile orchestral passages to disciplined free-jazz improvisations and darkly twisted cabaret balladry. With her acrobatic, operatic vocals, Kira Vollman does the singing, while Joe Berardi (The Fibonaccis, Lydia Lunch, The Deadbeats, Double Naught Spy Car) lays down the drums, but both manipulate a wide variety of instruments, including “broken-down keyboards, cheap electronics and altered children’s toys.” Non Credo’s most recent album, 2006’s Impropera, an “improvised, improper, importuned imp opera,” was distinguished by restlessly foreboding arrangements leavened with Vollman’s eerily ethereal and serpentine vocals. It’s OK! is a harder-rocking contrast, with Redd Kross guitarist Robert Hecker raining glittery glam-rock solos over singer Ellen Rooney’s soulful power-pop entreaties. — Falling James

Sunday, November 30

A$AP Mob
The Harlem-bred rap posse known for its decadent, sometimes glamorous tales of past drug slanging, groupie love and the luxe life has been hard at work on both individual and group projects in recent months. A$AP Ant released mixtape Percs & Lean, A$AP Ferg released the singles “Doe-Active” and “Perfume” from his upcoming Ferg Forever mixtape, and Young Lord was featured on Skepta’s “It Aint Safe No More” single, all which happened while the Mob were finishing up the European leg of their most recent tour and performing individual dates throughout Europe and the States. The crew surprised fans in September when they randomly announced that they were scrapping the L.O.R.D. album (the originally planned followup to their 2012 debut, Lord$ Never Worry) and starting fresh. A$AP Mob are known for a high-energy show that usually becomes rowdy. Attendees should be prepared to protect their necks. — Jacqueline Michael Whatley

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