After nearly a century of prohibition, America is finally able to replant its hemp roots. A true miracle of nature, hemp is once again being used for fibers, food, and medicine and as the world of industrial hemp experiences something of a renaissance, CBD takes front and center stage.

No doubt you’ve heard at least some of the hype surrounding CBD. A quick online search will return a mounting body of reputable research supporting the use, effectiveness, and safety of CBD as a novel treatment for a wide variety of symptoms.

Smoking CBD flower has become so popular over the last year or so, that you may even find hemp pre rolls for sale in your local gas station (don’t by CBD from a gas station… 🤦‍♂️). But, whether you’re a seasoned cannabis smoker, or a curious newbie, picking the right CBD strain is vital in helping you get the best out of your day.

We’ve got something for everyone here in our best CBD pre-rolls of 2020 list, so that you can shop for hemp flower by potency, effect, time of day, or even by flavor. 

Best CBD Hemp Pre Rolls of 2020

Our selection process for choosing the best hemp pre rolls available, starts by only considering the most premium, organic flower available. Other criteria we considered included cannabinoid content, unique flavor profiles, range of effects, and the overall presentation.

We were careful to choose a range of pre rolls that offer you a good choice in terms of potency and terpene blends and that provide options for both daytime and night time users. Each and every one of them will also provide a unique, flavorful and enjoyable experience.

Introducing Green Unicorn Farms


Green Unicorn Farms started with the idea to make it easy for people to find the very best smokable CBD hemp flower, all under one label. 

They are on a constant search for the very best hemp cultivators and enable “almost” nation-wide access to premium flower grown on small farms, right here in the US. Hemp growers that are dedicated to their craft and who are pushing the boundaries of what CBD flower can be.

Their range of buds features some classic, well-known strains, as well as a couple of limited edition exotics. They are the Green Unicorns of the hemp industry, hard to find, magical, and downright special.

All of Green Unicorn Farm’s pre rolls contain .75g of premium hemp flower. This is the Goldilocks amount for us, as .5g isn’t always sufficient for you to feel enough and 1g is just too much for the majority of people.

We also love their pre rolls because they always come perfectly packed and neatly rolled, meaning they burn evenly, all the way to the crutch, everytime.

1) Hawaiian Haze

Daytime | Tropical Citrus | Cool, Calm & Confident | 14.36% CBD

First up on our best CBD pre rolls list is the Hawaiian Haze strain from Green Unicorn Farms. This is a sativa hybrid that offers a nice, clean, smooth hit, reminiscent of a Polynesian paradise.

Hawaiian Haze hemp flower tastes like tropical citrus fruits with earthy, almost piney undertones.

This is a great daytime strain. While your brain and body will feel relaxed, the tropical terpene blend will put a spring in your step and provide you with a sense of focus and alertness. As a result of that, these Hawaiian Haze pre-rolled joints are a great energy-boosting choice that are ideal for social situations.

This Hawaiian strain has 14.36% CBD, offering just over 10mg of CBD per joint. We’d recommend these pre rolls to anyone who is looking for a modest dose of daytime CBD, as well those that want a higher dose, but enjoy smoking more often. 

2) Special Sauce

Nighttime | Hops & Berries | Chill & Sleep | 23.24%  CBD

If you’re looking for a potent strain that will help send you to sleep, then look no further than the Special Sauce strain which is a CBD beast. Clocking in at just under 24% CBD!

Not only are these pre-rolled joints an excellent choice for those looking for high CBD content, they also tick all of the boxes for being the perfect nighttime strain that will have mind, body, and soul, in a state of complete relaxation within minutes.

Special Sauce hemp flower is also an absolute pleasure to smoke, with  deliciously unique and mellow flavors. Expect hops on your tongue and berries on your breath. 

3) Elektra

Daytime | Pungent, Fruity & Piney | Relax & Chat | 19.68% CBD

The Elektra CBD strain is just about one of the most distinctive CBD strains that we’ve come across.

Green Unicorn Farms’s Elektra CBD features an intense terpene profile of sweet fruits and woody pine, mixed with an unmistakable “diesel-y” ACDC heritage. 

It’s one of our all-time favorite daytime strains that will make you feel both calm and uplifted. Many users also feel much more chatty when they’ve smoked Elektra CBD flower, with zero paranoia, making this another ideal strain for social events. 

If you’re looking for potent daytime strain to melt away your daily stress, without sending you to sleep, then this is it.

4) Lifter

Daytime | Funky, Lemony & Spicy | Peaceful Pick-Me-Up | 21.1% CBD

While other farmers are cultivating Lifter CBD levels of around 12-15%, the Lifter CBD pre-rolls that Green Unicorn Farms are packing contain a whopping 21%.

Lifter CBD flower will provide you with a sort of peaceful energy that allows you to retain a sense of calm and focus while you go about your day. Lifter CBD strain effects are perfect for both business and pleasure and while we classify it as a daytime strain, it’s actually great at any time of day.

The Lifter hemp strain smells and tastes incredible too, which may be why the Lifter is one of the most popular strains in the US. It’s not the smoothest smoke we’ve had, but it is one of the most delicious with its funky, candy, lemony kick, and spicy, earthy undertones.

What Are Hemp Pre Rolls? 

Hemp pre rolls are an extremely convenient way to buy your hemp flower, which is a non-psychoactive smokable herb.

CBD-rich hemp flowers are ground up and then perfectly packed and rolled into a cone shape, with the help of a thin smoking paper and filter, to make a hemp joint. 

These pre-rolled “CBD cigarettes” are ready to light up and enjoy straight out of the packaging, making them an ideal choice for people that don’t have the time, inclination, or joint-rolling skills themselves.

Is it legal to smoke CBD hemp flower?

While CBD products now are legal across all 50 states at a federal level, as long as they contains less than 0,3% THC, some states have banned the sale and consumption of smokable hemp at a local level. 

The main reason, for what can only be described as discriminatory prohibition against smokers, is the plant’s similarities to its intoxicating THC-laden relative.

CBD hemp pre rolls smell and taste just as good as their cannabis cousins and the police don’t like it one bit, as they are unable to tell the difference between the legal and illegal varieties without further lab testing.

How does it feel to smoke CBD hemp flower?

Generally speaking, smoking CBD provides you with a very relaxed feeling. It can help to calm your nerves, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety and, depending on the potency and terpene profile of the strain, can either leave you feeling focused and uplifted, or ready for a good night’s sleep.

Cannabis smokers may experience a pseudo-high due to hemp’s similarity to cannabis, in taste and smell, but hemp is not psychoactive and therefore your judgement and motor functions won’t be impaired in any way.

The benefits of CBD pre rolls

The benefits of CBD pre-rolls are essentially the same as any other CBD product as they can help to relieve anxiety and depression, pain and inflammation, diabetes, insomnia, etc. 

One of the main benefits of smoking your CBD as opposed to taking it any other way, is due to the fact that the CBD is entering your bloodstream immediately from your lungs. Not only does this mean that you will feel the effects almost instantaneously, but it also means that the bioavailability of the CBD is higher than other methods of consumption.

Many people also enjoy smoking CBD flower over any other method of consumption because you know exactly what you’re getting, which is pure, unadulterated flower. A CBD pre roll, unless otherwise stated, will contain pure hemp flower just as Mother Nature made her, with no fillers or artificial flavors. 

CBD pre rolls allow you to benefit from all of the naturally occurring plant compounds in hemp flower, that work together in synergy to provide enhanced effects in what is called the “entourage effect”.

Smoking hemp is also a hugely enjoyable experience for most people. In fact, some people smoke CBD for the quality user experience in flavors and aromatics alone.


*This article is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition. Please consult with a medical professional before smoking any CBD pre-roll.


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