The Best Business Podcasts for 2022

There are all sorts of business podcasts out there—from Masters of Scale to How I Built This to everything in between. But sorting through all of them to find the few that are going to help you meet your business goals isn’t always easy. This list gathers a few surprising and not so surprising options to help every entrepreneur get ahead.

Entrepreneur Struggle 400

Entrepreneur Struggle

As the CEO of an entertainment company geared toward people of color, women, and LGBTQ+ communities, Chris Colbert’s approach to the nitty gritty of entrepreneurship is wholly unique. While he discusses standard business topics, such as launching, failing, and pivoting, he also brings in the sociopolitical climate of business in a way that other hosts tend to neglect. But his attitude is undeniably optimistic; when talking about how inhabiting a marginalized identity can derail a business, for example, he’ll also discuss how to navigate those instances (spoiler alert: establish clear communication boundaries and know when to speak up for yourself). He and his guests are brutally honest when it comes to their experiences and pitfalls, whether it’s about hearing a racist comment in a meeting or being put on blast for firing someone. The combination of an amazing guest list and Colbert’s years of podcasting experience make Entrepreneur Struggle a business pod not to miss.

Episode to listen to: Starting A Philanthropy – Becky Margiotta

I Love Marketing 400

I Love Marketing

Joe Polish is considered the king of connecting people and if you listen to I Love Marketing, the podcast he’s been hosting since 2009 with fellow marketing king Dean Jackson, you’ll get why. Packed with just as many actionable marketing strategies as it is heartfelt compassion (Polish’s passion is for helping those suffering from addiction), I Love Marketing is for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want the best marketing tips imaginable mixed with more heart and hope than any other business podcast out there. Guests over the years have included everyone from Robert Cialdini and Marie Forleo to Daymond John, Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss.

Episode to listen to: The One About the Magic Rapport Formula

None of your business 400

None Of Your Business

Because they come from the health industry, Dr. Shawn Dill and Dr. Lacey Book bring a unique perspective to helping service providers seamlessly grow into successful entrepreneurs. None Of Your Business features all types of entrepreneurs—from Gen Z marketing expert Connor Blakley to MMA Fighter Michael Chandler—and Dill and Book do an excellent job of relating a guest’s experiences to their audience. There are also guest-free episodes where the two have fascinating chats about concepts they use with their clients in order to increase performance and embrace the entrepreneurial spirit. None Of Your Business is a phenomenal asset to service providers who aren’t sure how to pivot their business from survival mode to exponential success.

Episode to listen to: Making The Move From Linear to Exponential Thinking For Massive Business Results With Aaron Bare

Online Marketing Made Easy 400

Online Marketing Made Easy

Amy Porterfield is a pro at everything she does, and her podcast is no exception. Featuring expert interviews, mini execution plans and behind-the-scenes secrets from some of the biggest launches in her multi-million-dollar business, Porterfield guides listeners through creating digital courses, list building, social media, content, webinars and more with actionable, step-by-step recommendations. With hundreds of thousands of listeners and over 3800 Apple reviews, Online Marketing Made Easy is a consistent masterclass for any entrepreneur—newbie or pro—who wants to improve their marketing.

Episode to listen to: Start Before You’re Ready with Marie Forleo

Capability Amplifier 400

Capability Amplifier 

As the creator of Strategic Coach, Dan Sullivan is a legend in the entrepreneurial space. And with his Capability Amplifier co-host, serial entrepreneur Mike Koenigs, Sullivan brings some of his famous concepts to entrepreneurs across all industries. Both Sullivan and Koenigs are experts at breaking down the how-to’s of big picture concepts, and they provide bite-sized advice on how to do everything from increase your capital to how to dominate your industry. But there’s something you get with Capability Amplifier that you’re not going to get with any other business podcast: philosophies that push you beyond what you believe is possible, like how to increase your personal life expectancy by 50 years (trust me, it’s an incredible concept). Only listen to this one if you want to put yourself in a wealth mindset and explore your capabilities to the max.

Episode to listen to: Creative Compression

Entrepreneurs on Fire 400

Entrepreneurs on Fire

John Lee Dumas is a legend in the podcasting world. As the story goes, one day, in 2012, he decided he was going to go all in on podcasting and the next, he started posting an episode every day. Quite quickly, he began to dominate the entrepreneurial podcasting space. With over 100 million listens and over 3000 episodes, Entrepreneurs on Fire (or EonFire as it’s come to be known) has featured interviews with Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran, Gary Vee, Jack Canfield and many more. In the process, Dumas has built up the podcasting community Podcasters’ Paradise, become a bestselling author and created a thriving, seven-figure business. And he tells listeners just how he did it.

Episode to listen to: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Lady Gaga: Uncovering How the World’s Most Success People Launched Their Careers with Alex Banayan

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