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Copywriting is one of the most essential parts of marketing. Along with imagery, it’s what catches someone’s attention when seeing an advertisement or promotion. Famous slogans are brought to the world by copywriters as well, and if it weren’t for them, no one would have those catchy jingles that get stuck in their heads for weeks at a time. A significant amount of copywriters are also freelancers, as the industry has countless opportunities for those starting out. To help them scale, many copywriters reach out to coaches or sign up for courses.

A popular option many writers have chosen is Copy Accelerator, a company that teaches its clients how to up their quality and acquire more work. Since it was founded in 2018 by Justin Goff and his business partner Stefan Georgi, the company has helped hundreds of members find success through coaching. They focus on current techniques that are proven to work, as opposed to competitors who share out-dated advice on what it takes to scale.

It’s clear why so many copywriters choose to invest in coaching; quality results are guaranteed. A study done by Real Business showed that 74% of people said they paid attention to the grammar of what they were reading, highlighting the importance of copywriters ensuring they’re providing top-tier content.

With that much attention on the work they’re writing, it’s become apparent just why copywriters give themselves a quality boost by going out and signing up for coaching lessons. At Justin Goff’s company, he’s helped over 200 clients by showing them exactly how to put together winning offers, write amazing advertisements, and get more business overall.

Copy Accelerator even coaches some of the biggest names in online marketing, such as 4Patriots, Golden Hippo, Credit Secrets, and more. Justin prides his company on providing 100% success, and it comes from a genuine interest in helping others reach their peak potential. With this mindset, he’s been able to take action and turn each of those 200+ clients into the top copywriters in the world.

A few years before Justin started his company and reached his own success, he struggled heavily with his finances. He had lost his girlfriend and a significant client at his firm, and he was sleeping on an air mattress in a $250-per-month apartment. A month before he was dead broke, Justin was inspired to write his own book—a workout program titled The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure—which focused on the paleo diet paired with high-intensity workouts.

Within three months, the book had made him six-figures in profit. That allowed him to branch out and create more, and soon enough, he had three million-dollar businesses to his name. With a track record like that, Justin knows what it takes to scale in one’s industry, and it’s why he’s now focusing on helping others do the same.


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