The Benefits Of CBD Use In Treatment Of Schizophrenia

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The multitasking nature of the compound CBD has been known to be beneficial in the treatment of many complicated medical conditions that are usually unresponsive to conventional treatment methods. A form of childhood epilepsy is the only medical condition that can be treated using the only FDA approved CBD medication, Epidiolex. Beyond that one condition, there is only limited clinical data to support the beneficial effects of CBD, owing to very few and randomized trials. The situation is not grim per se, since CBD products are progressing towards getting approved for treatment of many medical conditions.

Treatment Of Schizophrenia Using CBD

Psychosis induced by serious conditions such as schizophrenia is an area that shows promise when it comes to application of CBD therapy for relief. Trials show people experiencing relief from psychosis symptoms when they were treated with comparably high doses of CBD. Although there are effective prescription medications to deal with schizophrenia symptoms, the side effects of such medicines sometimes outweigh their efficiency in treating the condition. In trials conducted on control groups that were treated with both prescription drugs and CBD separately, both the groups showed considerable reduction in symptoms, with CBD emerging as a clear winner due to the lack of adverse long-term effects in the users as compared to prescription medications that cause severe and sometimes irreversible side effects.

The Mechanism Used By CBD

CBD has proven antipsychotic effects on its users. People suffering from symptoms related to schizophrenia can especially benefit from this particular property of CBD. The compound helps elevate the levels of anandamide, the cannabinoid produced by our body, responsible for offering protection from psychosis and related symptoms. CBD was also shown to improve the efficiency of prescription medications used to treat schizophrenia, when used in combination with the same. The typical symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations were better controlled by a combination of CBD and prescription medication when compared to the usage of just the conventional medicines. Promising future in this area has resulted in better funding for CBD related research and trials that may pave the way for the use of this compound in the treatment of mental illnesses including schizophrenia.

The way CBD brings forth reduction in symptoms of psychosis is considered organic and sustainable, making it suitable to be used as an alternate or supplementary therapy option in the treatment and management of various mental illnesses and the symptoms associated with such conditions.

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