Every now and then, technology does not screw us over. This machine pops out pancakes at a rate of 200 pancakes per hour. Two. Hundred. Pancakes. Per hour. You want one, and you want to lie beneath it and let the pancakes fall off their little conveyor belt directly into your mouth.

This costs $3,500 and is the size of a countertop microwave. The company, Seattle-based ChefStack, says the possibilities are “infinite.” They suggest traditional three-cake stacks, savory sausage-filled pancakes, and the imaginative “folded sleeve” pancake. Plus, if ever a hole ruptures in the time space continuum and the only way to fill it is with hot, steamy pancakes, we are set.

Endorsed by god and Popular Science:

“Now … what if you mounted it on wheels, gave it a battery pack, overclocked the rollers a bit, and let it loose? The only thing cooler than an automatic countertop pancake machine is a free-roving pancake-propelled juggernaut that leaves behind a trail of fresh flapjacks.”

LA Weekly