The Artistry of a Beautiful Smile: How Dr. Kambiz Kevin Sadraei DDS Is Innovating the Art of Dentistry Through Buccal Fat Removal

The greatest asset an artist has is creativity. Creativity is not limited to traditional artistic topics like music, painting, or creating sculptures, but also it can be used to change patients’ lives through their smiles. Dr. Kambiz Kevin Sadraei DDS is revolutionizing dental artistry by utilizing his creativity and transforming smiles through buccal fat removal. Generally performed by plastic surgeons, Dr. Sadraei has transformed his dental practice to offer this aesthetic service that’s not typically found in the dental setting.

Buccal fat removal removes excess fat from the cheeks, providing the look of a more chiseled facial structure. Often, fat in the cheeks can keep the natural structure of the cheekbones hidden. Dr. Sadraei’s process involves a small incision at the gum line and removal of the excess fat through that incision, allowing patients to gain a more streamlined but still natural facial structure.

Dr. Kambiz Kevin Sadraei started as a musician and songwriter, using his creativity to create songs for others. With his background as an exemplary student, he wanted to do something in life that allowed him to be creative without waiting. He chose a career in dentistry, which allowed him to showcase his creative talents with expert precision while enhancing the smile and confidence of patients without the long process of becoming a plastic surgeon. Learning from esteemed plastic surgeons in Texas and California, Dr. Sadraei learned how he could combine the service of buccal fat removal into his dental practice to provide additional services for patients during other routine dental procedures.

Oral health has been linked to several other benefits in a patient’s overall health, with benefits to the heart and digestive system. The level of care provided in the office by Dr. Sadraei and his staff can be attributed to his creative side, creating a real relationship and trust with his patients. Through his attention to detail, Dr. Sadraei can recommend the best solutions to meet the needs of his dental clients and help them recover in a way that maximizes his service offering and their experience and results.

There was once a stigma around cosmetic dentistry and enhancing the body through aesthetic procedures. No one, especially on social media, wants to admit that they had a procedure done to make them look or feel younger. They want to make the claim that they exercised, lost weight, and used something natural to gain their new look. Thankfully, the discussion of aesthetics is becoming more openly talked about, which is helping reduce the stigma associated with these types of procedures. As a result, more and more patients are sharing their before and after pictures to show how these innovations change their lives.

In addition to offering services to enhance smiles through dental work and buccal fat removal, for Dr. Kambiz Kevin Sadraei, understanding his patients has become his biggest asset in the industry, saying, “Some people just want to look good. They are doing it for personal reasons, so I can only give my opinion and leave the rest up to them.”

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