Instant lattes are a fantastic way to start your morning if you’re pressed for time. You can typically mix them with a hot or cold liquid, and you are good to go. Let’s look at 5 of the best instant lattes.

What are Instant lattes?

When you travel to your local grocery store, you probably get ground coffee. Most people have a drip coffee pot at home, so that’s typical.

The regular coffee you buy is simply ground coffee beans. The coffee in instant lattes is made from coffee beans, just like regular coffee. Still, the difference lies in the steps that transpire after that.

The beans are roasted to taste and finely ground into a near powder-like form. They get brewed, are stripped of their water content, and what we have left behind is an extract.

Freeze drying or spraying of the powder with a liquid coffee concentrate occurs in a hot environment. It all gets very scientific at this point.

What we have left are instant coffee crystals. These coffee granules get treated yet again to remove any of the remaining water. It also keeps that flavor intact.

Believe it or not, this process was first created over 100 years ago. Over a century ago! We can thank Alphonse Allais from France for this invention of convenience. The patent for instant coffee was registered in 1881.

Why drink Instant lattes?

Instant lattes have several health benefits.

  • Instant lattes contain antioxidants.
  • Antioxidants protect your cells from free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that are created when your body breaks down food.
  • They show up if you are exposed to tobacco smoke or if you are exposed to radiation. Antioxidants protect against cell damage caused by free radicals.
  • Instant lattes may contain higher amounts of certain antioxidants than other coffee brews.
  • You’ll find some excellent vitamins and nutrients in instant lattes.
  • Potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin B3
  • They typically contain less caffeine. This would be a fantastic choice for someone trying to cut back on caffeine or if you have a sensitivity to caffeine.
  • Too much caffeine could result in anxiety, inadequate sleep, upset stomach, and a fast heartbeat. You definitely want to make sure you aren’t overdoing it.
  • All the benefits of drinking regular coffee still apply to instant coffee.
  • The caffeine content may help boost your brain function.
  • Coffee may play a role in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • Coffee can help reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes.
  • You’ll likely improve your overall mental health.
  • Drinking coffee can play a role in helping you to live longer and improve your metabolism.

The 5 Best Instant lattes

Below I have my list of the 5 best instant lattes. Don’t be afraid to explore and research on your own.

That said, here we go…

Number 5: Four Sigmatic Coffee Latte

Four Sigmatic Coffee Latte takes the approach of using mushrooms in their latte mix. The idea is that the mushrooms will help alleviate some of the side effects people have when drinking coffee.  

Blood pressure going up, upset stomach, being restless and being addicted to caffeine, to name a few. Mushrooms give each cup of this brewed coffee some added health benefits.


  • Depending on your budget and how much you buy, it can get pricy.
  • Although it tastes decent, it can come across more like tea rather than coffee
  • Noticeable benefits regarding productivity might not be there for everyone 

Number 4:  Starbucks Via Instant Latte

Starbucks Via Instant Latte is probably one of the most popular and easily accessible instant lattes out there. Let’s face it, Starbucks is everywhere! You can find a light or dark roast at your local grocery store, no problem.


  • Can come across too sweet
  • The taste of powdered milk and sugar might overpower
  • Can be high in sugar

Number 3: Clevr Super Latte

Clevr Super Latte is great if you have a Vegan diet or a vegetarian diet.


  • Personal taste may vary. Some people described it as a bit lacking in flavor.
  • Individual results of feeling energy boost may vary according to some reviews.
  • If you’re used to drinking regular coffee and switch only to this, you might experience headaches from caffeine withdrawals.

Number 2: Laird Instafuel

Laird Instafuel is another excellent dairy-free and vegan-friendly option.


  • Strong coconut flavor. If you have coconut allergens or don’t like coconut, this might not be for you.
  • Some people may find it hard to actually mix.
  • It could come across as pricy depending on your budget.

Number 1:  Morning Fix by Strong Coffee Company

Morning Fix by Strong Coffee Company takes the number 1 spot because of its ease of use, taste, and functional ingredients.

If you’re looking for an instant latte that will help you start your day, give you the boost you need energy-wise and cognitively, then this is your best bet.

With this instant latte, you’re getting everything you need!

Morning Fix serves to help rehydrate your system after a good night’s sleep. This amazing latte has electrolytes and minerals that make this possible.

The NeuroFactor is fantastic for your brain, boosting cognitive function and overall brain health.

The 15 grams of grass-fed collagen protein is not only great for replenishing your natural collagen but makes this coffee drink of choice an excellent replacement for any pre-workout drink.

Combine that with the added benefits of caffeine and MCT oil, and you’ll never need another pre-workout again. Strong Coffee has you covered!

Not to mention that this company has a CEO, Adam Von Rothfelder, that genuinely cares about your personal health gains. He wants you to make the most efficient use of your time with this easy-to-use instant latte.

Time is the most important currency you have, and Strong Coffee Company doesn’t want you to waste it.


  • Contains NeuroFactor ™ Coffee Arabica (Whole Fruit) Extract (coffee fruit extract)
  • Contains electrolytes and minerals to help you support optimal muscle and brain function
  • Hyaluronic Acid – great for your skin and joints and helps nutrients pass the blood-brain barrier
  • L-theanine – an amino acid that can counteract the jittery effects of caffeine and help with focus and memory
  • C8-C10 MCT Oil – helps with cognitive function and gut health
  • Grass-Fed Collagen Protein – this is great for hair, skin, joints, and digestion
  • Organic Colombian coffee. Lower in acidity than conventional coffee.
  • Extremely easy to use – a real time saver in the morning


  • No real cons.


Instant lattes are great if you’re pressed for time in the morning or want a quick midafternoon boost. They are convenient, easy to store, and relatively easy to prepare. You just add hot water or cold water, and you’re good to go.

Instant lattes can have some excellent health benefits, especially if you choose your brand wisely. Look for functional ingredients that are going to help you. In this case, Morning Fix by Strong Coffee Company certainly has everything you need.

Pro tip: If the water is too hot, add an ice cube to help cool it down, so you don’t have to wait long to enjoy your beverage.


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