Dick extenders are also known as penis stretchers. They are non-invasive devices you can use to increase your dick size. It is an excellent alternative to surgery, and you can purchase it online without a doctor’s prescription.

For men who feel a little embarrassed to see a doctor, you can simply order one and try it at home. Buying a dick stretcher can be tricky, with many options available in the market. You have to ensure that your choice is the best penile traction device for you. Making the wrong choice puts your health at risk and wastes your money. To ensure you’re making a well-informed decision, we created this guide for you.

The Dick extenders featured in this article have been reviewed and are very reliable products. We also included our buying guide and the science supporting the use of penile extension devices. This article also covers frequently asked questions about dick extenders and their use; let’s begin.

5 Best Dick Extenders And Stretchers On The Market

#1. Quick Extender Pro: World’s Best Stretcher That Works For Everyone [5/5 star rated]

#2. SizeGenetics: Best Stretcher That Works Perfectly

#3. MaleEdge: An Affordable and Modern Dick Extender

#4. JES Extender: Premium Enlargement Kit

#5. ProExtender: Quality Dick Stretcher

#1. Quick Extender Pro – World’s Best Dick Extender [ Ratings 5/5]


The Quick Extender makes the top of our list and is a bestselling dick extender. It makes use of a highly calibrated tension at 400g, and its tension adjusts while you use it to ensure you always receive a constant amount of pressure.

This stretcher features two medical-grade silicone tubes, which form a double strap support system.

It controls the tension applied to your shaft and ensures your dick gets the maximum gain without slipping out of the extender. It also includes deluxe pads present to make sure you’re as comfortable as can be while wearing the dick extender.

With this convenience added to the dick stretcher, you can wear it all day without any issue and enjoy faster penis growth.

This all-day penis stretcher has a CE certification and is also a Type 1 medical device. Using it is pretty simple because all you have to do is secure the DSS tubes over your dick’s shaft and head.

After that, the dick stretcher does the rest of the job and applies a constant stretch to your penis. As the microscopic tears created will begin to heal, it will create new penis tissues, and your penis will elongate. The Quick Extender Pro doesn’t just increase your penis size; it effectively corrects penile curvature. Some studies also show that it can treat Peyronies disease.

The Quick Extender Pro comes in four different packages, with the Value Edition being the most affordable. The most popular package is the Deluxe Standard edition because it is a complete package with bonuses. In addition, there’s a package for simply correcting penile curvature and a premium package for extreme results.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • You can wear the stretcher for a prolonged time
  • It has no side effect
  • It can correct penile curvature
  • It is easy to customize
  • It is pretty lightweight, and you can wear it discreetly
  • It offers Six-months money-back guarantee


  • It is not ideal for wearing overnight
  • It is hard to clean


#2. Size Genetics – 2ND Best Rated Dick Extender


When men choose their dick stretcher, they are usually concerned about how effective it is. No one wants a product that’s also dangerous; that’s why safety is a top feature. SizeGenetics puts all your fear to rest with the safety features it offers you.

This dick stretcher is accredited as a medical device and has a certification from the European Medical Device Directive. Experts prescribe this dick stretcher as a safe alternative to plastic surgery. When used, it covers all penis sizes and offers about 2800g of tension. The traction force depends on you as SizeGenetics offer you adjustability features.

This feature is to ensure that you get your results while remaining comfortable. You can wear it for as long as you want and go about your daily activities without fear.

SizeGenetics dick stretcher will last you for many years of use. Results usually begin to show within six months of wearing it. You will notice up to 3.5 inches in length and about 2inches of girth added to your dick. There are no harmful effects to using this dick extender. Manufacturers use hypoallergenic medical-grade materials in their construction to ensure your safety. These materials help protect users against skin irritation during use.

This device also offers you a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with its results. This device has earned many recommendations from doctors so that you can use it with ease and confidence.


  • You can adjust it into 16 different comfort setting
  • Made with top quality material to ensure durability
  • Its materials prevent skin irritation when you use it
  • It is comfortable, and you can wear it for long hours.
  • Many doctors recommend it, and it is a medical-grade device.


  • It is pricier than other dick extenders
  • It is bulkier than most dick extenders


#3.Male Edge – Budget-Friendly Cock Extender

MaleEdge might be the most affordable option on this list; it is pretty popular and it’s budget-friendly. Its affordability doesn’t make it compromise on top quality materials in its creation. The materials used are entirely hypoallergenic to ensure you don’t suffer from any skin irritation for using the product. Users get to enjoy a firm grip and a sturdy stretch on their penis while the dick extender remains gentle on the penile tissues. This dick extension device is CE-certified which means European authorities find it safe for use.

This dick extender comes with a comfort strap technology that ensures that your cock doesn’t slip out of the device. It also features a carry pouch that allows you conveniently carry it along everywhere. To help you measure your progress, the package also includes a measuring scale that you can use intermittently to see how far you’ve come. Results begin to show within six months of use, and you will notice a growth of 2inches in length and also 2inches in girth. Another benefit of the dick extender is that it can help you treat Peyronie’s disease if you have it.


  • Its construction uses medical-grade materials
  • It offers strap technology to prevent the cock from slipping out.
  • It is lightweight for you to wear discreetly under your clothes.
  • It is a budget-friendly product
  • The tension is adjustable
  • It fits all penis sizes


  • You will get more comfort from other penis extenders


#4. JES Extender: Premium Penis Stretcher

The penis is an intimate part of the body; that’s why whatever you use on it is highly personal. The JES Extender manufacturers recognize this and help to make you feel more relaxed with luxurious cock extenders.

Although the JES Extender is very effective in increasing the size of your pen, that’s not its only prominent feature. You can order your JES Extender in silver, platinum, titanium, and even gold. It is a premium cock stretcher that appeals to your style and taste.

It takes the cock stretching method to a whole new level and makes it more appealing. This way, you can achieve male excellence in style.

Beyond its look, the JES extender offers you optimum satisfaction with quick and noticeable results. It makes use of traction force like other cock extension devices to increase your penis size. Your usage level determines how fast you get your result, but it usually offers an increase of 2inches in length and the same in girth.

It also makes use of top-quality material to ensure durability. There are different stretcher packages to choose from, and while some come with comfort padding, others do not. They also feature a Velcro strap to ensure your cock doesn’t slip out. Its hypoallergenic materials ensure you don’t suffer from any skin allergies when you use the device.


  • It is aesthetically pleasing
  • It is a CE certified penis stretcher
  • The materials used are hypoallergenic to avoid skin irritation
  • It is lightweight for easy wearing under clothes.
  • The tension rods are easy to adjust.


  • It is pricier than other brands


#5. Pro Extender – A Superior Dick Extender

The ProExtender is one of the first penis stretchers that became known. It is pretty effective and has remained one of the best penile traction devices for users. In Europe, the ProExtender is quite famous for its effectiveness and is a top choice for most men.

The ProExtender’s construction isn’t as modern as the new devices, but it still works just as well. The device has a rounded base near the shaft’s bottom and a harness to grip the minor part of the shaft to prevent falling out. Although the Pro Extender has been in the market for more than two decades, the quality of materials remains top-notch. It has received top recommendations from many hospitals as a safe alternative to dick enlargement surgery.

Results begin to become evident within a few months of use, and it offers an increase of 24%. It is another dick extender that gives you comfort, and you can wear it on the move. The results from the ProExtenders are also permanent. It is known to also improve erections and ensure you last longer at your own pace. It features an adjustable setting that allows you to pick your own pace.

You get to decide how much tension you would like to apply to your cock, but all options are painless and comfortable. This penile traction device is also known to help improve the cock curvature problem.


  • It is a comfortable dick extender
  • It offers users a 24% growth
  • It is lightweight for you to wear discreetly under your clothes
  • It helps with the penis curvature issue
  • The results are permanent


  • The extender is a bit pricier than other brands 

How We Chose the Best Dick Extenders

There are dozens of penile extension devices in the market today. You might be wondering how we could narrow the list down to five and figure out they were the best option. Keep reading to find out the features we looked out for to make our decision.


One of the top features we considered in making out decision is the materials used in construction. We only picked penis stretchers that use medical-grade materials. Our choices are also hypoallergenic and were scientifically proven to increase the penis size. The products we reviewed also have top endorsements from hospitals and doctors globally.


It can be confusing knowing how to use a penis stretcher once you purchase it properly. That’s why you should only consider products that come with a guide for your use. The dick extenders usually come with many parts, and most of them need assembling. Ensuring fast assemblage and preventing damage to the products and instruction guide will help you understand the process faster.

Size Adjustment

There are penis enlargement devices that fit all penis sizes, but others might be a little loose for you. We made our choices with this in mind and picked products that allowed for size adjustment. These products will ensure you always have the perfect fit. We also selected based on products that allowed you to adjust the tension to something you’re comfortable with. This feature is to ensures comfort and a painless process for the users.

Replacement Parts

Many people don’t check the package until they’re ready to use it. Due to this, it’s easy to find out that some parts are damaged or missing. When making our choice, the products that came with replacement parts were rated higher. Some products include pads and silicone straps for your comfort. Some manufacturers offer replacement parts, and we picked penis stretchers which you would get replacements parts quickly. 

Ideal Fit

We understand that achieving the proper traction force is vital to the penis enlargement process. That’s why we picked products that allow you to have different adjustment options. Some of the products reviewed above offer different adjustable comfort settings. Getting the perfect fit is a crucial part of the penis enlargement process. Devices that don’t feature many adjustments usually come with calibrated springs to ensure you still enjoy adequate tension.

 Warranty and Customer Service

We also made our decision on dick stretchers based on the customer service offered by the manufacturers. These features ensure that when you need help, you would always get it. We also chose products that offered you a money-back guarantee if you don’t see any improvement. It shows that the product is committed to your satisfaction and will provide you with the result you need.

Customer Reviews

A dick extender product is only as good as the customer says. The purpose of any product is to meet the customers’ needs effectively and also satisfy the customer. We read through many customer reviews and considered products that provided results. We also picked products that offered improved performance to those who used them.

What You Should Know About Dick Extenders Before Making a Purchase

Even though it’s clear what we took into consideration before making a purchase, there are some things you should be aware of about dick stretchers before making a purchase. The penis enlargement process is an intimate one, and you need to know all you can about it. Having ample information ensures that you’re ready for whatever comes.

Penis Stretching Takes Time

Although dick stretching is scientifically proven to be effective and a safe alternative to surgical elongation, you must know that the process takes time. Even if you purchase an all-day stretcher and wear them around for several hours in the day, it will still take months before the results start to become noticeable. You shouldn’t expect immediate results as penile traction devices make use of the natural stretching process. The results will come, but it will take months, and you should prepare for that.

It Won’t Be Comfortable From the Start.

Another salient thing you should know before making the purchase is that it won’t be comfortable when you first start wearing a dick extender. It’s something new, and your penis would feel restricted in a way. Every man feels a level of discomfort when they first start wearing the penile traction device. Some men take days to adjust, and some take weeks. Luckily, the best penis extenders have features to minimize the discomfort of newly wearing the device. Although it will take some time to adjust to and for results to become apparent, patience is vital. 

There is a Limit to the Elongation Process

You can’t go from three inches to 8 inches with a penis extender; it doesn’t work like that. Results begin to show after 4-6 months of regular use. You might notice an increase of 28% in the length of your dick and 20% in the penis girth. But you won’t see a 100% increase. Although, in theory, the longer you wear it, the greater length you would achieve. However, doing this will require a high level of patience and determination that many people don’t have. The point is, do not expect an exponential increase in your penis size within 6 months of use. 

You Will Have to Start Slow and Build Up From There

Most penis extenders come with instructions about the number of hours you should wear the penis extender in the first week. The idea is to start using it slowly and then build up the hours of use from there. Most people are looking for quick stretching results and start out wearing the penis extender for long hours and feeling very uncomfortable throughout the time. Doing this can be discouraging as you will find it hard to keep up the enthusiasm. When you start slowly, your body gets enough time to adapt. It will also help you minimize the discomfort that might come from wearing the dick extender.

If you find these features acceptable, then you will enjoy using the dick extender. There are no side effects to worry about because all the reviewed penis stretchers use medical-grade materials. All that’s really left is for you to make the purchase, start wearing and be patient about results. 

How Penis Stretching Works

If you’re curious about the process of penis elongation, you’re not alone. It is a natural process that takes advantage of the body’s adaptive potentials. The body is quick to adapt to situations and its surrounding. Whatever external condition the body faces, it adjusts its organ structure, processes, and functions to fit it. That’s why when you spend time under the sun, your skin gets darker. This tan is a result of your skin cell producing more melanin than usual. This pigment will help to absorb the sunlight, so it doesn’t get to your deeper tissues. Darker skin is how the body adapts to the sunlight and protects your tissues from UV rays.

The penis elongation process is how the body adapts to the traction force the extenders place on the penis. The penis extenders subject your penis to constant traction, which causes microscopic tears on the stretched tissue. The process is painless, and it won’t be visible to the naked eye. The cells surrounding these ruptures releases cytokines and molecular messengers, which promote cell division in this part. As time progresses, the local cells split to fill the gap and also minimize the traction’s effect on the tissue. If the traction prolongs and intensifies slowly, the penis becomes longer and enlarged. The penis can stretch, and the penis stretcher takes advantage of this feature. Scientific studies have shown that penile traction devices are effective, safe, and a great alternative to surgery.

Peyronie Disease and Penis Extenders

While the main focus of many men is to increase their dick size, some men simply want a solution to their dick curvature. Such men usually have Peyronie’s disease and are looking for an effective solution. Peyronie’s disease is a widespread condition where the penis curves in an unhealthy way. This condition is usually a result of fibrous played in the organ. The plaque works to narrow the penis’s soft tissues in one direction. This action will bend the organ to that side, causing the penis curvature. Although many doctors and scientists debate the cause of the plague, the top factors are trauma and penis bruising.

Sometimes, genetic predisposition also plays a role in the penis curvature. Men with this disease usually develop a penis that has a 50% curvature. This situation can affect the man’s sexual performance, erectile function, confidence, and life quality. A practical solution to this problem is dick extenders. Studies have shown that dick stretchers are effective in treating Peyronie’s disease. When you utilize a penis traction device, it will reduce the penis curvature. You should wear the penis extender for at least 5-6 hours each day for permanent results.

Erectile Dysfunction and Penis Extenders

Even if you’re happy with your penis size, you can still benefit from using a penis stretcher. Studies have revealed that a penis stretcher can help to improve erectile function in men without any side effects. When you use a penis extender, you will notice a harder and more prolonged erection. The results usually become apparent after 6-9 months of using the penis traction device.

How does it work? Cock extenders work as training devices for the penis. It makes the penis tissue more sensitive to stimulations on the penis and makes it more compliant to blood influx. Many studies have shown that a cock stretcher is more effective than supplements or surgical treatment for erectile dysfunction. Men who make use of penis extenders boast of better sexual performance as an effect of its use. It also offers harder erections and higher stamina. In addition to healing penis curvature and increasing dick size, these changes are why penile extension devices have become a popular choice for men around the globe.

Practical Tips on How to Use a Penis Extender

If you’re really looking to enjoy the benefits of a penis extender, then you have to do it the right way. The tips below will ensure that your penis extender is effective and without complications.

Keep Up a Good Routine

Create a routine you will be comfortable with and keep to it. You need to note how many hours you intend to wear it and not just wear it till you feel pain or tired. To make sure you get an increased penis size, create a routine and follow it up. If you begin to feel pain from wearing your penis stretcher, you should stop using it until the pain goes away.

Ensure Consistency

Although the dream is to wear it for one day and wake up with increased dick size, it doesn’t work like that. Penis elongation is a journey and requires consistency for results to begin showing. There are no instant results with this device. If you can’t wait for results, then you should seek out speedier alternatives like surgery. Follow instructions and ensure you wear it regularly. You can’t wear it once a week and expect the same result as someone who wears it for five hours every day.

Don’t Overstretch Your Penis.

When you purchase the extender, it becomes yours and no one else’s. Your penis extender isn’t going away, so don’t try to rush things up by overstretching the penis. Doing this might damage your dick in the long run or cause you more harm than good. Use it appropriately and slowly as recommended to avoid pain and discomfort as you use it.


Below are some commonly asked questions by men who use the dick extenders and informative answers to them.

What is the side effect of dick extenders?

The best cock extenders usually don’t come with any side effects or cause damage to your penis. They don’t cause skin irritation, bruising, and many more harms. However, there are low-quality penis extenders that don’t use hypoallergenic materials.

Can I purchase cheap penis extenders and still get positive results?

It is possible to still get good results from cheap penis extenders. However, it is advisable to consider quality over price when purchasing a dick extender. Doing this will ensure you get permanent results in the future, and they are usually made with medical-grade materials to avoid complications.

Can I have sex while using the penis extender?

As long as you take the penis extender off before you have sex, it is perfectly okay. Many men claim that there’s a notable improvement in their erectile function and stamina. It is perfectly normal to have sex while using a penis extender. Take it off and put it back on when you’re ready.

Can I wear the dick stretcher to work?

As a general rule and avoid complications, don’t wear your dick extender when carrying out exercise or physical labor. Doing this can cause penile trauma, which could be complicated in the future. Don’t wear your penis stretcher to the dream; it’s not a good idea. If your job also requires physical labor, you should avoid wearing the dick stretcher there too. However, if you have an office job, then it’s perfectly okay to wear your dick stretcher to work.

Can I wear my penis stretcher to sleep?

We recommend wearing your extender during the day and not at night; you should take it off before turning in for the night. You might move around and turn from side to side while sleeping. This action could lead to very uncomfortable positions and cause penis trauma in the process. If you know you don’t turn around in your sleep, then you can try wearing your penis extender to bed.

When will I start seeing results?

Most people want to see results within a month, but it doesn’t work like that. Results will start to become apparent after 4-6 months of using the extender. Remember that people are different. Routines and consistency are different too, so that results will vary from person to person. Simply follow the instructions on the dick stretcher package and be patient.


If you want a safe, comfortable, and effective method of increasing your dick size, then a QUICK EXTENDER PRO dick extender might be your best bet. They’re more affordable and safer than undergoing surgery. Several scientific studies also show they’re pretty effective, and the results are permanent. According to Nfsmi.org, Quick Extender Pro takes 1st spot in World’s best penis extenders. So, stop wasting your time in searching for the best. Go with Quick extender pro and save your time!

To assist you in making excellent choices for yourself, we’ve reviewed the best dick extender in the market.

Whether you’re looking to increase your penis size, correct penis curvature, or fix erectile dysfunction, you’re on point. Whichever choice you make comes with a money-back guarantee. These stretchers are also made with hypoallergenic medical-grade materials to prevent skin allergies. So, make your choice today and start on the journey to achieve your dream cock size.

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