The 3 Law of Attraction Pitfalls That are Keeping You from Manifesting Your Desires

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The Law of Attraction teaches that we can attract whatever we desire by tuning into its frequency, by being a vibrational match. For instance, if I want a brand new red Audi convertible, I need to vibrate at its energy, visualizing the car in rich detail, visualizing myself driving it, how it would look in my driveway, and imagining how it would feel, smell, and sound. The more I can vibrate at this frequency, the sooner the car will be mine.

Law of Attraction experts say that, if there is no disconnect between what I desire and the energy I’m putting out, I will manifest my desire instantly. For example, there’s no disconnect between my desire for a cup of coffee and getting a cup of coffee. When I want coffee, I make coffee. Sometimes even other people make coffee for me. Without the story or belief about why I cannot have coffee, I can instantly manifest coffee – in the time it takes to brew. The same process can be applied to anything I want to attract, whether it be a romantic partner, a better job, or a clean bill of health.

It all seems so easy, and yet, most of us don’t have what we want. This doesn’t mean that the Law of Attraction is just New Age wishful thinking. Rather, it’s that we’re missing these three crucial pieces to the puzzle.

Lack of Complete Appreciation

I can manifest anything in my life that is in alignment with my beliefs nearly instantaneously, such as the cup of coffee. The new Audi? Perhaps not as fast, depending on my own beliefs and stories. If I drive up to the Audi dealership looking to trade in my three-year-old Audi for the brand new model, chances are I’ll be sitting in my new Audi by the end of the day. But, if I believe that I cannot afford it, I don’t have good enough credit, or I have to wait until my current lease is up, then it will take a lot longer.

Lately, I have been immersing myself in the Tya practice, short for Trust Your Abundance. Tya was channeled from Source by David Strickel, which takes Law of Attraction out of the woo-woo and into practical everyday application. Tya teaches that each one of us is a physical manifestation of Source. And, at Source energy, everything is instantly manifested. Most of us don’t vibrate at Source energy much of the time because we have beliefs, thoughts, and experiences that bring our energy down.

The thing is, we attract not what we want, but what we believe. And, our beliefs were programmed into us from an early age. I may want to attract the love of my life, but if I don’t believe I will, or if I believe that I’m not worthy, or I’m not pretty enough, or I’m too old, or I think a relationship will cost me my freedom, I will repel the very thing I want to attract.  These deep limiting beliefs foil us at every turn. And they’re pulling our vibration down.

We cannot fix our limiting beliefs at the surface. Rather, we must look to the source of these beliefs — our transgressors, the ones who initially programmed these beliefs into us, who, for most of us, are our parents.

We all have transgressors. Any person, circumstance, or event that we cannot look upon in complete appreciation tells us we have some work to do. Transgressors can trigger us down to lower vibration and separate us from our abundance.

Only through complete appreciation of our transgressors can we eliminate the beliefs once and for all. Most of us have already started on the journey of forgiving our parents for childhood trauma, realizing that they were doing the best they knew at the time.

Complete appreciation, however, is a quantum leap beyond forgiveness. When we radically appreciate our parents by seeing how their words and actions were absolutely essential for who we have become, and part of the universal process of creation, then our entire outlook, being, and vibration change.  How are you the best product of your upbringing? How did your transgressors help you become who you are? Why did you manifest your transgressors in the first place?

When we address our limiting beliefs by completely appreciating their origins, we begin to lessen the hold they have on us. And without the beliefs that weigh our vibration down, we are more frequently at an abundance vibration, and become a vibrational match to what we desire. H yes

Not Seeing through the Eyes of Source

Instead of looking at yourself through your own eyes, clouded with your own limiting beliefs and self-judgement,  meditate and see yourself through the eyes of the Source of all creation. How does Source, from which you emanated, view you and your place in the physical? What does the Source of unconditional love prevent you from being, having, and achieving? What limitations has Source placed on you so that you cannot create what you desire?

When you can see, not through your own eyes, but truly through the eyes of Source, you will reach a knowing that there is nothing that you cannot be, have, or achieve. And that, in fact, you manifested your physical being in order to be, have, and achieve anything and everything in the physical world.

Seeing through the eyes of Source brings your vibration up to Source vibration, the highest of all possible vibrations in which manifestation can be instantaneous.

Believing We Need to be at High Vibration All the Time

Again, to attract something or someone into our lives, we need to be a vibrational match. The corollary is also true. It is our low vibrational states that keep us from what we desire. So, the accepted solution is to keep our vibration up all the time.

Yet, it’s simply impossible in the physical world to be at high vibrational states all the time, because the physical world is a world of opposites, of polarity. North has south. Positive has negative. Up has down. You cannot slice a magnet fine enough to eliminate one pole. A magnet will always have both a north and a south pole.

We work on raising our vibration and keeping it up, but inevitably, something happens.  We wake up on the wrong side of the bed. We get a traffic ticket on the way to work. Our boss calls us into her office. We fight with our loved ones.  You know these days. They start off on the wrong foot and go down from there. Why?

It is the natural polarity of the universe to have a good day and a bad day, a day in high vibration, and a day in low vibration. Low vibration shows up for a reason. We attracted it.  And once our vibration goes down (in Tya they call it DTS for Down the Spiral), we attract more things that we don’t want.

The thing is, it is absolutely necessary to go DTS (Down the Spiral) as an essential part of the universal process of creation. We’re supposed to go DTS in order to create problems that we can then solve when we’re UTS (Up the Spiral).

Every innovation that humankind has developed was in response to a problem that occurred down someone’s spiral. Airplane flight, moving pictures, cell phones, microchips — they were all created based on a problem that manifested when we were at low vibration. Yes, our vibration is supposed to go down. With Tya, we have to tools to get back up our vibrational spiral quickly.

Having trouble manifesting your desires? Think the Law of Attraction doesn’t work? Try these three things. Detune your transgressors through complete appreciation, see yourself and the world through the eyes of Source, and accept and appreciate the times you are not vibrating as high as you’d like. Your acceptance and appreciation may just be what’s needed to spend more of your time matching the vibration of what you want and less time attracting what you don’t.

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