The 24-Year-Old Singer-Songwriter Whose Tracks Possess A Soulful Essence And Prowess- Jeff Moss

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Jeff Moss, known as Jflexxx, is a 24 years old rising artist from Florida, causing a huge scene in the music industry.

Having millions of streams, Jflexxx is being compared to Juice Wrld, which happens to be also his biggest inspiration to do music. He started doing music in December 2021, his first single “ I Don’t Got Rich “ had over 100,000 streams in less than a month, his second single “ Joe Biden “ had over 100,000 streams in 2 weeks. His most streamed song “ Fate “ has now more than 2.2M streams on Soundcloud and with over 70,000 monthly listeners, Jflexxx is working on his upcoming album “Prolific”.

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Prolific Records is his label records, which is centered on motivational multi-faceted music & entertainment with producers, audio engineers, videographers, editors & talent. The passion that Jflexxx has for his music is huge, his main goal is to keep making music and inspire millions of people around the world. Jeff Moss has a way of commanding a song with his vocal performances.

The 24-year-old singer-songwriter’s tracks possesses a soulful essence and prowess that will keep you replaying the songs over and over again.

The young hip-hop prodigy has spent the last few years developing his melodic sound, and now his growing modern hip-hop career seems all but certain to rise. His knack for rapping and singing certainly make him an artist worth watching, but his ability to craft memorable and refreshing melodies makes Jeff Moss an artist worth betting on in 2022.

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