Have you ever heard of the term ‘Survivorship Bias’? It is an error of hyper focusing on successful results while failing to notice the failures in a selection process. However, in the health and fitness industry, survivorship bias can be a very effective marketing strategy.

Especially when one is talking about a trillion dollar industry like Testosterone replacement. TRT is all over the internet. Health clinics are peddling synthetic testosterone injections to thousands of Americans, touting it to be a panacea to all things age-related. Experts are calling it out as hype. But there seems to be no stopping it.

We agree with one part of that. Testosterone is a miracle hormone, especially for the aging male or the athlete with distinct fitness goals. It has the potential to completely transform a person’s life. But there’s one part that we do not agree with. That’s the theory that to increase your testosterone levels, you have to pin injections for life.

That’s just humbug and aggressive marketing fueled by greed. TRT may work. But it should not be your first choice when you are trying to increase your testosterone levels and treat low testosterone symptoms. There are other choices, which are less addictive and cause fewer long term complications.

One of those is TestRX, the world’s longest bestselling testosterone boosting supplement. TestRX has to be one of the best kept secrets in the world of fitness. There are millions of men who are using it currently as an alternative to a lifetime of injections and careful hormone management.

The best thing is that the results have been so impressive that TestRX continues to outsell most of the competition. Today we are going to do an in-depth TestRX review listing all its benefits, pros and cons, and the science behind it.

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Here’s an overview of what we will cover.

  1. How does TestRX work?
  2. How does it fare when pitted against TRT?
  3. What are the benefits of using TestRX?
  4. Is there enough research to support the use of hormonal stimulants?
  5. Are there any side effects to be concerned of?

By the end of this TestRX review, you will be armed with enough information to weigh your choices more objectively.

TestRX & Testosterone Boosting

TestRX is a hormone boosting supplement that’s available over the counter. It was available in retail outlets for a brief span of time, before it was taken off. Now, it is only available for purchase on the internet and that too, on the official website.

Oh yes, the one that you see on Amazon and other retail sites is a cheap knockoff. Don’t fall for that.

Coming back to TestRX, it contains a blend of about 17 ingredients, all of which are natural and or synthetic vitamin/mineral combinations. There is no steroidal ingredient, nor is there any unproven synthetic derivative (SARM).

TestRX works through multiple biological pathways, bulk of which are associated with the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (HPG) axis. For example, some of the ingredients in the blend have been shown to increase steroidogenic acute regulatory protein (StAR) gene expression in a particular type of cell present in our testes.

That of course is just one way in which it works. There are more ways and that’s what makes it so effective. For example, if you do not experience symptomatic relief with one of the biological pathways, the ingredients have you covered.

That’s what we like about the formula. It is firmly rooted in science. There’s enough literature to support the claims that are made. Talking about claims, there are no unreasonable claims on the website. All the claims are pretty much on sync with what’s possible with an increase in testosterone levels.

TestRX vs. TRT – How do they compare with each other?

Let’s address one of the biggest questions that may already have popped up in your mind by now.

How does TestRX fare when pitted against TRT or supraphysioligical doses of testosterone (A steroid cycle)? We will do some comparisons based on three parameters. The results, the side effects & the dosage.

Results – TestRX will increase your endogenous testosterone levels to the peak of your normal baseline. For instance, according to the American Urological Association (AUA), the lowest testosterone levels in men in 300 ng/dL. Anything below this and you are officially diagnosed as suffering from low T. The upper limit is 950 ng/dl. The peak levels is what you generally have when you are in your teens. As you age and now, due to unknown factors, these levels can decline at a rate of up to 10% every year. With TestRX, there are men who have been able to restore their testosterone levels to 800-900 ng/dl. That’s precisely what you get with a normal TRT protocol. So, you can pretty much expect all the results that you’d get if you were to hop on to TRT.

Supraphysiological doses of Testosterone are a different story altogether. At 500mg testosterone per week, your endogenous testosterone levels might rise as much as 3000 ng/dl. But that’s ridiculously high. Unless you plan to step into a bodybuilding contest, that’s not a fitness goal to aim for. It’s rife with risks too which we will speak about. The question is, why do people run steroid cycles? It’s for building muscle and burning fat. Both these results are quite possible with TestRX. There are athletes who are using this to maintain musculature year round. Newcomers who start their first TestRX cycles are able to gain up to 15 lb. of lean muscle tissue in a few months. The difference is that unlike a steroid cycle, you will be able to retain this muscle tissue for a long time. It’s what we call sustainable muscle.

Side Effects – This is the part that you should read carefully. We started this review with a mention of survivorship bias. That’s because the advertisements, the carefully crafted articles on media outlets, all talk about the ways in which TRT has changed lives. But they rarely talk about the horror stories that people have experienced with TRT. There are hundreds who have struggled to balance their hormones and have suffered side effects. Some of these have been permanent even. For instance, estrogen levels peaking have caused gynecomastia. DHT levels spiking have caused hair loss and BPH. Increasing prolactin levels have caused nipple leakage. Dropping DHEA levels have caused cognitive performance dips. Then there are expectations. People expect TRT to turn them into pro fitness models. That will not happen unless you run a steroid cycle mind you. The point that we are trying to make is that TestRX can provide you with all the results that a TRT dose of testosterone can get you, without bothering about maintaining your hormone levels by popping numerous other synthetic medications, each of which have their own side effects. For example, to reduce estrogen levels, you will have to use an aromatase inhibitor with TRT. Your body and your hormonal levels remain in homeostasis with TestRX. They will never go beyond the upper baseline limit and hence, they cannot cause any of the side effects that you get with exogenous hormones.

Dosages – Last but not the least, there are dosages to consider. TRT is a lifetime commitment. Dosages are a hit or a miss initially and until you dial down, it will be a turbulent ride. At least that’s the case for most people. Are you ready to commit to a lifestyle like that? Can you travel with testosterone injections? Can you pin yourself every two or three days or whatever is the routine you follow? You need syringes, needles, alcohol wipes and vials. In comparison, using TestRX is like a no-brainer. It’s a tiny capsule and you can take it anytime and anywhere, just like you use any other health supplement. You can use it for as long as you want to, and stop when you feel like. There’s no commitment.

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What results do you get with TestRX?

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Like we mentioned at the onset, TestRX is as good as a regular Testosterone replacement therapy. So you can expect every possible effect that comes with high test. The results will be more pronounced in someone who has very low test to begin with. For example, a 50-year old male with Testosterone averaging 200-300 ng/dl. But even young men in their 20s and 30s have been using TestRX as an alternative to steroids. They have achieved great results with it.

Here are some of the effects that you can expect.

Lean Muscle Mass – TestRX increases endogenous serum testosterone levels, which also subsequently increases free test levels. In some herbal testosterone boosters, most of the free test is bound by SHBG which turns the supplement into a glorified libido booster more than anything else. But TestRX has a special ingredient that suppresses SHBG levels slightly. Even this slight reduction is sufficient enough to increase free Testosterone. When free test increases, it automatically amplifies the production of neurotransmitters, which signal your body to increase the rate at which it produces muscle tissue. The nuclear receptors in your DNA are permanently altered which in turn increases protein synthesis. Your bone marrow produces more RBC, which boosts oxygenation. Your bone density increases as well. To sum it all up, your body now has the perfect conditions to build lean muscle mass. If you throw in exercise and favorable conditions into the mix, your body will undergo a dramatic transformation regardless of how old you are. Even men in their mid-50s have been able to build a sizeable amount of lean muscle mass with TestRX.

Fat Loss – There are multiple ways in which TestRX influences your body fat levels. With a sustained increase in free testosterone, your insulin sensitivity improves, and with it, activity of lipoprotein lipase and triglycerides reduces. This is the first way in which your body starts to metabolize fats. Also, don’t forget that testosterone is a potent androgen and androgens limit adipogenesis, while regulating myogenesis. The effects of this are not limited to subcutaneous fat loss, mind you. It also flushes out toxic visceral fat that surrounds your vital organs. Your lipid metabolism improves as well. When your lean body mass increases, so does your energy expenditure, which contributes towards weight loss. Lastly, increased testosterone levels with TestRX improves the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. You are now using the food you consume, a lot more effectively. We have just briefly touched on the important ways in which TestRX can help you burn fat. The end result is a visible reduction in body fat levels. For men, the change is most pronounced on the waistline. We spoke to a 62-year old who had tried TRT and come off it because he found it impossible to dial down. With 6-months of TestRX, he had dropped down to single-digit body fat levels. Something that was impossible with TRT because he was constantly struggling with his fluctuating hormone levels and trying to keep it in check.

Confidence – Very little is spoken about the mental and cognitive benefits of increased endogenous testosterone. TestRX will increase your confidence, your mood and with it, your performance in all aspects of life. You are carrying more muscle. Your strength has improved. Your mood is better. Some people mention that it restores the aggression in them. A drive to achieve that we somehow seem to lose when we age. Your libido skyrockets. You want to make love again, often multiple times a day. You wake up with morning wood. Your waistline is trim. All these results completely transform a person’s personality. You can instantly make out the difference between someone who’s using TestRX and someone who’s struggling with low T.

Recovery – Most men with low testosterone symptoms struggle to haul themselves to the gym. There is no motivation and no energy. To add insult to injury, recovery is pathetic with low T. Even if you work out for just 30-45 minutes, chances are that you will be sore for days. TestRX just changes the way your body recovers. Firstly, there’s a marked improvement in your quality of sleep. Most men on TestRX just sleep like a rock. When you sleep better, your GH pulses increase. More GH is accompanied with more IGF-1, which is one of the most important muscles for anabolism. GH, IGF-1 & increased RBC production, will amplify the rate of recovery significantly.

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What are the benefits of using TestRX?

We like to explain the science behind the effects and the results that you get with TestRX. But a lot of athletes and laymen have asked us to break it down into simple terms. What are the benefits of using TestRX over opting for something else?

  • Completely Natural Formula – TestRX has no steroidal or hormonal ingredients. There are no designer hormones, or SARMS in it either. All that it has are natural ingredients. Trust us when we tell you this, you do not want to mess around with designer steroids. Using TestRX is 100x safer.
  • No Injections – Enough said.
  • No Ancillary Drugs – Aromatase inhibitors, SERMS (Breast Cancer Medications), Human chorionic gonadotropin to keep your testes from shrinking, Finasteride or Dutasteride to prevent hair loss, & DHEA to ensure that your neuro steroid levels don’t drop. These are just some of the ancillary medications that normal TRT users may have to take, just to balance out their hormone levels. With TestRX, you don’t have to pop a single additional pill.
  • No Side Effects – TestRX is 100% side effect free. You can use it for as long as you want to without the risk of growing breasts or losing hair.
  • No lifetime commitment (enslavement) – You only have to use TestRX for as long as you want to. You are not stuck to using something for life, which you may or may not need a few years from now.
  • Well Rounded Formula – TestRX is a single solution that addresses every problem associated with low testosterone levels. You gain muscle, burn fat, develop strength, aggression, gain confidence and have better sexual desire and performance. TestRX full benefits click here.

Who is TestRX best suited for?

TestRX has been around for over 9-years. In all these years there have been millions of men and women who have used the formula with great success. So, there is no ideal target demographic who can use it and ones who cannot. We have had anecdotal reviews from 70-year olds who have used this and gotten into the best shape of their lives. At the same time, it has helped 20-year olds regain their natural testosterone levels and prevented them from hopping on to a lifetime of injections.

Here’s an overview of some of the people and their fitness goals that TestRX is best suited for.

Men over 40 – Libido, Muscle Building & Confidence – TestRX is quite popular with the post-40 crowd who want to regain their lost muscle tone, lose some fat and improve their overall performance in all aspects of life. Men in this category generally have different reasons for using TestRX. Some use it purely for the libido boost. Others use it for muscle building.

Fitness Buffs Aged 18 Plus – Muscle Building & Fat Loss – In case you were unaware, the average testosterone levels in young men has diminished considerably over the past decade or two. A lot of young men are skeptical about hopping on to testosterone injections straight away. Many such young athletes are using TestRX to meet their fitness goals. Be it enhanced recovery that allows them to train harder, or increased lean muscle tissue gains, TestRX can do it all.

Bodybuilders – Maintenance – Many bodybuilders who go off anabolic steroids are forced to run low doses of testosterone for life. There is no way that their bodies can produce testosterone on its own.  But TestRX may stimulate the production of endogenous testosterone again, which prevents the need to run low doses Test for life. It helps them maintain their musculature, or at least part of it. Besides, there’s zero risk of BPH with endogenous test.

Ex-TRT users – All the Positives of TRT with Zero negatives – Many men who had gotten swayed by the fancy claims and glossy adverts of TRT clinics have slowly weaned off the injections. A lot of such men are now using TestRX. Jerome, a 47-year old Wall Street Exec had hopped on to a TRT program advertised by a plush clinic. A year later, he slowly weaned off. The entire process was nothing short of a nightmare. TestRX helped him achieve all his body and cognitive goals. In fact, he was surprised that more people do not know about a natural solution to increase testosterone.

Any side effects?

TestRX is 100% side effect free for most men. That said, you’d want to review the ingredient list to check for known allergies. If there is any ingredient that you are allergic to, then unfortunately you cannot use the formula.

We must also say that the complete ingredient list is safe and science-backed. In all these years, we have never heard of someone being allergic to Vitamin D or K1 or Zinc. Have you? In case you want to rule out a possible allergic reaction, click here to check the complete ingredient list.

How long do you have to use TestRX to get results?

That depends on three things.

1 – Your age – Younger men generally get quicker results with TestRX. If you are above the age of 40, your results might be slightly slower. For instance, a 25-year old man using TestRX to gain muscle can get great results in 12-weeks. You may have to use it for 16-20 weeks instead.

2 – Your goal – Someone using TestRX to boost libido and sexual performance will get faster results than someone using it to build muscle and lose fat.

3 – Your current physical conditioning – This is somewhat linked to your age, but not entirely. Even if you are middle aged, but are in reasonably good physical condition, your results will be pronounced and quicker than someone who’s overweight or obese.

However, the average timespan to notice results ranges from 6-8 weeks. The complete physical, cognitive and sexual benefits can take up to 16-weeks though.

To sum it up

Screen Shot 2021 07 15 at 5.36.09 PM

TestRX is the oldest hormonal stimulant in the world with a trusted, proven track record. It has been around for 9-years and it is surprising how it manages to get overshadowed by big pharma. Every man who considers using testosterone injections for life should at least try TestRX once before they make that decision.

You might just discover the untapped potential of natural ingredients to boost testosterone.

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