Tenset’s Growth by the Numbers in the First Year

A year since initially presenting itself to the world, Tenset has already achieved an impressive amount of growth. The fact that Tenset is now a multi-million-dollar business and was just a startup a year ago is impressive. But once you factor in other figures as well, the extent of the project’s growth becomes clear. One of the best ways to put the growth of this now multi-million-dollar business into perspective is to examine some key figures.


 One of the ultimate goals of Tenset during the initial year was to maximize buybacks, as this was a key promise made to early investors. On that path, Tenset was able to buy back about $2,000,000 worth of tokens.

The Company’s Focus

This is particularly impressive given that 80% of Tenset’s efforts in the first year were focused on forming the team, legal infrastructure, and global marketing.

For 2022, 80% of the focus at Tenset will be on the project’s fundamental task – profits that allow for buying back the tokens.

No Inflation and No Recent Company Transactions

Of the first 365 days of Tenset’s growth and history, there was no inflation at all in the last 115 days. That final moment of inflation was also the last time the team transferred company tokens, marking all initial members receiving 100% of their funds.

Other than that transaction, the most recent expenditure from the company wallet was 160 days before the one-year anniversary. That marked when every other relevant expense was paid off. These expenses included rent, fees, subscriptions, outsourcing, influencers, and legal advisors.

Team Growth

Another milestone in Tenset’s growth in the past year is evident in the expansion of its team. When the project began, there were only ten full-time members and they were able to handle everything.

A year in, however, the team has grown to include 50 people. On top of that, Tenset outsources five companies for tech and legal support, due to the number of responsibilities involved.

A Refresher on Sale Numbers

No look at the figures from the past year would be complete without a refresher of the presale figures and relevant numbers. The presale had three phases with an initial price of approximately $0.10. The presale included approximately $10 million tokens.

Token Growth

The ATH reached $6.5. This represents 6,500% profits compared to the initial value.


 In its first year, Tenset achieved measurable growth. It bought back $2,000,000 worth of tokens and quintupled the size of its team. The business continues to have high hopes and plans for the growth to continue in the next year.

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