Join L.A. Weekly publisher Brian Calle as he sits down with data management expert and SRAX Inc. Founder Chris Miglino to shed some light on the shadowy world of data privacy. 

These days, data privacy is at the top of everyone’s mind. The truth is just too shocking to ignore: there are people that know everything about you and your activities as soon as you open a web browser. 

As an expert in modern day privacy both online and off, Chris is a leading voice in current discussions on how to best stay protected. He shares how the base of his knowledge came to be, having been in the business of aggregating data long before privacy rules were even a thought. 

Today, Chris has created an app that puts the power of data back in your hands, ensuring that you are compensated for the marketing information derived from it. Known as the BIGToken app, users have found an easy way to monetize their data with one user even earning $20,000 in a year. Tune in to learn more about how you can make money from your data. 

Brian starts a conversation about privacy by asking the questions that are burning in all our minds: how much info do they really have, who are they, and how do we lock it down? 

Listen in to learn where your privacy is being invaded most and what social media platforms you need to look out for. The most insidious data mining devices may surprise you. 

This week’s podcast is an important one for everyone. Join us and learn how to take back your data, and maybe even earn some money doing it. 

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